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The Archives of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (ARMFAB) are tasked with conserving, communicating and promoting the use of the institution's historical archives (documents produced or received by the institution in and through the exercise of its functions and activities), as well as a small number of archive funds of organisations or private individuals historically linked to the institution.

In all, the Archives represent just over 600 running metres of archives. The earliest records date from the late 18th century and are slightly pre-date the consular decree of 14 Fructidor IX (the 'Chaptal Decree') creating the Museum of Brussels.

The Archives do not contain:

  • the Museum's working files (the individual documentary files, one per artwork): they are part of the institution’s archives but are located in the conservation departments;
  • publications, with rare exceptions.
Consultation archives
(subject to availability of seats in the reading room)

By appointment only
On Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10:00-12:30 and13:30-16:00


- Portal of the Historical Archives of the RMFAB: archive guide and access to the digitalized archives.
- Inventories (available in situ)


Rue du Musée/Museumstraat, 5 – 1000 Brussels

Closing periods
15.02 – 21.02.2021
05.04 - 18.04 2021
13.05 2020
28.06 – 06.09.2021
01.11 – 07.11 2021
27.12 2021 – 16.01 2022

Aude Alexandre
+32 (0)2 508 33 98

Scope and Content Note

The Kenneth John Bissett Family Collection contains 8 series: Audiovisual, Artwork, Clippings, Correspondence, Framed prints, Memorabilia, Photographs, Printed material, and Writings.

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Audiovisual: consists of the recording of the memorial service held in Ken's honor at Cornell University on February 1, 1989; a DVD of 'Recollections from Cornell' featuring a roommate and a neighbor of Ken's; and a DVD of 'My Lost Son,' a documentary about Ken's birth mother - Carol King Eckersley.

Artwork: is a diverse collection of Ken's drawings, original comic books, paintings and sketches. The majority of the material consists of superhero character sketches, both original and of his favorite Marvel heroes, as well as drafts and final versions of his own comic books and story lines.

Clippings: is made up of two files. The first contains clippings reporting on the National Merit Scholars, an award Ken received. The second file is dedicated to articles relating to the Pan Am Flight 103 disaster.

Correspondence: contains personal cards and letters written by and to Ken as well as sympathy cards and letters to Ken's parents, John and Florence Bissett. Neverwinter nights 2 download buy. The series also consists of correspondence regarding Ken's study abroad.

Memorabilia: consists of graduation tassels, ribbons, a varsity letter patch, and a paper graduation decoration.

Photographs: albums and loose photographs from Ken's infancy to college years are found here. Also included are photographs of memorials in Lockerbie, Scotland.

Printed material: is a diverse series consisting of awards, certificate, diplomas and programs, as well as material from memorials and services.

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Writings: offers extensive insight into Ken's passion for writing. From as early as elementary school through his high school and college years, it was obvious he had a creative talent.

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