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When you delete a file, Windows removes the reference to that file, but doesn't delete the actual data that made up the file on your hard drive. Over time, this data will be overwritten as Windows writes new files to that area of the drive.

I need to generate recordings of sounds made by mechanical equipment. These sounds occur randomly every few hours, and only last approximately 1-3 seconds. Ideally, I would like software that can. Excel VBA Trim Function is used for removing the extra spaces from any cell or text and gives us the output which has a standard in terms of required spaces. VBA Trim function works exactly as the Excel Trim function and Trim function also removes the extra spaces in 3 ways; Spaces from the starting of the text. Spaces from the end of the text. I am trying to have the inner text of each square of my tabular fill the whole space available. For example, in the tabular below, I would like my a2 and b2 occupy the entire column under s2 in a way to not reveal clear empty spaces where would be c2 and d2. Empty space because all the energy and presence I brought to caring for Inbal is gone. Empty space because the irreplaceable anchoring in life that Inbal gave me by her pure, simple, and easy love. There are multiple ways to remove spaces in excel. The first way, we can remove the extra unwanted spaces with the help of FIND and REPLACE option (Ctrl + H). There we need to put a space and replace that with Blank (Nothing kept). This removes the spaces anywhere from the selected cells.

This means that, given the right software, someone could reconstruct all, or parts of files that you've deleted. For privacy and security reasons, you can set CCleaner to wipe the free areas of your hard disk so that deleted files can never be recovered.

Note: Wiping free space can take a substantial amount of time.

Method 1 (Automatically wipe when cleaning):

  1. In CCleaner, click the CCleaner icon at left.
  2. On the Windows tab, select the Wipe Free Space check box.
  3. CCleaner displays a warning about extra time. Click OK.
  4. Run CCleaner as usual.

Method 2 (Manually wipe with Drive Wiper):

  1. Select Tools > Drive Wiper
  2. Choose the type of wipe you require:
    1. Free Space Only will leave your normal files intact
    2. Entire Drive will erase all of the files on the drive. WARNING, this means the whole of the partition will be erased. The drive will still be formatted, but all data will be erased. For safety reasons, this feature is disabled for the boot drive.
  3. Choose the type of security you require (Simple Overwrite is ok for most situations)
  4. CCleaner will warn you before proceeding

Changing CCleaner settings


To select the drives whose free space CCleaner will wipe, see this topic.

Wipe Free Disk Space limitations

CCleaner can't wipe every deleted file from your free disk space. There are some limitations, because of the way Windows stores some files. Here are some examples:

  • The file has been overwritten by another file (so no need to overwrite this again)
  • The file had been overwritten by another file before you ran CCleaner, but the second file has now been deleted as well.
  • The file was created almost exactly when you ran CCleaner.

To be honest, I feel a little bit uncomfortable writing this blog, because I think that all about this subject is said since long. But a recent discussion shows, that even experienced ABAPers can stumble over the handling of trailing blanks in character string processing from time to time. So why not summarize it. You can skip reading, if you know it all …

For character string processing ABAP provides mainly two built-in types, c and string. Text fields of type c are flat and have a fixed length, text strings of type string are deep and have a dynamic length. Besides that, there is another major difference between text fields of type c and text strings of type string:

While trailing blanks are always relevant in strings, they are ignored in text fields in many operand positions of statements, especially in source fields of assignments. As a rule: When working with text fields of type c you always should look into the ABAP Keyword documentation and check whether trailing blanks are skipped or kept in the respective statement.


DATA: text_space TYPE c LENGTH 1 VALUE ‘ ‘,

string_space TYPE string VALUE ` `,

result1 TYPE string,

result2 TYPE string.

result1 = ‘Word’ && text_space && ‘Word’.

result2 = ‘Word’ && string_space && ‘Word’.

The result of the concatenation when using text_space is „WordWord“ and the result when using string_space is „Word Word“. The trailing blank – which is also the only character of text_space – is ignored in the text field. Be aware that the built-in constant space would have same behavior as text_space here!

And now watch out! The behavior regarding trailing blanks also concerns literals. We have two kinds of character literals in ABAP,

  • text field literals ‘…’ of type c
  • text string literals `…` of type string

Clelalempty spaces the blog template

It seems to be trivial, but one might tend to forget: What is said above about trailing blanks in c and string fields holds for the respective literals too. Especially text field literals ‘…’ can be rather nasty. Trailing blanks are not kept in many positions and that means that a text field literal containing one blank ‘ ‘ is often treated like an empty string. The problem is, it’s not WYSIWIG. You see a blank in the code but you don’t get it.


DATA text TYPE string.

text = ‘ ‘.

text is an empty string of length 0.

Clelalempty Spaces The Blog Ideas

DATA text TYPE string VALUE `blah_blah_blah`.


text contains “blahblahblah”.

IF ` ` = ‘ ‘.



A running gag!

By the way, the concatenation operator && skips trailing blanks while the literal operator & keeps them:

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DATA text TYPE string.

text = ‘Word ‘ && ‘Word’.

text = ‘Word ‘ & ‘Word’.

The results are “WordWord” and “Word Word” respectively, oh my.

Clelalempty Spaces The Blog Template

But that’s still not enough, there’s also another way around!

DATA text TYPE string.


The result is “Word Word” with a blank! There is no empty text field literal in ABAP. It is always replaced by ‘ ‘. You don’t realize that in statements where trailing blanks are skipped. But behind SEPARATED BY they are kept!


Rules of thumb:

  • Don’t use trailing blanks in text field literals ‘…’ of type c in operand positions where they are skipped
  • Always use text string literals `…` of type string, if you want to preserve trailing blanks in literals

B.t.w., string templates have type string and trailing blanks are preserved, of course. The logical expression ` ` = is true.

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