Dies enigma takes us back to where the whole Suger’s Legacy began – St. All riddle solutions can be found on the Basilica and riddles are not that difficult. In case you prefer watching a video scroll to the end of the article where you’ll find a video walkthrough with all locations shown. Dies Suger’s Legacy Starting.

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  1. Day Seventeensugars Legacy Stables Fort Worth
  2. Day Seventeensugars Legacy Stables Colorado Springs
  3. Day Seventeensugars Legacy Stables Cave Creek
Day seventeensugars legacy stables colorado springs

Events Scoring Now
Event NameEvent Start Date
No Events Scoring NowN/A

Day Seventeensugars Legacy Stables Fort Worth

Upcoming Live Scoring Events
Event NameEvent Start Date
Grand Oaks H.T. (Jan 2021)01/23/2021
Stable View Aiken Opener H.T.01/23/2021
Rocking Horse Winter I H.T.(Jan 2021)01/29/2021
Full Gallop Farm January H.T(Jan 2021)01/30/2021
February 4th: Barnstaple Jackpot + 3-Phase 02/04/2021
Sporting Days Farm February H.T. (Feb 2021)02/06/2021
Full Gallop Farm February I H.T.(Feb 2021)02/10/2021
  1. D & D Stables, located in Atlantic County, NJ, offers horseback trail rides on their scenic 120-acre farm. Trail rides are available to the public from just a short 1 hour ride to a 6 hour day trip experience during the spring, summer and fall months. Trained horses are available for both experienced and beginner riders.
  2. Emma and Kurt's wedding day was such a lovely one. Thank you for choosing StoriesByTommy to film your special day! So happy for you two! Venue: Legacy Stables & Events - Winston-Salem. Photo: Sarah C Stewart Photography. Video: Storiesbytommy. # weddingvideos # weddingvideography # weddingvideographer # weddingfilm # weddingfilms.
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Day Seventeensugars Legacy Stables Colorado Springs

Day Seventeensugars Legacy Stables Cave Creek

Completed Live Scoring Events
Event NameEvent Start Date
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (Jan 2021)01/17/2021
Pipe Opener 1 - CHP (Jan 2021)01/16/2021
Stable View Winter Combined Test(Jan 2021)01/16/2021
Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks (Jan 2021)01/15/2021
Barnstaple South H.T(Jan 2021)01/09/2021
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (Jan 2021)01/03/2021
POP Cross Country Schooling and Schooling Show12/20/2020
Full Gallop Farm December H.T.(Dec 2020)12/13/2020
Stable View Eventing Academy Schooling H.T.12/13/2020
Majestic Oaks Schooling Show12/12/2020
Rocking Horse December H.T.(Dec 2020)12/05/2020
Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials IV(Dec 2020)12/05/2020
Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T.(Nov 2020)11/28/2020
Grand Oaks H.T.(Nov 2020)11/21/2020
Rocking Horse December H.T.(Dec 2020)11/19/2020
Stable View Eventing Academy Horse Trials (Nov 15)11/15/2020
Morven Park Spring H.T.(Nov 2020)11/14/2020
Tryon International 3-Day Event(Nov 2020)11/11/2020
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (Nov 2020)11/08/2020
Full Moon Farms H.T.(Nov 2020)11/08/2020
Texas Rose Horse Park Fall HT11/07/2020
War Horse Event Series November H.T.(Nov 2020)11/07/2020
Waredaca November Starter Horse Trials11/07/2020
MDHT November Starter Trial10/31/2020
Plantation Field October Starter Horse Trials10/31/2020
Rocking Horse Fall H.T.(Oct 2020)10/31/2020
Galway Downs International Event & H.T.(Oct 2020)10/28/2020
The VHT International & H.T.(Oct 2020)10/28/2020
Chattahoochee Hills H.T.(Oct 2020)10/24/2020
Holly Hill H.T.(Oct 2020)10/24/2020
Waredaca Classic Horse Trials (Oct 2020)10/24/2020
