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Our Goal is to make a difference.

ATX Learning is a leading provider of staffing solution for schools and organizations. We are committed to provide highly qualified specialists to schools/ organizations we serve. We believe each staffing need is unique; this is why we work very closely with our clients to understand their specialized needs/ requirements and provide not only the best but also the most suitable candidates.

We at ATX Learning specialize in working with both large and small school districts; and strive towards providing our best. Our candidates have excellent academic background and possess the most suitable
certifications, licensures, and clinical skills that meet the highest standards set in place by ATX founders.

ATX Learning is a leading provider of staffing solution for schools and organizations. We are committed to provide highly qualified specialists to schools and organizations we serve. We believe in working closely with our clients to understand their needs so we can provide them with the best candidates.

We search for candidates who possess the appropriate certifications, licensures, and clinical skills that meet the highest standards. In addition, we look for and make sure that we hire the best professionals endowed with humane attributes. Quality is the prime factor in everything we do! Our goal is to make a difference and we’re constantly changing lives for the better, by providing the candidates with better opportunities and better exposure. We operate in both the educational and medical fields and provide continual support, training and supervision to our healthcare professionals and clients.

We put in a lot of efforts to promote careers and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with special needs.

We provide diverse solutions

Contract or consultant positions, direct-hire positions, or special project management consulting are a few of the types of staffing solutions we offer.

We find the best

We search nationally to find dedicated, highly-qualified individuals who work in the educational and healthcare fields.

We take care of our specialists

Health insurance, paid leave, bonuses, and professional support are just a few of the benefits that we offer.

We are here for you

The ATX Learning staff offers customized solutions and continued support for your institution and our specialists.

I finished a school contract with them and it was a great experience working with an aggressive team.
Their support system is good. School staff was very cooperative and I will look for another year to continue with the same school.

Speech Language Pathologist

San Jose, CA
Athsindarin Lessons

I have been working at ATX Learning for less than a year.

Pros- ATX offers a competitive pay rate – They placed me at a school I absolutely love – Staff is very supportive, especially Zen Ali – Quick response times from staff.
Cons- No cons yet, not expecting any in the future.

Advice to Management- Biweekly pay schedule would be very helpful. It is difficult to manage funds when paychecks come in once per month.

Special Education Teacher in Oakland (Current Contractor)


I worked at ATX Learning for more than a year.
Pros- Pay was very good, there were various ways to communicate, opportunities for adding additional hours or changing position if needed, clear expectations, and encouragement from administrative staff.
Cons- I did not experience any concerns working with ATX.

Contracted School Psychologist in Austin (Former Contractor)


I have been working with ATX learning for over six months in a contracted position in a school setting and have found the company to be easy and professional to work with. The representative who works with me is very attentive and responsive to any concerns that may come up. The company has also identified and shared with me positions for the coming school year, which is nice to be able to plan ahead with regards to employment opportunities. Having worked for several agencies, ATX learning certainly is one I would recommend to anyone who would be in need of their services.

School Psychologist (Current Employee)

Sindarin Dictionary


This is a great company to work for. They are very supportive and work hard to place you in the right position. They pay well and always on time. I will continue to work with them.

Special Education Teacher (Current Employee)


This company tries very hard to meet the needs of their employees. They always include you in your assignment and make sure that the staff where you will be working are respectful toward you at all times. Why worship is important online lutheran bible study bible.

Special education teacher (Current Employee)

Learn Sindarin Elvish

Philadelphia, PA
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