How To Make A Naver Account For Foreigners. How To Make A Naver Account For Foreigners.

If you want your account picture to have more of a personal touch and reflect you, you can change your picture in Windows 10.

Change your account picture

You can change the picture for either a local account or a Microsoft account. Here's how.

Tip: If you use just a username and password to sign in to Windows 10, you’re using a local account. If you use an email address and password to sign in, you’re using a Microsoft account.

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  2. Here is a guide on how to create a Naver account. Having a Naver account is very important in streaming for Naver Music, trending keywords in Naver, and helping in bringing Naver videos or articles up in trends or charts.
  3. (I only have experience with the Naver Map app for iPhone and it’s similar with the app for Android but I’m not sure if the web-based app is the same. I apologize in advance that this post may turn out to be a mess with all the explanations on and off pictures;; ) First of course you want to install the app and add in Korean keyboard.
  1. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Accounts > Your info.

  2. Under Create your picture, select Browse for one. Or, if your device has a camera, select Camera and take a selfie.

Note: Windows remembers the last three pictures you’ve used. Select the picture on the Your info page to switch to that one.

Change your Microsoft account picture in Windows 10

  1. Sign in to the Your info page with your Microsoft account.

  2. Select Add picture or Change picture, then follow the instructions.

Note: Windows remembers the last three pictures you’ve used, so you can easily switch back to a recent favorite.

Delete an account picture

Windows is designed to let you switch between your three most recent pictures on the Your info page. If you really need to delete one of your account pictures:

  1. Open File explorer from the taskbar. If you don’t see File explorer on the taskbar, select Start , and type File explorer.

    • Go to C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsAccountPictures.

    • Replace yourname with your account name.

  2. If you’re unable to find the AppData folder in File Explorer , it might be hidden. Select the View setting and select the checkbox next to Hidden Items to show all items in a folder.

  3. Delete the account picture you no longer want to use.


Associating a picture with your Windows 10 account is just one way to personalize your computer, but it also serves as a way to easily differentiate between accounts. If you want to be a little different, you don’t need to stick with a dull static image on the login screen -- it is possible to use a video instead.

You can use your webcam and Windows 10's built in camera app to record a short clip and use it in place of your regular account image on the login screen. It might not serve any real purpose, but it's pretty cool. Here’s what you need to do.

Open up Settings and head to Accounts. In the Your account section, click the Camera link beneath the Create your picture heading. In the camera window that pops up, switch to video mode by clicking the video camera icon to the right. Click the button again to start recording, and for a third time to stop.

Play back your recording to ensure that you're happy with it, clicking Retake if you'd like to start over. You can move the start and end points of the video to trim away unwanted sections, and then click OK when you're happy with the results.

That's all there is to it!

Your video will only appear on the login screen -- your user image in the start menu is a still from the video rather than an animated version.

Create Naver Account

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