Sindarin Lessons. Home Lessons Mutation chart Resources Forum Links & Products Lesson 19 - Verbs (Past tense) Parts 5-7. This lesson first looks at the endings you need to use with A-stem verbs when the verb you are using has an intransitive meaning, then moves on to some irregular endings you need to be aware of. The Third Conditional (if + past perfect. Would + have + past participle) If I had gone to bed early, I would have caught the train. Click here to learn more. (Notice we can put 'if' at the beginning, or in the middle. It doesn't matter at all.) Click here for conditional exercises. Need more practice? Get more Perfect English Grammar with.

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This is a bare-bones set of lessons meant to give you the general idea of my approach to Sindarin. If you want to get in depth, read my book, “A Fan’s Guide to Neo-Sindarin.” If you want a deeper approach still, take the lessons that involve me correcting and commenting on your translations, which costs money because it takes up a LOT of my time and energy. But, if you just want a surface glimpse of Sindarin, this course is for you.

  • For more detailed information about verbs, review the lesson called Verbs in the Conditional and Subjunctive Moods. The lesson includes these learning objectives: Define and differentiate between.
  • This lesson on the Zero and First Conditional in English has been updated. The original lesson on this topic was published in November 2015. Have you memorized the formulas for English conditional sentences but still feel confused about how and when to use them?
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21verbs (conditional)sindarin Lessons

*Asterisks are used to mark fanmade words, but fan-made grammar isn’t marked.

The dialect I’ll use throughout the lessons is the Exilic dialect, because it’s the best attested dialect.

We won’t be covering in these lessons how to make your own words either, that’s an advanced skill and again, it’s covered in the book and advanced students will get to learn it.

If you want to see the whole course in one document, I made a GoogleDoc version of Gelio Edhellen!

Sindarin Dictionary

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