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Game design is impossible. The business has its own pitfalls and benefits attached to it, but those are often marred by the fact that making games is a hard journey. Between all the different designs you’ll have to go through, the people you have to hire, and the art you have to create, creating a title will make you bleed. However, some of the people inside the industry understand this aspect of gaming, and have actually reached out to make the whole process easier on new comers. This little handout comes in the way of game design software. A lot of them are free, but for professionals, buying these programs might be the best choice.

The 2D Design Engines

Game downloads are digital versions of video games. When you buy a game digitally, you download it directly from the internet instead of getting it in a box. Best Buy has a wide assortment of games that can be purchased or pre-ordered digitally. M.Mazhar Zubair (jani) I am a student of BS(IT) Honer. I am Computer Graphics Designer, Web Designer, Hardware and Software Engineer from Lahore, Pakistan.

10. Sploder

This program should be labeled a product for the very novice of game designers and developers. It features a very simple interface that can be used to make shooters and platformers. The custom game, which Sploder creates, always comes out as flash, which is arguably one of the best places to start anyway. It features a drag and drop interface, and your games can also be shared with other Sploder users, making it a community application.

9. RPG Maker XP

Yet another beginner program RPG Maker is well known all around the gaming community as an awesome place to start designing. It features many tropes of those old 16bit RPG games that were in the rage during the early 90’s. Along the way, the program usually holds your hand through the process of creating your world and story, which is also supplemented by countless FAQs and forums discussing the program.

8. Multimedia Fusion 2

For the fledgling designer who has more than a few games under their belt, Multimedia Fusion 2 is the next logical step in design. It contains and intricate system that details a lot of design when it comes to levels, characters, and actions. The design also allows for easy assignment of behaviors to objects, as everything can be done through dragging and a little bit of event planning. Overall, this is a powerful program that any designer should try out in the long run.

7. Construct Classic

Construct Classic shares a lot of the same tropes with easy to use designing software in that it is very easy to use. The classic version of this program boasts the ability to create Direct X titles with the addition of an awesome physics engine, even system, and fully realized pixel shader effects. The program is ideal for creating prototypes, but can also be used to make simple games.

6. Flixel

In terms of 2D game design, Flixel reigns supreme because of one very important fact. A created game with the Flixel engine can be distributed freely, with no need to purchase a license to distribute the said game. It also got one of the most supportive forums as the program is constantly updated with improved collision and even boxes, along with countless 2D objects.

The 3D Design Engines

5. UDK (Unreal Development Kit)

Games By Hamzaall Softwares

The Unreal Engine is an iconic design program, and there are tons of titles that prove the very same. It has been in use for so many years that no one can dispute how powerful it really is. At the same time, it’s a very good intermediate level design program, as it features a full 3D workspace where designs for levels and characters can all be made. Be forewarned though, this is a very professional program, and if you intend to create game, you’ll have to pay $100 plus royalties for each sale.

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4. Blitz Max

For beginners that want to upgrade from 2D to 3D without too many hiccups, Blitz Max is the perfect tool to translate that journey. It features a very fundamental approach to 3D games design, buy at the same time, it doesn’t restrict the user in too many ways. In terms of graphical quality, don’t expect too much out of it as the aesthetics are based on the most fundamental designs.

3. Pygame

One of the reasons why Pygame is on this list is because it deals with the Python programming language. This makes it a very big contender as Python mostly belongs the PS3 format, and is a tricky language to master. However, this program, with the many countless tutorial books makes it easier to grasp every concept required in making games.

2. XNA Games Studio

XNA is the prime language you should pick if you’re really considering getting serious with games design and creation. The design program has countless different titles under its already well established repertoire, and that is still fast growing. However, you also have to be aware that the software is on the technical side of design, as you may see in games Spelunky or Magicka.

1. Unity3D

We can’t all be masters of programming languages, and certainly, not all of us have the ability to create game engines from scratch. This is basically the idea behind Unity 3D, and it upholds that same ideal very well because it takes a very hands-off approach to your design. There are many different tutorials on how you can get started on this engine, so starting now might be beneficial to you.

This is a selected list of freewarevideo games implemented as traditional executable files that must be downloaded and installed. Freeware games are games that are released as freeware and can be downloaded and played, free of charge, for an unlimited amount of time.

This list does not include:

  • Open source games (see List of open-source video games).
  • Games that were previously sold commercially (see List of commercial video games released as freeware).
  • Shareware or Free-to-play games that require purchase for play time, game items, new content or features.
  • Browser games alias browser-based games.
  • Mods: software that cannot be played as stand-alone game.


