When you download insanity workout set you'll have 15 DVDs, insanity nutrition guide, workout calendar and fit test. YES i will provide deluxe version;) and you can also choose which DVD to download. Total package is 6.00 GB so make some space on your hard disc and create new folder where you'll download all your files. How about you research a workout program that isn't garbage. Plenty are free to find online. Bodybuilding.com has some great, decent, and crap workouts. If you're use to insanity you could find something similar or better and bodybuilding.com.

Download P90X for Free?

Do you live in the shadows of fitness? You know what I mean… that guy or girl who is always looking for the cheapest way to do everything? “Let me look online to see where I can download P90X.” “Hmm… I wonder if there’s anywhere to download 21 Day Fix (I’ll just buy the containers separately).” “I wish there was a an easy way I could just download Insanity.”

Well you’re not alone! I’ve been there! In fact, people who download P90X have downloaded the #1 pirated DVD in the WORLD! Aarrrrgh!

I’ve got a dirty little secret that I’ve kept for a long time… and I think it’s time for it to come out. Okay… here it is… when I first started P90X in 2009 I was NOT working out with a “legit” copy. That’s right. Me. “Mr. P90X” started out with a bootleg version of P90X.

Okay… so now that I have that off my chest (phew!)… here’s the rest of the story.

So yes, before I invested into P90X, like so many others, I wanted to make sure that it was going to be “worth it”. At the time, I had lost my job so I didn’t have $120 to spend on some DVDs. But after a week of trying to watch P90X workouts on my laptop, I decided that it was WELL worth the investment!

But not everyone is ready to shell out the money and make that investment in themselves so some will decide to download P90X.

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Should I Download P90X?

Quick answer: NO!! But why not?

Well first, it’s ILLEGAL!

Second, I’ve talked with people over and over again who decided to go the “cheap” route and get a bootleg copy, or download P90X, Insanity or other workout DVDs… and you know what they got? Junk! Missing DVD, missing workouts, missing materials. It was a joke!

Download Insanity Workout Full Version Free

So what can someone do if they don’t want to download P90X but also don’t want to spend $120 on it?

The Solution: Beachbody On Demand

So what is Beachbody On Demand?

Beachbody On Demand is essentially a way for you to

Stream Beachbody Workouts from Anywhere! No need to download P90X, Insanity or 21 Day Fix!

Full Version Movies

Beachbody has partnered with some people from one of the most popular streaming websites ever. Hulu. Ever hear of it? 🙂

Download Insanity Workout Videos

So now… you’ll be able to stream Beachbody workouts anywhere, anytime, on any device! No more need to download P90X!


I’ve had the exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Beta test for Beachbody On Demand and let me just say, it’s pretty smooth! So far I really haven’t run into any major glitches (and I’m pretty picky on some of these things).

Here’s a quick video that explains more about Beachbody On Demand.

How Can I Get Beachbody On Demand so I Don’t Have To Download P90X?

One of the best things about the Beachbody On Demand service is that it comes FREE to clients who have the Beachbody Club membership! As of right now, the Club Membership is only $2.99/wk (billed at $38.87/quarter)! But (and there’s always a “but”)… I expect the price of the Club membership to increase in the future (based on the image found on Beachbody’s website)

Beachbody On Demand is Coming Soon!

Notice how the image says “Join Now to Get ‘Today’s’ Low Rate!” … Yeah… my guess is it’s gonna go up!

So here’s what I would do if I were you… Learn more about the Beachbody Club Membership TODAY. Sign up for it. Once Beachbody On Demand is available, you’ll have access to it and will have locked in the low price of the Club Membership!

Download Insanity Workout Full Version Free Pc

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