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The third part of the legendary computer game Heroes of Might and Magic is an exciting turn-based strategy game with RPG elements. The first two parts have already won their fans and adventure lovers. The game Heroes of Might and Magic 3download torrentKeyboard shortcuts windows 10. it is already possible today and instantly plunge into the land of fantasy.

The developer of the HD version did everything so that many gamers liked this version. Everyone who is not familiar with the Heroes of Might and Magic game genre is invited to the world of Enrot, where fantastic good and evil creatures live, who constantly wage wars.

Game Description Heroes of Might and Magic 3, download torrent

As in the previous two series, the gameplay of the third series takes place in a fictional world. The main task of the player is to skillfully manage the main characters. Heroes at the head of their units travel around the playground, fight with enemy troops and capture all kinds of objects.

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You can meet such fantastic creatures:

  • unicorns;
  • griffins;
  • dragons;
  • gnomes;
  • demons;
  • elves.

The battle is based on the story of Queen Catherine, who lost her father and must defend her homeland. But evil forces in every possible way try to take away the territory.

The graphics were completely redrawn for the third part, and the gameplay itself was slightly modified and supplemented compared to previous versions. The Grail artifact and the underground level appeared.

The plot consists of passing certain game campaigns. You can fight with a virtual opponent alone, or, using the hotseat mode, wage a battle against other gamers.

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Features of the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3

The third part offers seven types of resources needed to perform various game actions, the main of which is gold. One of the most important strategic factors is the speed of movement on a virtual map, which contains the surface and underground levels. At the beginning of the game, the territory is uncharted, and the open part remains visible until the end of the battle. The game path is similar to a maze with unpredictable movement, where the main sections are occupied by impassable forests and mountains.

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Game info

  • Name: Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete & Heroes Chronicles
  • Publication Type: Repack
  • Genre: Step-by-step strategy
  • Developer: New World Computing / 3DO Company
  • Year: 1999-2001
  • Platform: PC
  • Version: 4.0

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