  • Aleph One is a modified version of the Marathon 2 engine
  • Ahriman's Prophecy is a prequel to the Aveyond RPG series.
  • Alien Swarm is a free top down shooter from Valve used to test the Source 2010 beta.
  • America's Army is the official United States Army game.
  • Anchorhead is a horrorinteractive fiction game.
  • ADOM is a roguelike game (technically postcardware) by Thomas Biskup.
  • Armored Brigade is a freeware tactical wargame, focusing on realism and playability.
  • Assault Cube is a Counter Strike-like first person shooter with low system requirements.
  • Astro battle is a top down multi-directional shooter in which players design their own spacecraft and battle other players on-line.


Games By Hamzaall Softwares For Beginners

  • Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden is a futuristic role-playing video game starring basketballerCharles Barkley.
  • Battleships Forever is a real time tactics game with a ship designer.
  • BMW M3 Challenge is a BMW M3 car racing game.
  • Black Mesa (originally Black Mesa: Source; stylized as BLλCK MESA) is a third-party total remake of Half-Life.
  • BVE Trainsim is a railroad simulator created by Mackoy of Japan.
  • Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars is a fan-madeBroken Sword game.


  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a rogue-likesurvival game.
  • Cave Story is a side-scrollingaction-adventure game.
  • Cellfactor: Revolution is a single-player and multiplayer game that uses the Ageia Physx engine.
  • Championship Manager: Season 01/02 is a footballmanagementvideo game in Sports Interactive's Championship Manager series.
  • Chex Quest is a comedic Doom clone (technically an advergame).
  • Chicken Invaders is a space shooter by InterAction Studios.
  • Chzo Mythos is a set of four separate adventure games: 5 Days a Stranger, 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice by Ben Croshaw.
  • Cloud is a third-person computer puzzle game based on weather and atmospheric aesthetics.
  • Continuum is a top-downmultiplayer video game.


  • Deadly Rooms of Death is a turn-based puzzle game available in two free versions : Architect's Edition and browser-based Flash version.
  • Digital - A Love Story is a computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988.
  • DinoHunters is an advertisement-supported first person shooter and machinima series created by Kuma Reality Games.
  • Dogfights: The Game is a combat flight simulator based on the History Channel series of the same name.
  • Don't Shit Your Pants is a text-based browser game.
  • Dwarf Fortress is a real-time fantasy roguelike (technically donationware).
  • Doki Doki Literature Club! is a visual novel-based game developed by Team Salvato.


  • Eastside Hockey Manager is a hockey manager game.
  • Eternal Daughter is a Castlevania-style action-adventure game.
  • Elona is an Open worldRoguelike game.
  • Elsword is a free-to-play MMORPG.


  • Food Force is a game where the player must deliver food to places in which people are starving.
  • Future Pinball is a pinball simulation editor and game with many tables available.
  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator PC version only.
  • FreeDoom is a FPS game that uses DOOM's open source code to create an entirely new game for free distribution


  • Gate88 is an abstract top-down futuristic real-time strategyspace combat simulator.[1][2]
  • Genetos is a scrolling shooter.
  • General is a strategy game with text interface.
  • GeneRally is an arcade-style top-down racing game.
  • Grid Wars is a Geometry Wars clone.
  • GROW is a series of puzzle games.
  • Gunster is a discontinued multiplayerscrolling shooter.
  • Guns and Robots is a multiplayerThird-person shooter.


  • Hero Core shooter game with Metroidvania elements.


  • I'm O.K – A Murder Simulator is a satirical side-scrolling shooter by Derek Yu.
  • Ib is a horror/puzzle RPG creation game.
  • Icy Tower is a tower-climbing arcade game.
  • Ikachan is an action-adventure game by Studio Pixel.
  • Iji is a platformer by Daniel Remar.
  • IMVU is an online social entertainment game.
  • Inner Worlds is a DOS platformer where you play a woman that turns into a wolf. (Sleepless Software, 1996)[3]
  • I Wanna Be the Guy is a platformer notable for its difficulty.


  • Jump 'n Bump is a multiplayer battle game. (Should be moved to List of open source games).
  • Junkbot [pt] is a Lego-themed puzzle game.


  • Knytt Stories is a 2D exploration platformer with a built in editor by Nicklas Nygren.


  • La-Mulana is a 2D platform game.
  • Lexus ISF Track Time is a Lexus ISF car racing game.
  • Liero is a 2D side-scrolling shooting game for one or two players.
  • Little Fighter is a beat'em up DOS fighting game.
  • Little Fighter 2 is a sequel to Little Fighter released for Windows.
  • Loved is a browser-basedgame released online to various game hosting websites.


