Gatorade: Unpaid Product Shot

INTERACTIVECOLOMBIAMay 24, 2020 17:21 (Edited: May 25, 2020 03:21)
There is a reality: hiring the biggest soccer stars and having them drinking Gatorade on a huge advertising campaign would costs millions of dollars; so how can we have James, Cuadrado, Mina, Zapata and all the celebrities of the Colombia National Team? That's why we invite Colombians to do it for us, in real time, during the most expensive broadcasts of all, Colombia's matches in the 2019 Copa America. We leverage on the live broadcasts to invite people to photograph the players while they were drinking Gatorade, and to share the photos on their own social networks to win the same squezeer that the professionals use on the pitch.
Unpaid Product Shot.
This would have been an extremely expensive campaign… if we had paid the image rights of the players, the production of the material and the investment in media. But with the help of the Colombians we co-create the PRODUCT SHOTS using the best and the most expensive players, and the best thing is that we pay for them with squezeers.
Cost per Squezeer: $1.

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A screen displays the logo of the Copa America 2020 during the draw of the football tournament at the Convention Centre in Cartagena Colombia on. President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro Dani Alves of Brazil and teammates pose with the trophy after winning the Copa America Brazil 2019 Final match. CONMEBOL’s Biggest football championship of Copa America 2020 Edition to be host by the argentina and Colombia Jointly. Both the countries of Argentina and Colombia has been awarded Tournament hosting rights and this will surely be new challenge for them as competition to be played with new format of 12 teams. We will host the Copa America 2020 draw on December 3. We are ready to host the delegations of the South American football tournament.,” mayor of Cartagena, Pedrito Pereira said on his twitter account. Petya ransomware github. In 2011, Cartagena also hosted the draw of FIFA U-20 world cup that took place in the Colombia. The 2020 Copa America final will be held in Colombia, the Andean nation's President Ivan Duque said on Thursday. The 2020 tournament is being co-hosted by Colombia and Argentina, the first to be held jointly by two nations. Duque made the surprise announcement in Bogota and thanked Argentina President Mauricio Macri for his support.

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