The WHR NGG16 Garratt pack has been updated with fantastic new sounds made by Steam Sounds Supreme and a fix which hopefully stops the boiler appearing invisible to some people.

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Dole - Vallorbe 22/09/2020

BB22405 departing Dole with an RZD Euronight train in tow.
Fictional setting for this train but I don't think anywhere closer to the typical route is yet available for TS.



Since the UKTS forum is currently unavailable, this page will be first to see in full what I have made for the Ffestiniog, apart from both Steves who have been testing and feeding back the past two months.

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VDL 20/05/2020

Thanks to the help of a new VDL team member who worked with TML Studios on World of Subways, we were able to bring you a small selection of T/Op Scenarios for the S7 stock using scripted announcements.

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L2F 03/04/2020

Live from the world of make-believe, a freight train descends from the Rainham viaduct on HS1 heading for the Channel Tunnel.


Class 89 Unofficial Sound Patch

Class 89 Unofficial Sound Patch.

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ECML 20/03/2020

I'd started this yesterday and once it seemed like it was going to work I mulled over whether it was worth releasing. Having seen a few people ask before and after the release whether any of the sounds would change, I revisited this afternoon and decided to tweak it as best as I could so it could be..


Roussilon 29/02/2020

Loving the BB22200 from SimExpress!
Here's a TEN sleeper leaving Cebere behind 22405.


VDL 03/01/2019

Start the year right! Working on an experimental scenario with the aid of a new team member, who previously worked on World of Subways 3.

(Any audio cracking is probably at my end as every time Radeon updates, it messes with my soundcard settings.)


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PagesOtherBrandVideo GameBackdated TrainSim & Virtual District LineVideosF&WHR 01/10/2019
  1. Route addon and scenario content for Dovetail Games' Train Simulator specialising in recent historical periods.
  2. I am young individual with a massive heart for trains, simulations and overall making scenarios to provide to the community! You will find a few major and mini scenario packs and singular scenarios to enjoy providing enough realism to keep you satisfied to the best of my capabilities!

Uploaded by StevenJam · Created 2 months ago · Updated one month ago

I also think some Canadian steam would be a welcome addition. Maybe something like a CP Royal Hudson, or a CN Bullet Nose Betty (a streamlined 4-8-2 for anyone wondering), preferably a class of engine that has operated post-steam era so scenarios could be made on pre-existing routes.

Astute graphic 2019 cracklasopaunder colors. Thank you for downloading DSD Productions' Back to The Depot Scenario Pack. This pack was developed by StevenJam and utilizes many Pay-ware Add-ons and Reskins to create a realistic and enjoyable play experience.

Information On Scenarios.

Scenario 1
A run between North Woolwich and Stratford Lower Level in a British Railways Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Calling at all stations along the way in Driver Only Operation Mode.
17 Minutes Long

Scenario 2
A run between Stratford Lower Level and Gospel Oaks in a British Railways Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Calling at all stations along the way in Guard Operation Mode.
30 Minutes Long

Backdated nll scenarios 2019

Backdated Nll Scenarios 2019

Scenario 3
A run between Gospel Oaks and Wiles den Junction in a British Railways Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Calling at all stations along the way in Guard Operation Mode.
25 Minutes Long

To support the pack's creator, as well as see upcoming releases, please subscribe to their YouTube Channel Here

Distribution of this product is only allowed by the creator, for an updated list of where this pack is officially hosted please look in the description of this video here


DLC Required

DTG Isle Of Wight Add-on (Steam)
DTG North London Line Add-on (Steam)
DTG Goblin Line Add-on (Steam)
DTG London to Brighton Add-on (Steam)
DTG GEML London To Ipswich Add-on (Steam)
DTG BR Blue Pack 1 Add-on (Steam)
DTG BR Blue Pack 2 Add-on (Steam)
DTG NSE Class 415 Add-on (Steam)
DTG WCML Over Shap Add-on (Steam)
AP Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Backdated Nll Scenarios Meaning

Freeware Required

Backdated Nll Scenarios Vs

EMU Section
Class 415/416 4EPB BR Blue Repaint
Class 415/2 BR Blue Repaint
Class 415/6 BR Blue Grey Repaint

Backdated Nll Scenarios 2020

Diesel Section
Class 47 '47522' Parcels
Class 47 '47543' Parcels
Class 47 '47717' Parcels

Installation Instructions

Download the Scenario and open using an unzipping tool such as Win RAR or 7Zip
Copy the Scenario to a safe place such as your desktop.
Locate your Train Simulator Folder
Once their copy the scenario to C:SteamSteamAppscommonRailWorksContentRoutes00000056-b000-0000-0000-000000002015Scenarios (This Location May Change Depending On Your Train Simulator Installation Location)
Enjoy the Scenarios!

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