Waredaca Classic Three Day Event (Oct 2020)10/22/2020
POP XC Schooling and Schooling Show(Oct)10/18/2020
Stable View Eventing Academy Schooling H.T.10/18/2020
Will O'Wind Horse Trials10/18/2020
Chagrin Valley Farms10/17/2020
Fair Hill Starter Horse Trials 10/17/2020
Hunt Club Farms H.T.(Oct 2020)10/17/2020
MDHT/HCS, USA Saddlery October Starter Trial 10/17/2020
Silverwood Farm Fall HT10/17/2020
Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T.10/17/2020
War Horse Event Series October H.T.(Oct 2020)10/11/2020
Glenarden Farms Horse Trials10/10/2020
Ocala Fall HT(Oct 2020)10/10/2020
Radnor Hunt Horse Trials10/10/2020
Maryland Horse Trials and Area II Championships10/09/2020
Woodside International H.T.(Oct 2020)10/08/2020
Bath Pony Club Mini Trial10/04/2020
CCI - S Bromont Horse Trials 10/03/2020
Horse Trials at Majestic Oaks 10/03/2020
WindRidge Farm Fall H.T.(Oct 2020)10/03/2020
Morven Park Fall International H.T. & CCIS10/02/2020
Poplar Place Farm H.T. & Area Championships10/02/2020
ESDCTA New Jersey H.T. at the Horsepark09/27/2020
Full Moon Farms Starter H.T. 09/27/2020
Silverwood Farm Unrecognized H.T.09/27/2020
Fleur de Leap Horse Trials09/26/2020
Larkin Hill HT09/26/2020
Stable View Oktoberfest 1/ 2/3/4* and H.T.09/24/2020
Full Gallop Farm Sept. Schooling HT09/20/2020
Apple Knoll Farm H.T.(Sep 2020)09/19/2020
Grandview Fall Horse Trials09/19/2020
Meadowcreek Park HT-The Fall Social Event09/19/2020
Plantation Field International CCI-S(Sep 2020)09/16/2020
Glen Oro Autumn Horse Trials09/13/2020
Flora Lea Fall H.T. (Sep 2020)09/12/2020
GMHA September H.T.(Sep 2020)09/12/2020
MDHT September Starter09/12/2020
Ocala Summer H.T. I(Sep 2020) RESCHEDULED 09/12/2020
Otter Creek Fall H.T. (Sep 2020)09/11/2020
Dreamcrest Horse Trials09/06/2020
Course Brook Farm Horse Trials09/05/2020
Five Points Horse Trials09/05/2020
GMHA Starter Horse Trials (Aug 2020)08/30/2020
Stevens Creek Horse Trials(Aug 2020)08/30/2020
Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (Aug 2020)08/29/2020
Silverwood Farm Fall H.T.(Aug 2020)08/29/2020
POP XC Schooling and Schooling Show 08/23/2020
MDHT/HCS, USA Saddlery August Starter Trial 08/22/2020
Town Hill Farm Horse Trials(Aug 2020)08/22/2020
War Horse Event Series (Aug 2020)08/22/2020
Wits End Horse Trials08/22/2020
Full Gallop Farm August HT(Aug 2020)08/15/2020
Ocala Summer H.T. II(Aug 2020)08/15/2020
Will O' Wind August Horse Trials08/15/2020
Spring Gulch Horse Trials08/08/2020
Windridge Farm Summer HT08/08/2020
Fair Hill International August Horse Trials08/07/2020
Otter Creek Summer HT08/07/2020
The Summer Event at Woodside (Aug 2020)08/07/2020
FENCE Horse Trial 07/25/2020
Glenarden Farms Horse Trials07/25/2020
Hunt Club Farms H.T.(Jul 2020)07/25/2020
Waredaca Starter Horse Trials 07/25/2020
Horse Park of New Jersey H.T. II07/24/2020
Virginia Horse Trials07/20/2020
Full Gallop Farm HT07/19/2020
Stableview Eventing Academy- July07/19/2020
Full Moon Farms H.T.(Jul)07/18/2020
Grandview Summer Horse Trials07/18/2020
Galway Downs Horse Trials (July 2020)07/17/2020
POP XC Schooling and Schooling Show (July)07/12/2020
Poplar Place Farm May H.T.(JULY 2020)07/11/2020
War Horse Event Series (July 2020)07/11/2020
Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm II(Jul 2020)07/10/2020
Larkin Hill HT07/04/2020
Maryland International + Horse Trials(Jul 2020)07/03/2020
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (June2020)06/28/2020
Chattahoochee Hills HT Summer 106/27/2020
Horse Park of New Jersey H.T. I06/27/2020
Surefire Farm Horse Trials 06/19/2020
Texas Rose Horse Park H.T.06/19/2020
Silverwood Farm Spring Horse Trials06/13/2020
