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Weaver's Space is a marketplace for premium stacks and themes for RapidWeaver. We are a community that learn, teach, have fun and make great websites. This is a free stack for integrating Pulse CMS into Rapidweaver. Pulse CMS is a premium third-party subscription service. Pulse CMS is a premium third-party subscription service. Pulse CMS costs $97 per year for a single domain, or $297 per year for unlimited sites. We provide Premium themes and stacks for RapidWeaver with stunning designs for the modern web. Our company focuses on simplicity, efficiency, elegant design, and customizability. Upgrade your RapidWeaver site today with Weavium plugins. Exclusively for RapidWeaver users. only free and low-cost stuff Another RapidWeaver blog Yes, it's true: one more blog about our favorite web site building application for MacOS. But this one is a little different. It started back in 2011 as a blog focusing solely on free and low-cost stuff for (producing a web site with) RapidWeaver: themes. Stacks turns RapidWeaver into a professional-grade web development tool. With a community of developers and hundreds of pre-made stacks, you can build anything. Free Download Buy Now Upgrade from Stacks 3 for just $34.95.

SetOpacity Stack

set opacity to solid color backgrounds of theme items

Free Rapidweaver Stacks Tutorial

Although RapidWeaver 7 was a great upgrade, I was really disappointed that it is still not possible to use semi-transparent colors in the theme settings. Opacity is not only a nice touch to the design of your site, it is also imperative when you use page-wide backgrounds (like with my BackgroundImageRotator Stack, Simple Background Image 2 Stack, Simple Background Gradient Stack and Simple Background Repeat Stack).
This stack is an attempt to make it possible to use semitransparent colors in themes that don’t support it. Although it is not perfect, it’s easy to use and works most of the time.
Please visit the demo pages to see this stack in action.

There are two ways to select an item and change its color:
by using its background color as set by the theme (fig. 1)
by using the selector(s) – although I guess that when you know the selectors, you might as well write all the CSS involved :) (fig. 2)

Rapidweaver For Pc

When using the background color as the selector, just set the color as used in the theme settings, and the desired semi-transparent color. The stack will change every element on the page with that background color. If that is not what you want, set a unique background color for the target element in the theme.
Optionally, you can use a note (e.g. which element is targeted with the stack) that only shows in Edit mode. This is especially handy when you have several instances of the stack on your page. Next to the note, an indication of the color is shown (fig. 3).
Need help using it on a non-stacks page? Here’s a tutorial.
Free Rapidweaver Stacks
With Javascript turned off, this stack will not work.
This stack only works on background colors only; not on borders, images, etc.

Free Rapidweaver Stacks App

Please use this form to report all issues, questions and comments.
This stack requires RapidWeaver (version 7 or higher) and the Stacks plugin by YourHead (version 3.5 or higher).

fig. 3: a note and an indication of the color in Edit mode

This stack is free. In the shopping cart, the suggested price is set to zero resulting in a free download.

Do you find this stack useful? A donation will be greatly appreciated!
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