Do’s of Customer Service Respond Quickly. Nothing will irk customers more than having to wait a long time for you to answer their e-mail. Make it a priority to respond to all customer inquires within 24 to 48 hours, even is it’s just to say thanks for their question and that a representative will be in touch soon.Customers will appreciate an acknowledgement to their message, and in cases. Look for things you can do without for a while. If you’re a sales professional, don’t buy the boat. Look toward your other customers — Losing the customer you most rely on is bad. Losing several customers because something systemic is wrong with your company and you’re unaware of it is disastrous. Obviously the customer is not happy hearing that you can’t provide what he is asking for. But make sure you carefully listen to him and reply in a professional and polite way. Empathize with your customer You may not able to provide what your customer is looking for.

I started using Facebook years ago to learn the how and why of its appeal. I discovered that there was and is a unique communal opportunity that doesn’t exist with any other media. Fascinated, I joined in and built two distinct groups of “friends,” personal and business.

I’ve occasionally noticed people warning others to watch out for this or that link, which might lead to spam problems, but until recently I had not encountered anything myself. My nephew “posted” a video last week insisting, “You have to watch this!” It was titled “Watch Hot Girls Fight.” Wow. OK. After all, it’s my nephew (not). Like a stupid-as-a-bat Mississippi carp, I chomped on that big piece of bacon fat—hook, line, and sinker.

For the record, I did not watch the video, but by merely clicking on the link, it automatically posted on my Facebook page, for all 412 of my friends to see. AARRGGHH—spammed by some cheesy, slimeball dude hunched over a computer somewhere in a basement apartment in Mumbai or Albuquerque.

I get a lot of very interesting information and perspective from my Facebook friends, a group of very intelligent, influential, and thoughtful people. And today I unknowingly sent them a ridiculous video called “Watch Hot Girls Fight.”

If I may call you Mark, Mr. Zuckerberg, sir, you have more resources available to you than the Republic of Germany. But for being a $100 billion dollar company, you’re acting like a cheap-ass 1-800 direct-response company selling ab builders or Veg-O-Matics. Maybe because you’re still just a punk kid, under that hoodie you may not have a clue how to take good care of your “customers.” I consider myself a customer even though I don’t pay you anything, but I assume you want me there in order to sell me something at some point, right?


Look, I’m just a third-rate blogger out here in fly-over country, so that doesn’t give me much leverage with you. But, I have no interest in running the risk of insulting my friends and colleagues, embarrassing myself, just because you can’t figure out how to protect my identity on your social playground.

Look, I know you’re having trouble with the Winklevoss twins and Mr. Ceglia over whose idea Facebook really was. Frankly, I don’t care. I just want to feel safe on whoever’s site it is.

Barring that, I may go find some monkey bars in another neighborhood.

There is a saying: ‘The CUSTOMER is always RIGHT’ or ‘You should never say NO to a customer.’

But there are times, or situations when the customer is not right and you have to say ‘NO’ to them. For example the customer is asking for a specific product and it’s out of stock that time, or maybe he is demanding something unreasonable.

So how to say ‘NO’ to customers?

Though the customers always love to hear ‘YES’ but when you have to say no, there are some smart ways to follow if you want to preserve your healthy relationship with them and your company reputation.

Use a phrase of regret like: “I am very sorry” and then explain why you can’t do that for the customer and offer better ways to solve the issue. Explain what else can be done for him/her. Use words like, “Sorry, we don’t have that product right now, but here’s what we can do for you…”

How To Loose A Customer—even If You Don't Care For A

By explaining your limitations and focusing on what best you can do, your customer may accept your apologies without getting angry or upset. Here are the best 7 ways to keep in mind for those situations when you will not be able to deliver your customers what they actually want and have to say ‘NO’.

1. Set clear customer expectations

It’s one of the best ways to rarely say no to your customers. Make sure that they know about your capabilities, also your team needs to know the limitations of your products and services. So they will not make any promise to the customers, which can’t be fulfilled and the customers also will not have false expectations.

2.Be very careful about what you are saying

A simple, ‘No, we can’t help you’ are not the words you should say to your customer. You have to be very polite and maintain a positive tone while explaining your limitations. If it is appropriate, then there is obviously a hope that the customer will return to you in the future.

3. Listen what your customer has to say

Obviously the customer is not happy hearing that you can’t provide what he is asking for. But make sure you carefully listen to him and reply in a professional and polite way.

4. Empathize with your customer

You may not able to provide what your customer is looking for but make him understand that you still care.

For example, if he is searching for any specific product which is currently out of stock, you can say, “We are very sorry. Please give us your contact number. We will notify you once it’s available.”

How To Loose A Customer—even If You Don't Care Like

5. Suggest another way outs

It’s true that you have some limitations because of which you can’t help that customer, but you can obviously offer some other way outs. If you and your customer are both stuck in a situation, start asking more questions to suggest other options.

6. Make the customer understand your situation

How To Loose A Customer—even If You Don

Let your customers know about your company, its offerings and limitations. Then only they will understand why you are not able to help them. If they understand your limitations, they will never feel bad or insulted, may come back to you for business.

How To Loose A Customer—even If You Don't Care For You

7. Ask for customer feedback

How To Loose A Customer—even If You Don't Care Meme

Asking feedback from a customer who is already not happy might seem a bit idiotic, but trust me, it’s one of the best ways to improve the product offerings as well as the quality of your customer support. If you simply ask them, “What improvements you need from our services”, you will definitely get some valid and useful feedback. On the other hand, your customer also will understand that you really care about them and about further improvements.

Saying no does not mean that you are going to lose that customer. There are ways to make him feel that he is still important for you, though you could not help him for a specific reason. That’s the most important thing for an individual- to feel valuable regardless of what you could or could not do for him.

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