War Horse Event Series (June 2020)06/13/2020
Waredaca H.T.(June 2020)06/13/2020
Plantation Field June Starter Horse Trials06/07/2020
Feather Creek Farm H.T.(June 2020)06/06/2020
Plantation Field H.T.(June 2020)06/05/2020
Sweet Dixie South Schooling Series06/03/2020
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (May 2020)05/30/2020
Holly Hill May Schooling Show05/30/2020
MDHT May Starter Trial05/23/2020
Stable View Eventing Academy Schooling HorseTrial05/23/2020
MDHT April Starter Trial04/11/2020
Chattahoochee Hills April Horse Trials04/03/2020
The Fork at TIEC (Apr 2020)04/02/2020
Morven Park Spring Horse Trials03/28/2020
Designer Builders Stable View Spring CCI-S03/27/2020
Galway Downs International H.T.(Mar 2020)03/27/2020
Full Gallop Farm March Schooling Show 203/22/2020
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (March 22nd 2020)03/22/2020
MDHT March Starter Trial03/21/2020
Poplar Place Farm March Horse Trials03/21/2020
Carolina International CCI and H.T.(Mar 2020)03/18/2020
Charity Schooling Horse Trials(Horses for Healing)03/15/2020
Meadow Creek Park - The Spring Social Event03/13/2020
Pine Top Spring Horse Trials03/13/2020
Ocala Winter II H.T.(Mar 2020)03/12/2020
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (March 11)03/11/2020
Southern Pines Horse Trials - CHP (Mar 2020)03/07/2020
WindRidge Farm 2019-2020 Eventing Series (March)03/07/2020
Red Hills International Horse Trial 03/06/2020
Chattahoochee Hills H.T.(Feb 2020)02/29/2020
Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials02/29/2020
Eventing Grand-Prix at Bruce's Field02/28/2020
Rocking Horse Winter III Horse Trials02/28/2020
Three Lakes Winter II HT 02/22/2020
Pine Top Advanced Horse Trials02/21/2020
Pipe Opener 2 - CHP (Feb 2020)02/15/2020
Paradise Farm Horse Trials02/14/2020
Rocking Horse Winter 2 Horse Trials02/13/2020
Full Gallop February Schooling HT02/12/2020
Wellington Eventing Showcase02/08/2020
Pine Top Intermediate Horse Trials02/07/2020
Three Lakes Winter 102/01/2020
Galway Downs Winter H.T.(Jan 2020)01/30/2020
Rocking Horse Winter I H.T.(Jan 2020)01/24/2020
Stable View Winter CT - Jan01/11/2020
Windridge Eventing Weekends-Dec12/07/2019
Pine Top Thanksgiving Horse Trials11/30/2019
MDHT November Starter Trial11/02/2019
Galway Downs International Event & H.T. (Nov 2019)10/31/2019
Chattahoochee Hills H.T.(Oct 2019)10/26/2019
Holly Hill Fall Horse Trials10/26/2019
HCS, USA Saddlery MDHT October Starter10/19/2019
Fair Hill International YEH Championships10/17/2019
Fair Hill International CCI****/***10/16/2019
Paradise Farm H.T.(Oct 2019)10/12/2019
MDHT at Loch Moy Farm Classic BN3 Day Event & H.T.10/11/2019
Kent School Fall H.T.(Oct 2019)10/06/2019
Will O'Wind Fall Horse Trials10/06/2019
Windridge Farm Fall HT10/05/2019
Woodside International H.T.(Oct 2019)10/03/2019
Marlborough Starter H.T.09/29/2019
Surefire Horse Trials09/28/2019
Bronte Creek Equest. Sport LTD HT09/22/2019
Oakhurst Horse Trials09/22/2019
Marlborough Horse Trials09/21/2019
Feather Creek Farm H.T.(Sept 2019)09/20/2019
POP XC Schooling and Schooling Show (Sept)09/14/2019
Poplar Place Farm September HorseTrials09/14/2019
Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial09/13/2019
Ottawa Horse Trials09/07/2019
Hunt Club Farms-Eventing For The Cure!08/31/2019
Cherrylane Horse Trials 08/24/2019
Lane's End Horse Trials08/11/2019
Stableview Eventing Academy- Aug08/11/2019
Feather Creek Farm H.T.(Aug 2019)08/09/2019
Erie Hunt and Saddle Mini Trial 08/04/2019
Olney Farm Horse Trials08/04/2019
Catalpa Corner Charity Horse Trial08/03/2019
Millbrook H.T.(Aug 2019)08/01/2019
Oakhurst Farm Horse Trials07/28/2019