  • Maldita Castilla is a platformer arcade action game released in 2012, developed by Locomalito.
  • Magestorm Revival is a team based FPS game recreated by KOD.
  • Mad Father is a RPG Maker game created by Miscreant's Room
  • Moon Whistle is a classic RPG Maker game made by Kannazuki Sasuke.
  • Monster Milktruck is a single-player online game using Google Earth technology.
  • MUGEN is a custom fighting game engine.
  • The Museum of Broken Memories is an adventure game by Jonas Kyratzes.


  • N is a classic platform game with advanced physics.
  • Narbacular Drop is a 3D puzzle game developed by Nuclear Monkey Software. It is the precursor to Valve's Portal.
  • Noctis is a space exploration simulator. (Should be moved to List of open source games).
  • Notrium is a survival game.
  • Nitronic Rush [fr] is a hybrid retro racing game.


  • One Night Trilogy is a series of three freeware survival horror games.
  • Open Rails [hu] free train simulator.
  • osu! is a freeware simulator of the rhythm video games Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents.


Games By Hamzaall Softwares Gratis

  • Perspective is a single player puzzle game that includes aspects of a 2-Dplatformer where the player switches between a 2D and a 3D game environment.
  • Plasma Pong is a Pong game in which the ball is manipulated by a fluid dynamics environment. It is currently in development hell after the website became defunct.
  • Play65 is an online multi-player backgammon game featuring 3D graphics and community modules.
  • Plobb! is a fast single player 2D arcade shooter, and as a multidirectional shooter shares the gameplay of Asteroids. It features a distinctive game design.
  • Progress Quest is a parody of EverQuest and the MMORPG genre, focuses on pure character building with no interaction involved.
  • Project Reality is a standalone modification of tactical first-person shooter Battlefield 2.


  • Ragnarok Battle Offline is a 2D fighting game that is spin off of the MMO Ragnarok Online.
  • The Realms of Loria is a free browser-based multi-player online roleplaying game, set in Loria, a medieval fantasy world.


  • Scorched 3D is a 3D remake of an artillery game Scorched Earth.
  • A Second Face is a sci-fi adventure game.
  • Second Life is a virtual online world, created by its users. Developed by Linden Labs.
  • Seiklus is an ambient single-playeraction-adventure game.
  • SimSig is a train simulation game based on real UK signalling systems.
  • Skifree is a Windows 95 game.
  • Soldat is a 2d, fast-paced, action multi-player shooting game with many different game modes and weapon choices.
  • Space Combat is a 3D space simulator featuring realistic physics.
  • Space Tanks is a 2D/3D gravity game featuring realistic physics.
  • StepMania A rhythm based online capable game.
  • SubSpace is a 2D top-down space shooter game with massive multiplayer capabilities.
  • Super Cosplay War Ultra is a 2D fighting game featuring cosplayers.
  • Synaesthete is a student-created psychedelic rhythm shooter.
  • Synth uses procedural generation for the graphics and level design.
  • Syobon Action is a Japanese game notorious for its difficulty.
  • Solitaire is a card game.


Games by hamzaall softwares free
  • T2002X is a 2D action shooter game. Free remake of Turrican.
  • Tag: The Power of Paint is a 3D first-person action & puzzle game that uses paint to manipulate physics.
  • TAGAP: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins [fi] and its sequel are 2D side-scrolling platform games.
  • TagPro is a browser-based multiplayercapture the flag game.
  • Temporal is a platform game involving time travel based puzzles.
  • The Dark Mod, inspired by the original Thief (series).
  • Tinker, also known as Microsoft Tinker, is a 3D puzzle game for Windows.
  • Trackmania Nations is a 3D racing game specially developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup by Nadeo.
  • Transcendence is a 2D space adventure game featuring extended moddability.
  • TUMIKI Fighters is a 3D scrolling shooter.
  • Toribash is a 3D ragdoll fighting game in which you control every joint of your fighter.


  • Star Control II Ur-Quan Masters, puts you in the position of a space captain

Games By Hamzaall Softwares Download


  • Vanguard Princess is a dōjin2Dfighting game
  • Visual Pinball is a pinball simulation editor and game with many tables available.
  • Vestaria Saga is a tactical role-playing game from the creator of the Fire Emblem series, Shouzou Kaga.


  • Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction is an apocalyptic, first-person shooter.
  • Warning Forever is a vertical shooter.
  • Within a Deep Forest is a 2D physics and exploration game.
  • WolfQuest is a wildlife simulation game.


  • Yume Nikki is an 'exploration' adventure game themed around dreams and nightmares with basic pixel graphics.


  • Zineth is an indie, 3d person, skating game where you must traverse an environment with speed and agility.

Games By Hamzaall Softwares Free

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