Greetings RotWk fans! We're proud to announce the release of the v8.3.0 patch. Click here to download the installer! The installer source code is located here. If you're new to the community and haven't played 2.02 before, you will need to download 2.02 version 8.0.0 from our download page and then v8.3.0 in order to play with others online.

  • DOWNLOAD LOL PRO 8.24.4 here There is a mistake (avast, mcfee.) with my software every time a new patch is updated. Sims 3 super patch download. The antiviruss will allow mod skin after a few days, so do not worry too much and temporarily turn off antiviruss if you are having problem of.
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  • Riot Aether, Tricia 'mom cat' Tan, shio shoujo. Patch 10.22 notes.

This program will allow you to play different server, such as OCE or NA server with Korean Client.
Which means you will be able to play different servers in korean client, text and sounds

How to apply patch

Download League of Legends Patcher at the bottom of the page, and run it.
Defaut league client folder is ‘C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/‘ and if you havn’t changed anything, you can simply choose your server and click patch.
If you modified client folder path OR patch program shows ‘folder not found’, you have to click ‘open’ button and then choose the league of legends folder.
Folder should contain RADS as sub folder. Microsoft agents websitehome.

If program successfully detect league of legends, it will show ‘folder found’

Then you can choose your server and click ‘Patch’ button

8.3 Patch Download Lol Pbe


Q:Program just shutdown without any message
A: leave a comment below or send me an email, [email protected] with your system details.

8.3 Patch Download Lol

8.3 Patch Download Lol Bot

Q: Can I patch my League client into different language as well?
A: at the moment, this program only supports korean client.

Leauge of Legends Language Patcher

Korean server original yaml file

global yaml original file

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