Whittaker tells a fractured version of a famous Christmas story, starring an unusual couple named Madge and Guy. Adventures in Odyssey® 005: Gifts for Madge & Guy Download. Whittaker tells a 'fractured' version of a famous Christmas story, starring an unusual couple named Madge and Guy. Radio drama series Adventures in Odyssey features a comedic adaptation of this story in its episode 'Gifts for Madge & Guy' (1987). The opening sketch of the December 10, 1988 episode of Season 14 of Saturday Night Live reimagines 'The Gift of the Magi' as Donald and Ivana Trump. #585: The Poor Rich Guy (Digital) Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name.

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Engine bookmark chu yahoo. 2008 State Class B One Act Play Festival

Outstanding Individuals
Sunshine Bible Academy High School presents: Gifts for Madge And Guy
Madge - Samantha Burma
Ethel - Ashley Hamburger
Guy - Ricky Seaman

Timber Lake High School presents: The Scheme of the Driftless Shifter
Victor Strongheart - Sam Jones
Marigold Pompington - Danielle Long
Penny the Prompter - Becky Maher

Northwestern High School presents: Check Please: Take 2
Girl - Elissa Heidenreich
Guy - Thomas Morgan
Hank/Lyle/Paul/Mark - Alexander Funk
Florence High School presents: Check Please!
Guy - Dallas Shinkle
Melanie - Megan Schwinger
Girl - Jackie Fisher
Jackie - Laurie Flisrand
Tod/Waiter - Kevin Miller

Plankinton High School presents: Cinderella?
Fairy Godmother - Sammi Geppert
Cinderella - Kayla Sorsen
Herald - Bert Bucher

James Valley Christian High School presents: The Loathsome Lady
Jester - Jodi Gross
King Arthur - Ryan Peterson
Hag of the Woods/Dame Ragnell - Erika Gross
Sir Gawain - Jonathon Hofer

Menno High School presents: Imperfect Proposal
William - Trevor Munkvold
Ella - Carissa Schultz

DeSmet High School presents: Four Little Words
Jimmy Bright - David Reynhout
First Actress, a dramatic dynamo - ReAnn Smith
Fourth Actress, with a flame for Fidgit - Mercedes Smith
Montrose High School presents: The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
Narrator 1 - Katie Lebeda
Narrator 2, Rumpelstiltskin, Dwarf 2, God - Dathan Rappana
Actor, The Devil 1 - Lauren Ollerich
Girl, Gretel, The Devil 2 - Corinne Waba
Enchantress, Witch 1, Prince 2 Cinderella - Erin Binder

Waubay High School presents: The Brothers Grimm: Out of Order
Producer - Kelsey Aker
Cinderella - Olivia Olson
Rapunzel - Brittany Davis

Chester Area High School presents: Take Five
Mike/Bernard - Brady Benson
Greg Baxter - Jake Busser
Alex Cane - John Daniel
Sharon Cane - Mary Kate Sershen
Gladys - Sherry Burnham

Wall High School presents: Imperfect Proposal
William Able - Willie Hustead
Ella Able - Melanie Smith
Ben - Michael Swan
Kate - Megan Schaefer
Rich Socialite - Jordan Kelly


5: Gifts For Madge And Guy Youtube

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