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Once infernos have been completed within the Dragon War or Demigod Dimensions, the rewards must be sent thru the portal and loaded onto the other account. Here are screenshots and instructions:

Dragon Dimension Portal

This is the portal that is found in both the Demigod and Dragon Dimensions. Click this building to navigate back and forth. Game with load and then shut down with each portal access. This is normal. Just reboot game.

Going Back Home – Sending Rewards through the Portal

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Once infernos are complete, you will need to send the rewards back through the portal. Just incase you are new to reading about the portal, this is what it looks like.

#1) Click on Portal
#2) Click on Demigod Empire Rewards (screenshot 1)
#3) Click Port to Demigod Empire (screenshot 2)

My social media & chat. This loads your rewards into the portal.

(Screenshot 1)

(Screenshot 2)

Retrieving the Rewards from Out of the Portal

Then once you are back home in the Demigod Dimension. Retrieve your rewards from out of the portal.

#1) Click on the portal once again
#2) Click Demigod Empire Rewards (screenshot 3)
#3) Click Claim (screenshot 4)


Simple as that!

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(screenshot 3)

(screenshot 4)

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