Full Gallop Farm Schooling Show (July 21st 2019)07/21/2019
Penny Oaks Horse Trials07/20/2019
WILL O’ WIND Summer HT07/07/2019
Full Gallop July 6th Schooling 07/06/2019
South Farm H.T. (Jul 2019)07/06/2019
Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Summer H.T.06/29/2019
Groton House Farm Horse Trials06/28/2019
Kent School Horse Trials06/23/2019
Stevens Creek Horse Trials06/23/2019
Essex Horse Trials06/21/2019
Fox River Valley Pony Club HT06/20/2019
Caledon Horse Trials06/16/2019
Valinor Farm Horse Trials(June 2019)06/16/2019
Honey Run H.T.(June 2019)06/15/2019
Little Bromont Horse Trials06/15/2019
NJ Region's H.T.(June 2019)06/02/2019
Cherrylane Horse Trials06/01/2019
Colorado Horse Park H.T.(June 2019)06/01/2019
GMHA June Horse Trials06/01/2019
Flora Lea Spring Horse Trials05/25/2019
Grandview Spring Horse Trials05/25/2019
Mystic Valley Hunt Club H.T.(May 2019)05/25/2019
Virginia International & H.T.(May 2019)05/23/2019
Chattahoochee Hills May H.T.05/18/2019
Fair Hill International H.T.(May 2019)05/18/2019
Hunt Club Farms May Starter Horse Trials05/18/2019
Otter Creek Spring H.T.(May 2019)05/17/2019
RBC Wealth Mgmt Twilight Eventing at Loch Moy Farm05/15/2019
Plantation Field May Starter Horse Trials05/12/2019
War Horse Event Series May HT05/12/2019
Plantation Field May HT05/11/2019
Texas Rose Horse Park Summer Horse Trials05/10/2019
Jersey Fresh International Three-day Event05/08/2019
Riga Meadow at Coole Park Combined Test(May 2019)05/05/2019
Fair Hill International May Starter HT05/04/2019
MCTA H.T., Inc(May 2019)05/04/2019
Poplar Place May Horse Trials05/04/2019
RBC Wealth Mgmt Twilight Eventing at Loch Moy Farm05/01/2019
Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Spring Horse Trial (April 204/27/2019
Long Leaf Pine Horse Trials - CHP04/20/2019
Sporting Days Farm April Horse Trials (2019)04/20/2019
Fair Hill International April Horse Trials04/19/2019
Plantation Field Spring Horse Trials (Apr 2019)04/13/2019
Ocala International 3-Day Festival of Eventing04/10/2019
Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (April 2019)04/05/2019
Texas Rose Horse Trials (March 2019)03/29/2019
Full Gallop March Schooling Show II 03/24/2019
Carolina International CCI and Horse Trials03/20/2019
Stable View Spring Horse Trials (2019)03/19/2019
Pine Top Spring Horse Trials03/15/2019
Full Gallop March Schooling Show 03/13/2019
Full Gallop Farm March I HT03/10/2019
MDHT 2019 Spring Cross Derby03/09/2019
Southern Pines Horse Trials - Carolina Horse Park03/09/2019
Running Start Horse Trials02/23/2019
Paradise Farm Horse Trials (February 2019)02/15/2019
MDHT Winter Cross Derby - February02/02/2019
MDHT Cross Derby - January01/05/2019
Poplar Place Farm December Schooling Show12/01/2018
Stableview Eventing Academy- Nov11/18/2018
Adequan® WHES Championships & November H.T C.T.11/10/2018
MDHT Fall Starter #311/03/2018
Galway Downs Training 3 day11/01/2018
Chapel Springs HT, CT & Dsg10/28/2018
Chattahoochee Hills October HT10/27/2018
Fair Hill International Three Day10/17/2018
Will O'Wind Fall Finale / OI Championships10/07/2018
The Event at Skyline10/05/2018
ESDCTA'S New Jersey Horse Trials09/30/2018
Flying Cross Farm Horse Trials09/14/2018
Fair Hill International September Starter HT09/08/2018
Park Equine KY Classique Horse Trials08/31/2018
Shepherd Ranch SYVPC HT II08/24/2018
The Event at Archer08/24/2018
Apple Knoll Farm Schooling HT Champ.08/19/2018
Millbrook Horse Trials 08/02/2018
Stoneleigh-Burnham Summer HT07/28/2018
Full Gallop July Schooling Show #207/22/2018
Full Moon Farm Aloha HT07/22/2018
Fitch's Corner Horse Trials07/21/2018
Honey Run Horse Trials06/23/2018
