Starshine Legacy, also known as SL or SSL is a game series of four games released in 2005 for the Penny Girl book clubs. The games were produced by Hidden Entertainment AB and Pixel Tales. Starshine Legacy Episode 1: Mystery of the Soul Riders Starshine Legacy Episode 2: Secret of Pine Hill Mansion Starshine Legacy Episode 3: Legend of Pandoria Starshine Legacy Episode 4: The Riddle of Dark. Legacy Stables is a full-service facility offering horseback riding and driving lessons, jumping, training and sales for your Morgan Horses. Located in Carver, Massachusetts, Legacy Stables is one of the finest equine facilities in southern New England. Nestled conveniently in the heart of the Triad, Legacy Stables and Events is perfectly suited to host any dream wedding, event, or conference. Tour the Weisner family’s 30-acre estate and fall in love with the American saddlebred horses who call the farm home.

Karin's Horse Connection is celebrating St. Martin's Day, and they're involving their horses in the fun to make the holiday extra special.

Taking place at Legacy Stables, located at 8001 Patterson Avenue South East, there will be a play starring real horses and ponies, as well as a lantern walk through the dark on the farm with music and songs.

Day Sixsugars Legacy Stables

Admission is a suggested donation of $5 per person or $10 to receive a lantern. Donations will go toward adaptive equipment for our therapeutic riding program.

RSVP is required since there will be a limited amount of spots. Register via Facebook message or email to [email protected]

Sugars legacy stables

The event will take place on Saturday, November 7 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Learn more by visiting their Facebook event page.

St. Martin’s Day is one of the most popular saint’s holidays in Germany. Martin of Tours was born in the 4th Century and started out as a Roman soldier before he found Christianity and became a monk. He was announced a Saint because of his exemplary way of life that was all about sharing and caring for other people.

Legacy Stables

Our business, Legacy Stables, provides Riding Lessons, Birthday Parties, One-Time Rides, and ‘Own-A-Horse’ Camp. Riders of all ages and skill levels are sure to have a fun, safe, and educational ride!

Karin's Horse Connection

Karin’s Horse Connection (also known as Therapeutic Horse Connection) is our 501 (c)3 non-profit, which offers Competitive and Recreational Vaulting, Adaptive Vaulting, and many other Therapeutic Programs.

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We are so thankful that we are able to share our horses and ponies with you again! In response to Covid-19, we have made some modifications to our programs. Including implementation of several disinfecting and social distancing precautions. Please Wear a Mask. Keeping our customers and staff safe is our top priority!

Check out our NEW ‘Amazing Graze‘ Program! It’s FREE!

Thank you to everyone who was so supportive while we were closed. Click below if you would like to donate to our scholarship fund. These funds go to our 501(c)3, Karin’s Horse Connection, to help students in financial need make a healing connection with a horse.


All of our riding programs are structured around the same principle: to allow riders to build a holistic foundation of skills and close connection with a horse. We do this by teaching safety, proper riding and horse-care techniques both on and off the horse, how to communicate with your horse, and of course feeding a treat at the end!

Birthday Parties

Horsey Birthday Parties are a blast at Legacy Stables! We have horses of all sizes to meet the needs of all riders. They are all very gentle, well-trained, and love kids! Open to children ages 2 & up. Birthday Parties can take place year round, rain or shine since we have an indoor arena, indoor stabling and heated viewing rooms for those chilly days.

One Time Rides

One-Time Riding for families, couples or groups of people looking to enjoy that human-horse connection. Come for 1 hour, brush your horse, ride in the indoor arena and outdoors if weather permits, and then feed your horse a treat at the end. Great for a special date, a family bonding experience, or to try out horseback riding like you’ve always wanted! Open year-round.

Own-A-Horse Camp

At Own-A-Horse-Camp you get to experience what it is like to own a pony or horse for an entire week. You will learn all aspects of horse care including feeding, grooming and stable management. And yes, you will have an opportunity to ride a horse every day! Open to children 6 and older, teenagers and adults.

Horses Make Great Therapists

Karins Horse Connection Programs


Equestrian vaulting is a unique sport and an art form that combines dance and gymnastics on a moving horse. In addition to being a fun way to work with horses, vaulting promotes balance, confidence, strength and oneness with the horse. It builds horsemanship skills, artistic expression, teamwork, responsibility and more!


Therapeutic Horse Connection is our 501(c)3 non-profit which provides equine centered therapeutic programs open to people of all ages and abilities – everyone is welcome! We offer Adaptive Vaulting, Therapeutic Riding, a Farm Work Therapy program, and the opportunity for groups to come on Field Trips and experience the stables and ride the horses. And for those that may not physically be able to come to the stables, we can come to you with our certified therapy horse, ‘Peanut’!

Field Trips

Day Sixsugars Legacy Stables Virginia Beach

Our Field Trip program offers 1.5 hours of hands-on horse fun which includes time with many different horses of all sizes and various stations to rotate through. In these stations students will get to tour the barn, learn how to groom a horse, how to be safe around them, and other fun facts. They will experience Riding, Vaulting, horsey games, and more!

Amazing Graze

We are excited to offer the “Amazing Graze” program! Spend 30 minutes holding a horse or pony while they graze in the fresh, spring grass. Use the time to enjoy nature, relax, reflect, and rest your soul. Small groups and plenty of room for social distancing! And equipment is disinfected between uses. A $10 value, but FREE for the month of May.

How to start riding a horse

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It isn’t difficult! Just Follow our steps!
Contact us for details
Enjoy the riding!

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Our Story

The mission of Karin’s Horse Connection and Legacy Stables is to share our passion for horses and enable anyone who seeks to experience the joy of the human-horse connection.

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