More health, batterychargingrate (very high)

Electric Man 2 Hacked Maxi Pc Suite Free Download Microsoft Office 2003 Pro Download 3d Live Pool Game Free Lacie External Dvd Player Driver Direct3d Device Free Download Rules Of Thumb Pdf Renesas Usb 3.0 Driver Problems T30 Torx Screwdriver Ez Software Download Complete Labview Tutorial Pdf. In the Electric Man 2 hacked game, you have the unlimited electricity and 200 health. Description: Electric Man 2 hacked unblocked at school game is free to play and explore. Let’s join in this great battle, show the special skills and blast the enemy away! You can control his power when launching the punches or hits, and make them weak.

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Category: Action / Arcade

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Electric Man 2 Hacked is interesting and absorbing game, which we can address to arcade and action game. First of all, you should choose the name, color and skills of your electric man. And then you may start to play. There are many rounds, where you fight with monsters and robots. There are more and more monsters to each level. And your aim is the victory. Such game helps to unwind and to let loose of emotions.
The riling of the cheats is not so difficult. You need only your keyboard. And during the game you get some prompts for ruling, for example, the keys “Q”, “W”, “E” – help to make different beats, and keys UP, Down, Right and Left help you to make motions.
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Cheats: Life and mana recharges after battle. You gain more XP
Cheats: infinite money, level unlocked, press 1 when you are start the level to use godmode, 0 - off god
Cheats: click on the Plus button on the top right hand side of the screen to load and activate hacks
Cheats: Start with 10x more credits, all levels unlocked, buying gives you money
Cheats: Collect poins more faster
Cheats: immortal, infinite ammo, Pistol & Mine, Damage increase. ChargePack huge Damage! Weapon Range Increase!

Flying kicks, powerful punches, and cheering crowds are an inseparable part of tournaments! Come and take part in the tournament of Voltagen in the second game of the wildly popular series, Electric Man 2: HS. Face fierce opponents and beat them to win rounds and claim the title of the champion of Voltagen. Shatter the air as you fly toward your opponents with your speedy kicks, unforgiving punches, and many other martial arts moves that will make the crowd cheer your name! If you’re ready, let the games begin!

Electric Man 2: HS has three different difficulty settings that you can choose from at the start of the game. If this is your first time playing the series, we recommend you choose easy to get used to the controls and mechanics. Stretch your muscles and get ready for some action! When you start a new game, you should enter a username, and if you'd like, you can change the color of the energy aura surrounding your character. After you show your talents and convince the tutorial that you are the best, it is time for the real action! Your character has many moves. You can grab, kick, and punch your opponents. Your opponent will surround you and they are not looking for an autograph! When you find yourself at the center of an unmanageable amount of attention, you can dodge and flip out of the way! Kicks and punches are too ordinary to climb the ladder to the champion rank! In addition to the regular kicks and punches, you can also use the slow-motion versions of these attacks. These attacks cause greater damage, but they cost energy to use. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the battery icon. It will reduce with each slow-motion attack, but don’t worry -- a trained fighter knows how to replenish his resources! With time, the battery will fill again so you can continue wreaking havoc on your opponents.

Dodge your opponents’ attacks and knock them out with a well-timed kick! If you enjoyed playing Electricman 2 HS: The tournament of Voltagen, try out Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles and Stickman War. Still craving more action? We have plenty of action games to keep your adrenaline pumping! 2: the life of the party.


Electric Man 3 Unblocked

This game is developed by DX Interactive.

Release Date

January 2007


Electric Man 2 Hacked Unblocked


Electric Man 1 Hacked

Electric Man 2 Hacked
  • Tournament system
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Challenging battles
  • Change the color of your character’s aura


Electric Man 2 Hs Hacked

Your character has various moves. Use the arrow keys to move your character. Press the W key for a slow-motion kick move. Use the Q key for a slow-motion punch move. The A key is for regular punch moves, and you can use the D key for grabbing and the E key for slow-motion grabbing.

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