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A reader asks about these three words:

I was wondering about the differences between comment, suggestion, and feedback. They often seem to be used interchangeably. I would like to know how to use each word appropriately in different contexts.

Block comments are used to provide descriptions of files, methods, data structures and algorithms. Block comments may be used at the beginning of each file and before each method. They can also be used in other places, such as within methods. Block comments inside a function or method should be indented to the same level as the code they describe.

  1. Comment definition is - commentary. How to use comment in a sentence.
  2. Comments remarks; observations, annotations, criticisms: There were harsh comments on the performance. Not to be confused with: commence – originate, inaugurate, begin.
  3. After a difficult year feeling like her home was a cage, Melis Layik has new digs. She is one of a generation of young Australians whose lives are being shaped by Covid.

Here are the relevant definitions of these words in the context of social media:

commentnoun: a remark or criticism on or upon anything.

suggestionnoun: an idea or thought suggested, a proposal.

feedbacknoun: information about the result of a process, experiment, etc.

The word comment has the broadest application because a comment can contain a suggestion or provide feedback.

The comments that follow the posts on this site provide examples of all three terms.


Carnival – The word derives from a phrase meaning “the putting away of flesh”… as in the fasting from meat as Christians [according to traditional dogma] are supposed to do during Lent. It became an event of feasting and revelry because it’s the last chance for the next 6 weeks to indulge in that delicious pot roast, steak dinner, or other self-gratifications.

The reader has added information relating to a post about words derived from a Latin word meaning flesh. This kind of comment enriches the site by expanding the post in a relevant manner.


Could you also clarify and explain the origins of “chalk it up”. I’ve also seen “chock it up” which I assume is an error. I’ve also heard “chop it up” in the same context.

This reader, in commenting on the post about chock-full, has made a suggestion for a future post. Such suggestions keep me supplied with topics.

Comments Python



I think your spelling of “cockeyeed” is incorrect. I think it is spelled cockeyed. (minus one “e”)

Feedback can be positive or negative. Comments that express agreement or appreciation let writers know they’re on the right track with their intended audience. Comments that point out errors or ambiguity enable the writer to improve a published post.

NOTE: I like to receive feedback that points out typographical errors by way of email, rather than in the open comments section—and not just to minimize my embarrassment. When the error has been corrected in the post, the comment remains as a distraction to future readers.

The figurative use of feedback derives from a technical term relating to electronics:

feedbacknoun: The return of a fraction of the output signal from one stage of a circuit, amplifier, etc., to the input of the same or a preceding stage, “positive feedback” tending to increase the amplification; “negative feedback” tending to decrease the amplification. Also, a signal so returned.

Trump Comments Today

Ncisseries free download. I’ll take this opportunity to thank my readers for all three—comments, suggestions, and feedback. They are and have been of tremendous benefit to me, as a blogger and as a student of English.

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