Abbe Ranch Horse Trials06/22/2018
Shepherd Ranch SYVPC HT06/22/2018
Plantation Field June Starter Horse Trials06/10/2018
Valinor Farm Horse Trials06/10/2018
Copper Meadows June HT06/09/2018
Plantation Field June HT06/09/2018
New Jersey Region HT06/03/2018
GMHA June HT06/02/2018
Poplar Place Farm June HT06/02/2018
Waredaca June Horse Trials 06/02/2018
The Spring Event at Archer05/31/2018
MDHT Spring Starter 305/26/2018
Paradise Farm May HT05/26/2018
Virginia CIC2*, CCI1*05/24/2018
MDHT Evening Combined Test05/23/2018
Kent School Spring Horse Trials05/20/2018
Old Chatham HT05/13/2018
Jersey Fresh CCI3* & CCI2* Three-Day Event05/09/2018
Poplar Place Farm May Horse Trials05/05/2018
The Event at Skyline05/04/2018
Heart of the Carolina's 3-Day05/03/2018
Heart of the Carolina's HT05/03/2018
Longleaf Pine Horse Trials At Carolina Horse Park04/21/2018
Plantation Field April Horse Trials04/21/2018
Sporting Days Farm April HT04/21/2018
Fence Horse Trials04/14/2018
MDHT Spring Starter 204/14/2018
Stableview Eventing Academy-April04/14/2018
CDCTA Spring Horse Trials 104/08/2018
Spring Bay Horse Trials04/07/2018
MDHT Spring Starter 103/25/2018
Windridge Eventing Weekends-Mar203/18/2018
MeadowCreek Park - The Spring Social Event03/17/2018
Red Hills International Horse Trials03/09/2018
Sporting Days Farms March HT03/03/2018
Pine Top Advanced, CIC2*, CIC1* & H.T.02/22/2018
Stable View Winter Horse Trials01/30/2018
Exmoor Farm Winter Schooling Show01/13/2018
MDHT Fall Starter 311/04/2017
MDHT Fall Starter 210/15/2017
Exmoor Fall Horse Trials10/14/2017
Carolina Horse Park Young Event Horse09/30/2017
Colorado Horse Park HT/Derby09/16/2017
OHTA PE-PT Championships @ Caledon09/10/2017
Grindstone Mtn Farm HT09/09/2017
Maryland YEH at Loch Moy Farm09/09/2017
OHTA T-I CH @ Glen Oro / E - OI Horse Trials09/02/2017
Richland Park Horse Trials & CIC's08/24/2017
Stanton Farms HT08/12/2017
Colorado Horse Park 3 Day & HT08/10/2017
USPC Nation's Cup For International Exchange07/09/2017
Windridge Farms Kangaroo Cup for USPC07/02/2017
Great Vista Horse Trials06/18/2017
Cobblestone Farms HT06/04/2017
Colorado Horse Park CCI2*/1* & Horse Trials06/01/2017
Fox River Valley Pony Club Mini Event & CT05/20/2017
Grindstone Mtn Farm Spring HT05/12/2017
Spokane Sport Horse Farm Spring H.T.05/11/2017
MDHT Spring Starter #204/23/2017
MDHT Spring Starter #103/26/2017
Portofino Equestrian Center11/19/2016
Hagyard Prelim & Training 3 Day10/20/2016
Colorado Horse Park T3D & N3D09/16/2016
Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials08/13/2016
Flora Lea Aug. Starter HT08/06/2016
2016 NAYRC (Individual results)07/28/2016
2016 NAYRC Team Results07/28/2016
WindRidge Farm HT05/14/2016
King Oak Farm Spring HT05/07/2016
Hagyard's Midsouth Team Challenge HT10/21/2015
The Event at Kellyfords10/18/2015
Windridge Farm Summer Schooling Show08/22/2015
Hunter Oaks Horse Trials07/18/2015
Equus 3D Horse Trials07/04/2015
Kelly's Ford Spring HT05/16/2015
CBES Schooling Day05/09/2015
CDCTA Spring Horse Trials 204/19/2015
WindRidge Farm Fall H.T.10/04/2014
Equus 3D September Horse Trials09/07/2014
Steepleview Horse Trials08/23/2014
Cedar Run August08/16/2014
Cedar Run May05/31/2014
MeadowCreek Park T3D & N3D Event11/22/2013
The Fork Horse Trials 11/16/2013
Waredaca Classic Training 3D10/24/2013
Fair Hill International September Starter HT10/17/2013
Difficult Run Fall 2013 Schooling Day & HT08/24/2013
TRHC Sizzling Summer HT08/24/2013
Redland Hunt PC Horse Trials04/20/2013
Longwood Farm Jan 3-phase01/19/2013
Robinson Farm Horse Trials07/28/2012
Florida Horse Park Fall Event11/20/2010
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