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Cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg holding the bible of the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants

Descargar dev c++ para windows 7 ultima version gratis. A bible, also known as a show bible or pitch bible, is a reference document used by screenwriters for information on characters, settings, and other elements of a television or film project.[1]

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Bibles are updated with information on the characters after the information has been established on screen.[2] For example, the Frasier show bible was 'scrupulously maintained', and anything established on air — 'the name of Frasier's mother, Niles' favorite professor, Martin's favorite bar..even a list of Maris' [dozens of] food allergies' — was reflected in the bible.[2] The updated bible then serves as a resource for writers to keep everything within the series consistent.[2]

Other bibles are used as sales documents to help a television network or studio understand a series, and are sometimes given to new writers when they join the writing staff for the same reason.[2] These types of bibles discuss the backstories of the main characters and the history of the series' fictional universe.[2]

Television series often rely on writers' assistants and script coordinators to serve as 'walking bibles' in remembering details about a series.[2]

Writers Guild of America[edit]

In the United States, writing the bible of a produced series earns that writer the 24 units of required credit necessary to qualify for membership in the Writers Guild of America.[3]

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  • IPA(key): /sxrɪft/
  • audio (Belgium)
  • audio (Netherlands)

Proper noun[edit]




From Middle High Germanschrift, from Old High Germanscrift, from Latinscriptum. Abstractum of schreiben(to write). Cognate with Englishscript.

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  • IPA(key): /ʃʁɪft/
  • Rhymes: -ɪft
  • Audio


Schriftf (genitiveSchrift, pluralSchriften)

  1. font
    Verdana ist die beste Schrift zur Bildschirmbetrachtung.
    Verdana is the best font for viewing on the computer screen.
    Synonyms:Schriftart, Font
  2. (mostly in the plural)writing(work of an author)
    Robert Oppenheimer las Lenins gesammelte Schriften während einer Zugfahrt.
    Robert Oppenheimer read the complete writings of Lenin while on a train.
    Synonyms:Text, Werk
  3. hand, handwriting(characteristic writing of a particular person)
  4. script (system of writing)



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  • “Schrift” in Duden online



  • IPA(key): /ʃrift/


Schriftf (pluralSchrifte)

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Bible script normale downloadeleasysite te

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