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No.CodeName note Price
180C036681 Throttle valve (50)0.00
180D036681 Throttle valve (45)R0.00
280T036683 Needle (X3)0.00
38G0049525 Fuel nozzle (BN 266)R0.00
38B0049525 Fuel nozzle (BN 264)0.00
480G012041 Main jet (125)R0.00
480A012041 Main jet (110)0.00
68B0087148 Idle jet (60)10.81
780F012032 Starting jet (65)0.00
8800030794 Needle valve (300)0.00
980C035357 Float (g 9,5)0.00
1080B063846 Emulsifier0.00
11800051986 Screw0.00
12800051987 Nut0.00
13800032854 Starting device32.66
14800023981 Screw1.04
15800036685 Throttle valve cover0.00
16800087150 Spray nozzle0.00
17800032855 Screw0.12
18800050472 Spring0.00
19800023985 Washer0.00
20800057401 Pipe0.00
23800036687 Union0.00
26800064168 Chamber15.07
27800090682 Spring0.00
28800036682 Plate0.00
29800035353 Retainer1.50
31800012045 Fuel filter0.00
32800044059 Pipette0.00
34800012048 Screw0.00
38800012033 Screw0.00
40800023983 Washer0.69
41800012030 Spring0.58
42800012029 Screw0.00
44800012037 Pin3.57
46800049531 Plug13.80
47800064170 Gasket set0.00
488B0055507 Pipe0.00
488D0055507 Pipe0.00
49800058660 Cap0.00
50800052078 Pipe0.00
51800094657 Carburetor assy0.00
52800057413 Knob2.19
No.CodeName reference Price
18000B0789 THROTTLE VALVE 5580.85
28A0035371 NEEDLE JET D488.86
38000B0790 JET, NEEDLE HN26815.99
48000B0791 IDLE EMULSION JET U3828.18
580R012041 JET, MAIN 165POTENZA PIENA7.25
5800012041 JET, MAIN, 14210.35
680A012032 JET, STARTER 607.36
7800033109 Needle valve (300)25.99
880B035357 FLOAT 6.5 G29.79
98000B0792 TUBE0.00
108000H7075 PLUG186.42
128000B0795 CUP5.98
138000B0796 NIPPLE SPOKE13.11
148000B0797 WASHER, PLAIN1.61
15800035353 Retainer1.50
168000B0798 HOLDER LEVER TPS3.91
178000B0799 SCREW, PILOT0.00
188000B0800 SCREW, THROTTLE VALVE21.28
198000B0801 PLUNGER STARTER19.78
208000B0802 JOINT5.75
22800071741 FLOAT CHAMBER17.14
23800032867 PIN, FLOAT2.07
25800049531 Plug13.80
288000B0805 HOSE 405 MM3.68
298000B0806 HOSE 260 MM2.30
318000B0807 SPRING1.61
338000A8717 CARBURETOR323.50
348000b0642 KIT RACING0.00

Husqvarna 125 Wre Float A Needle Kit

AISEN Carburetor for Husqvarna 125BT Back Pack Blower with TJ027D-BC55 Engine Carb Air Filter Fuel Line Tune-up Kit. 4.1 out of 5 stars 25. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 6. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing a float needle on Honda small engines. The most common reason for replacing a needle is if it is. Motorcycle Husqvarna WRE 125 2011 Workshop Manual (244 pages) Motorcycle Husqvarna 2004 WR 125 Owner's Manual. Emptying The Carburetor Float Chamber. 5 Needle position from top The five possible needle positions are shown here. 0 0 1 The carburetor tuning depends on the defined ambient and operating conditions. 0 0 2 0 0 3 0 0 4 0 0 5. Your source for OEM Husqvarna Motorcycle parts! We have the biggest stock in the world! You name it, we got it! Your source for OEM Husqvarna Motorcycle parts! Catalog; 2009 SMS-WRE 125 CARBURETOR Welcome visitor Login to your account / Create account 0.00 0. NEEDLE JET D48: €8.86: Add to basket; 8000B0790: JET, NEEDLE HN268. 1/4 - 3/4 = AS, PJ, Needle and main. Go back to #3 on the needle. Go up one size on the main and PJ. Start with AS @ 1.25 turns. If you drop the clip past #3, go to a richer needle and start over. Them last two slots are for 'emergencies' only. Most needles have a ton of richer/leaner cousins in very fine steps. Start by verifying your PJ.

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