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  1. The DaedalusX64 team is proud to release version 1.1.8! Changes include: + Updated Asynchronous audio using the PSP's co CPU the Media Engine to be completely stable. + Updates to the PSP Media.
  2. Hi i've just downloaded DaedalusX64 beta 2 (=n64 emulator) and i saw some youtube videos were the following games where going like around 90%/95% speed.

  • Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP.
    Daedalus is named after the craftsman (at King Minos's court) who designed the labyrinth for the Minotaur.

  • DaedalusX64 Beta 2 - 1 March 2009
    [+] Added exception handler to emulation (Chilly Willy)
    [+] Made UI selection wrap at top and bottom (Chilly Willy)
    [+] Cleaned up the ROM preferences (Chilly Willy)
    [+] ME Audio uses CPU event (CPU event system made thread-safe) (Chilly Willy)
    [+] ME Audio made conditional (Async = ME, Sync = Old Audio) (Chilly Willy)
    [+] Several Custom Blends Added (Kreationz, ShinyDude100, Wally)
    [+] Rewrote microcode detection to fix a couple of bugs (StrmnNrmn)
    [+] Added support for LOAD_UCODE, fixes a number of rendering glitches (StrmnNrmn)
    [+] Speed hack detection (howard0su)
    [+] Added JPEG support (howard0su)
    [!] Fixed Texture Update Bug causing ghosting in MarioKart (Kreationz)
    [!] Fixed an assert causing some homebrew not to run (StrmnNrmn)
    [!] Added support for FlashRam and Eeprom16k save type (howard0su)
    [!] Reworked saving/loading system (howard0su)
    [^] OSEHLE Enabled with several OSHLE commands (Small speed up)(howard0su)
    [^] Improved Audio ME code (Faster with Audio on) (Chilly Willy)
    [^] Use VFPU to handle more transform and lighting (StrmnNrmn)
    [^] Various rendering optimisations (StrmnNrmn)
    [^] Various ucodes, many games show up correctly now (Wally)
    [^] Corrected many savetypes in rom.ini (Wally)
    [~] Various code cleanup (howard0su)
    DaedalusX64 Beta 1 - 08 November 2008 (Changes from R14 Beta)
    [+] TV Out Support (Chilly Willy)
    [+] ME Audio Supported (Small speed-up with sound on.) (Chilly Willy)
    [+] Increased audio buffers for better sound quality (Kreationz)
    [+] Changed logo and graphics to represent new name (graphic by SynGamer)
    [!] Fixed screen shots (Chilly Willy)
    [!] Fixed an OoT custom clend Mode (Wally)
    [!] Fixed Shaking using double display lists (GoldenEye 007, others..) (idea Wally, code Kreationz)
    [!] Pause Menu Reset not working properly (Kreationz)
    [!] Fixed FPS Display and Framerate limiter (Kreationz)
    [!] Optimized code generation for fragments which branch to themselves is now optional
    Fixes games that broke from R12-13 (Kreationz)
    [^] Improved thread communications in job manager (Hlide)
    R13 - 04 November 2007
    [+] Savestate support.
    [^] Improved dynarec load/store code generation to remove a branch and a couple of instructions.
    [^] Dynarec now generates much better code for fragments which branch to themselves.
    [^] Dynarec load/stores through the stack pointer are now much more efficient.
    [^] Avoid invalidating the instruction cache where possible.
    [^] Simplified CPU event handling, making it slightly more efficient.
    R12 - 26 June 2007
    [!] Fixed issue preventing Goldeneye from being loaded.
    [!] Fixed dynarec for Goldeneye.
    [!] Fixed dynarec for Super Smash Bros.
    [!] Fix various texturing issues with 4bpp and small or non power-of-2 textures.
    [!] Fix TexRect instructions with negative s/t components.
    [!] Fixed the HUD in Mario 64 (broken in R11.)
    [!] Fixed lights in F3DEX2 microcodes.
    [+] Correctly implement instruction fetch exceptions, improving compatibility.
    [+] Improved floating point compatibility.
    [+] Correctly handle mask_s/mask_t tile values.
    [+] Implemented a few custom blend modes.
    [+] Screenshots just cover visible viewport.
    R11 - 06 May 2007
    [*] Large overhaul of rom settings and preferences. All settings should now be persistant.
    [+] Native support for palettised textures for faster rendering and less memory usage.
    [+] Provided a fixed size pool for all texture memory, to limit memory usage.
    [+] Expansion Pak enabled by default.
    [!] Updated rom info database to include save mechanism for many roms.
    [!] Fix memory leak in texture cache.
    [!] Fixed conversion of RGBA/32bpp textures with odd alignments.
    [!] Fix crash which occurred when recolouring textures in low memory situations.
    [^] Large rewrite of texture cache to reduce memory usage and improve performance.
    [^] Various optimisations to the way textures are looked up in the cache and installed.
    [^] Optimise offsetting/scaling of texture coordinates.
    [^] Improve performance of dynarec fragment cache and reduce memory fragmentation.
    R10 - 02 April 2007
    [+] Added frameskip option.
    [+] Added framerate limiting option.
    [+] Added adjustable stick deadzone.
    [+] Allow pause menu to be activated even when rom emulation has hung.
    [!] Fix crash when no roms found, added explanatory message.
    [!] Fix flickering when small number of roms found.
    [^] Fix texture hash frequency check.
    [^] Finally got code compiling with -O3 optimisation flag in GCC.
    [^] Use VFPU for InvSqrt (thanks hlide!)
    [^] Improved VFPU code for clipping and tnl (thanks Raphael!)
