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《Dragon Ball: Divine Adventure》all content from the Internet, or users upload, Our purpose is to promote the original author of the novel. Welcome to reading and collection 《Dragon Ball: Divine Adventure》 latest chapter. In Dragon Ball Advance Adventure you get to play as GoKu and beat down enemies in this fun 2D platforming game. I would compare this to the classic Mario or Sonic games, but in the Dragon Ball Z universe along with with fighting and swords. Its a fun classic, enjoy!

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Dragon ball advanced adventure 2

To make use of the unused characters in your inventory, you can actually send them to adventures. Depending though on their current level (or sometimes the Adventure you send them in), the success rate of the adventure varies. Although they all succeed, when you typically send a higher leveled character to perform an adventure, the reward items you get will usually be greater.
It does not matter which character you send to an Adventure. It can be a level one and it will nonetheless succeed in the given task for the same duration of time that the adventure requires. However, you should take note that higher leveled characters sent will return with better rewards, an that characters sent to an adventure wont be available while they are on the adventure (unlike with that of Training them).

To set out on an Adventure, simply pick 'menu' on the main hub, and from there, you'll get to access an icon entitled 'adventure'. When you pick this option, it will send you to the adventure menu. However, prior to going to the adventure menu, you should first make sure that you have an Adventure Request Ticket to actually find anything to do therein.
Adventure request tickets are earned from completing some levels of the story, or sometimes when completing Missions, but the easiest way to earn them is by participating in either the casual match in PvP or the Rating Match. You do not necessarily have to win the PvP battles too in order to secure an adventure ticket. The only draw back is that depending on your current battle rating, you may have difficulties in finding opponents in the PvP section of the game. Nonetheless, with our experience, you'll just have to repeatedly try finding an opponent and you'll end up having one a couple of tries later.

Each time you participate a battle will equate to one Adventure ticket - and one adventure ticket will avail you with one adventure for one character. Initially, you can perform 3 simultaneous adventures in the game, but you have the option to unlock more slots later on in the game. Different adventures also requires different lengths of time. The longer they are though, the better reward items it grants you.
On the image on top of the page, the Adventure 'Ferrous Plains' was performed by a level 280 Klirin, and ended up a huge success. Normally, succeeding in this mission will only grant you zenies, but this time, since we sent a higher level character, it ended up giving out a number of Soul Boost crystals along with zenies.

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Dragon Ball Adventure Cheats

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