• Federal Executive Boards are currently located in cities which are major centers of Federal activity, and composed of the Federal field office agency heads and military commanders in these cities. The Boards are located in the following metropolitan areas: Note: For FEB locations posted without a website address, please use contact information.
  • The Executive Board is WFP's supreme governing body. Comprising 36 States Members of the United Nations or Member Nations of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Board provides intergovernmental support, policy direction and supervision of the activities of WFP.

The Executive Board shall review and revise the budget as it deems appropriate; conduct a public hearing on the draft budget; approve a draft budget, including the proposed Radio Unit Charge; and forward same to Principals, no later than August 31.

The Executive Board Secretariat. The Executive Board secretariat services all aspects of the work of the Executive Board, including provision of timely information and other support services to Board members, making arrangements for the three formal sessions of the Board, planning and organizing all informal consultations and briefings, facilitating the meetings of the Bureau of the Board. The Executive Board aims to increase the oversight of UN-Habitat operations by Member States and to strengthen UN-Habitat’s accountability, transparency and effectiveness. This body will ensure greater efficiency in decision-making, help to build trust and attract sufficient, sustainable and predictable funding. Executive Board 2019-2023. The Executive Board consists of 23 members who serve as the Executive Committee. This Board is led by an international president, with the assistance of a first and second vice president, recording secretary, treasurer, director of communications, twelve missionary supervisors each appointed by the Bishop of an Episcopal District, and six departments that form an.

The Executive Board or the Executive Director with advice of the Operations Committee shall as necessary contract with appropriate local governments or other third parties for the use of space for its operations, and for staff and auxiliary services including, but not limited to, records, payroll, accounting, purchasing and data processing.


Executive Board Room

A Principal also may elect to convert to Subscriber status effective January 1 of any year by giving written notice of its intent to the Executive Board no later than July 1 of the preceding year. Aurora r2alienware user support.

Executive Board Meeting

In the event of a vacancy in the Vice-Chair position, the Executive Board shall elect a new Vice-Chair to serve to the balance of the term of the departed Vice-Chair.

The Executive Director may, as he or she deems necessary from time to time, submit to the Executive Board a proposed EPSCA personnel policy for the Executive Board’s approval, rejection or modification; provided that the Executive Director shall first submit any such proposed policies to the Operations Committee for its review and comment.

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