    [^] Improved inlining of AddTri.
    [^] Reduced time spent searching for overridden blend modes.
    [~] Remove debug console in public release builds (smaller footprint and slight speedup.)
    R9 - 22 February 2007
    [+] Added support for RGBA 4444 and 5551 textures
    [!] Tidied up all the texture conversion code, fixing a few bugs in the process
    [!] Fixed the width/height of FillRect calls in 1 and 2 cycle mode
    [!] Fixed a blending bug
    [^] Use 16-bit textures on the PSP to represent 16-bit N64 textures.
    [+] Added mirrored texture support
    [!] Fixed a LoadTile bug, allowing a couple of hacks to be removed
    [+] Added some new blend modes for various roms
    [!] Fixed the Tri2 command for F3DLX microcodes
    [!] Fixed a bug in busy-wait detection
    [!] Fixed a few dynarec stability issues (relating to exceptions occuring mid-trace)
    [+] Added audio support
    [+] Added the ability to dump textures (developer builds only at the moment)
    [!] Fixed screenshots. Again.
    [+] Implemented cmp.s, cvt.s, cvt.w, mtc1, mfc1, bc1f, bc1t, j, cfc1, ctc1,
    daddu, trunc.w.s, bc1t, bc1f, bc1tl, bcifl, bnel, beql, blezl, bgtzl,
    bltzl, blezl in dynarec
    [^] Avoid setting the branch delay flag and current PC in generated dynarec code unless necessary
    [^] Much better memory access handling in dynamically recompiled code
    [^] Use a second code buffer for generated dynarec code, to avoid polluting the instruction cache
    [+] Further improve the memory access handling in generated dynarec code
    [!] Fix register usage analysis for lwc1/swc1/mfc1/mtc1 which was preventing base registers used
    in these instructions from being cached
    [^] Have compensation blocks restore nobbled registers, so on-trace code does't need to reload
    [+] New automatic blender
    [+] New front-end
    [+] New pause menu, with option to reset to main menu
    R8 - 25 August 2006
    [^] Replaced all uses of sceCtrlReadBufferPositive with sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive.
    [^] Various known value optimisations for the dynamic recompilation engine.
    [^] Various texture cache optimisations and rendering optimisations.
    [+] Implemented a new clipping method which is more efficient and gives better results.
    [-] Removed 'tesselate large triangles' setting.
    [+] Added option to reset emulator to the main menu.
    [^] No longer use index buffers for rendering.
    [^] Implement matrix multiplication using VFPU.
    [^] Implement vertex transform and lighting code using VFPU.
    [^] Implement clipping code using VFPU.
    [^] Minor AddTri optimisations.
    [^] Free background and font textures while emulator is running to free VRAM.
    [!] Fixed bug in default controller config (c-down and dpad-down were broken)
    R7 - 13 August 2006
    [^] Avoid checking for interrupts in dynarec code in most situations.
    [^] Optimise dynarec Load/Store instructions to avoid checking for interrupts directly.
    [^] Implemented the remaining 32-bit integer instructions in the dynarec.
    [^] Implemented the remaining commong load/store instructions in the dynarec.
    [^] Implemented JAL/JR in dynarec.
    [^] Optimised various texture cache related features.
    [^] Added various known value optimisations to the dynarec engine.
    [^] Link together blocks even when they exit with branch likely instructions.
    [+] Added option to allow frequency of texture update checks to be reduced.
    [+] Added the ability to configure buttons
    [!] Fixed a couple of compatibility issues caused by the dynarec.
    [!] Fixed a couple of issues related to self-modifying code and the dynarec.
    [!] Fixed issues with the framerate counter flickering.
    R6 - 19 July 2006
    [+] Added over 50 new combiner modes
    [+] Added support for c-buttons
    [+] Load roms from ms0:N64 in addition to local roms directory
    [!] Fixed backface culling issues
    [!] Correctly implemented flipping to avoid flickering with certain roms
    [!] Plugged memory leak in texture handling code, fixing various crashes
    [!] Fixed issue which caused screenshot function to hang the emulator
    R5 - 15 June 2006
    [+] New DynaRec engine, resulting in significant performance improvements
    [+] New front end - ability to toggle a couple of options (more to come)
    [+] Save game first pass (eeprom4k, eeprom16k and mempak)
    [^] Various interpreting engine optimisations
    [~] Use .png fileformat for background images, save ~380KB
    [~] Stripped out unnecessary code, save ~250KB
    R4 - 05 May 2006
    [!] Disable PSP FPU exceptions, enabling many roms to run.
    [!] Fixed ambient lighting bug.
    [!] Fixed scissoring.
    [~] Only create temp rom file if compressed (not swapped).
    [~] Fixed decaling offset.
    [~] Lots of combiner additions/fixes.
    R3 - 02 May 2006
    [+] Added support for streaming in large roms on demand.
    [+] Various combiner (graphics) fixes.
    [!] Fixed 120K wasted memory.
    [~] Minor cosmetic (debug output) tweaks.
    [~] Stopped debug output obscuring screenshots.
    R2 - 01 May 2006
    [+] Now runs in user-mode.
    [!] Rom selector now recognises .z64/.rom files.
    [~] Fixed various hard-coded paths.
    [~] Debug output is now correctly colourised.
    R1 - 01 May 2006
    [+] Initial Release

