Ulmhome. Academic, Student, & Education Licenses. Chief Architect helps educators focus on teaching concepts and less on teaching software. Chief Architect includes a complete curriculum with a digital reference manual and tutorial guide as well as access to interactive training videos making it easy to learn and teach your architectural or interior design classes. Academic retail software is a full version of a software package that is sold only to academic users at a discounted price. The software package is generally factory-sealed in retail boxes for distribution to academic users only and not for commercial use. Techopedia explains Academic Retail Software.

  • The Academic Program also offers unique materials education resources, which support teaching of engineering, science and design curricula. Additionally, students take advantage of our free student software downloads for homework outside of the classroom, capstone projects, student competitions.
  • The program is being offered to professors, teachers, and students that want to use the MPL software for academic purposes, hereafter called academic software or software or MPL. Software License Each license includes the full-size version of the MPL software, including any or all of the options available, Database Connection, OptiMax Component.

The DecisionTools Suite is the complete risk and decision analysis toolkit for Microsoft Excel. The Suite includes @RISK, which may be run by itself or in conjunction with the other analytical tools.
The DecisionTools Suite is used at over 400 academic institutions around the world by more than 60,000 MBA students.
For those in academia we offer three affordable and flexible licensing options: Student Versions, Course Licenses and Full Academic Versions.

DecisionTools Suite Student Version

Available at over 90% off retail price, the DecisionTools Suite Student Version is for full-time and part-time students. Student Versions have watermarks on graphs, but are fully functional with no model size or functional limits. They expire twelve months after installation, and may not be upgraded. Support is available via email only.

Academic Version Of Office


DecisionTools Suite Course License

The DecisionTools Suite Course License provides volume discounts for professors and instructors who want to use DecisionTools as part of their curriculum. Course Licenses are an economical and trouble-free solution. With a Course License you can install DecisionTools in a computer lab, on individual machines, or on a secure server for students to download to their computers. Each Course License comes with a network installer for client-server lab use, as well as a stand-alone installer for individual computers. The software is fully functional with no model size limitations and is available for twelve month licenses, renewable annually to ensure the latest version. Support is available through the instructor or IT administrator only.
To order, contact Palisade Academic Sales:


+44 1895 425050
[email protected]

DecisionTools Suite Full Academic Version

Available at a substantial discount off retail price, the DecisionTools Suite Full Academic Version is perfect for professors and instructors of accredited academic institutions. It has no model size or functional limitations. The subscription term is 12 months. Technical support and upgrades are included.
To order, contact Palisade Academic Sales:

+44 1895 425050
[email protected]

Support for Textbook and Academic Software

If you are using DecisionTools Suite software bundled with a textbook from Cengage Learning, see below.

Support for Textbook and Academic Users

Spss Free Student Version 22

Textbooks using Palisade Software

Many textbooks come bundled with Palisade software.

Academic Version Of Ielts


Academic Version Of Quickbooks

Textbooks Bundled with Palisade Software

Academic Version Of Linkedin

Institutions using Palisade Software

Mastercam Student Version Free Download

See a list of institutions that have adopted Palisade tools.

Academic Version Of Microsoft Office

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