96: the reluctant rival guy

New Delhi: Faqir Chand Kohli, who passed away at 96 in Mumbai on Thursday, was truly the doyen of India’s information technology industry. He was witness to the Eureka moment of this industry in 1974, had the vision to forecast the leadership position for India in this sector and lived to see his dream be fulfilled in his lifetime. No matter how reluctant Yang Sitong was, she could only accept this arrangement. She smiled out bitterly, 'Alright, I'll head back! However, Yanchen, I think that you should still consider my proposal. After all, even though you've already annulled the marriage here, in the eyes of the elders, we are still bound by the marriage arrangement.

Another good and creative collection from AIO! While not as memorable as the two collections before it, this album is certainly important with its introduction of some of Odyssey’s central characters (Isaac, Rodney, Curt, and the 'Bones of Rath'), and its great development of other characters (Monty, Jenny, and Jana). One of the central storylines of the album is the Whittaker-Dowd family and its struggles. Jana struggles with her divorce and her conflicts with her father. Jenny struggles with her intelligence and living a 'normal life'. Monty struggles with his sister’s reputation and with his mother’s dislike of his father. All of these are played well, and there is a broad variety of interaction between the storylines. The album also includes two perfect follow-ups to earlier albums, The Very Best of Friends (follow-up to Karen, AIO50), and The Visitors (follow-up to Peace on Earth, AIO54). The Visitors is one of the very best AIO stories in the first few years of the program.

Favorite Episode: The Visitors

96: The Reluctant Rival Wives

Rating: 3 stars


This album includes the first release of two episodes that fans often ask about: 132: Thanksgiving at Home & 128: One Bad Apple.

96: The Reluctant Rival Guy


96: The Reluctant Rival Crossword Clue

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