  • Roms can be placed in two locations..
    Either in the Daedalus Folders Rom directory, or you can create a directory in the root of your memory stick (eg: F:N64).
    Daedalus supports most rom formats (.v64, .z64, .rom etc.)

  • StrmnNrmns Credits:
    Thanks to everyone who's helped out over the years, either by contributing code, advice, bug fixes, or inspiration.
    Also a huge thanks to everyone involved with DaedalusX64, for keeping this project moving forward for the best part of the last decade.
    Daedalusx64 Credits:
    A big thanks to all our testers, and believers for giving us a hand when we need it. A huge thanks to StrmnNrmn for getting the ball rolling with this
    excellent emulator and for providing tips to our developers when he can.
    And many thanks to the following developers who have helped in improving this emulator.
    Chilly Willy

For all your PSP Needs. PSP Downloads Development; Development Libraries.

Daedalus is the most powerful Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP, BETA R1909 is the latest version available and it was released in 2014.

You can play almost any ROM, just download it from your preffered website, paste it in the “ROMs” folder and enjoy!!

Cricket 2005 game download. Games compatibility list (all games) = http://forums.daedalusx64.com/compat.php


For CFW users – Download the unsigned version, extract it & install it as a normal Homebrew

For OFW users – Download the signed version, extract it & install it as a normal Homebrew




Daedalus X64 Psp Emulator - YouTube


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