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Endless OS comes preloaded with hundreds of useful resources
for students and families, and even works without internet access.

The Endless Operating System is simple and easy for anyone to use. It is fully equipped with essential apps to learn, play, work and connect in 2021.
Once installed, no internet is required.
Provided by the Endless OS Foundation, the OS is free for individuals and non-commercial use up to 500 computers.

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Endless Online's Tightest Guide Sites

Explore the Linux-based Endless OS

Endless Online's Tightest Guide Site Officiel

Content / Apps for Education & Opportunity


Endless Online's Tightest Guide Site Download

  • Learning resources

    With over 50,000 Wikipedia articles, video lessons, and apps across a range of topics, Endless puts knowledge at a learner's fingertips.

  • School / Entrepreneurship

    Virtual desktop infrastructure open source. A powerful tool for school and creating at work, apps in Endless create documents, presentations and spreadsheets compatible with Microsoft Office®.

  • Play while learning

    Preloaded with hours of learning videos and games, Endless offers something fun for the whole family – including games that teach kids to code.

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