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During home improvement projects in today’s world, when visits to websites far outpace visits to the hardware store, homeowners and renters are looking for inspiration and guidance online – while also keeping an eye out for products that can make their lives less complicated and their spaces more stylish and functional.

If you’re an interior design firm or a retailer, you have to get your own house in order before helping customers tackle their plans.

Just as we scramble to ready our guest room for that visit from the in-laws, you want to to make sure everything’s in place when weekend warriors storm your site with traffic generated from search queries about window treatments and area rugs, let alone when architects, contractors, property managers, business execs, and the super-rich staging their mansions in preparation to list them on the market come looking for partners.

Russian village attacked by 400 wolvesjosh's pancakes. Your content – the ideas, advice, and observations you can give away – will work shoulder to shoulder with the product or service you’re selling.

Everybody in your profession has testimonials, portfolios, and beautiful photography, with good reason: They’re important elements of your website. But not everybody has original content. And there’s no good reason for this, because blogs generate business. People looking for help will find you, and once you’ve established yourself as an authority, you will convert them into customers.

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10 Interior Design Blog Ideas

So, here’s our big reveal: 10 interior design blog ideas to get your efforts off of the ground. Many of these can be refreshed time and time again as trends emerge and tastes evolve. Our keywords for search engine optimization are in red. Hey, you make home improvement projects easier for people like us, so we want to make improving your website easier for people like you.

Give us a good one we might have forgotten in the comments, and give us a call for hundreds more, ’cause we just can’t stop researching this stuff!

1. Roll Out Some Advice and See What Sticks

Title Idea:Wallpapering Tips for the Adventurous Homeowner

Suggested Call to Action: “Four walls, limitless possibilities: Let us help you narrow them down.”

Farrow & Ball doesn’t just have cool wallpaper – they have cool ways to use the wallpaper, along with other practical examples that show their products in action.

2. When Pink and Blue Are Too Boring

Title Idea:Unique Girl Nursery Ideas for New Parents

Suggested Call to Action: “Your baby will be one of a kind – her room should be, too. We have some ideas to get you started.”

The Land of Nod sells baby-related products and their blog features the best and boldest new product designers for specific segments of design needs, including Lay Baby Lay. They use different products from their online store to create baby room themes and inspire blog visitors to buy those products. Finding niche customers – like justifiably neurotic expecting parents, for instance – can go a long way in generating business through your blog.

3. If You Can’t Grow It, Don’t Show It

Title Idea: The Best Plants for Office Sprucing

Suggested Call to Action: “Plants provide aesthetics and oxygen – both important. Here’s how to pick the right ones for the workplace.”

Intelligent Interiors is a high end furniture dealer and lives up to its name with a smart, well-designed, super-impressive blog that’s content rich with ideas for decorating your home with their furniture (and beyond). When you achieve that, you don’t have to sellsellsell with every post. You can provide peripheral – but still relevant and useful – pointers on things like office plants.

4. Give Them a Place to Call Their Own

Title Idea:How to Make a Man Cave That Makes You Feel at Home

Suggested Call to Action: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but you don’t have to go far away to get some space. Check out these thoughts on building your clubhouse.”

Man caves might be passé for some, but this item on the list applies to all extra and multipurpose rooms: People appreciate a little guidance – and guidelines – when taking on a big project. Companies like California Closets do a great job of complementing their product with strong content that inspires a visitor to purchase their products.

5. Be Transparent With Educational How-To’s

Title Idea: 10 Contemporary Window Treatments That Won’t Be a Pain

Suggested Call to Action: “Do your window treatments need a new look? Let’s see what we can do with these 10 suggestions.”

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Share your knowledge! Customers want to know they’re hiring an expert, and that your general tastes align. Designing Home does just that with posts like this one, on a topic that generates a ton of interest among homeowners and renters year-round. Also a good example of evergreen content that can be continually updated.

6. Go On Campus to Help Students Stretch a Dollar

Title Idea: Freshman Orientation: Dorm Room Design Solutions

Suggested Call to Action: “College is expensive enough, but designing your dorm room doesn’t have to be with these new items.”

As you probably know, IKEA sells trendy, modern furniture. With contributions from customers, IKEA’s Share Space is a lot more accessible than their at times byzantine website and stores, and it drills down to practical topics like this one. Want to sell more dorm-based products? Blog about dorm styles and use your products in them!

7. Provide Some Cautionary Tales

Title Idea: 5 Interior Design Mistakes to Learn From

Suggested Call to Action: “Before you get started on your next home improvement project, here are lessons from ones that didn’t go so well. Give us a call if you’d like a little more help.”

I don’t know about you, but when an accomplished and decorated interior designer like Pepe Calderin shares some “don’ts,” I pay attention. Customers like to know that a pro is looking out for them, not preying on their inexperience.

8. Tie Together Trends and Products

Title Idea:Modern Dining Room Lighting: Your Latest Options

Suggested Call to Action: “Family dinners, meetings, and science project prep all take place in the dining room. We’re sharing some ways to keep it bright but still stylish.”

The Pottery Barn’s timeless appeal sustains itself by deftly blending inventory with the latest fashion, which they highlight in their blog. Your product sets the tone, but your content can amplify it.

9. Help Them Look Cool in Front of Company

Title Idea:Displaying Collections With Style and Restraint

Suggested Call to Action: “Antique tea service, yes; Precious Moments figurines, no: How to show off your stuff without being too stuffy.”

Urban Elements Interior Space converts visitors into customers by supplying decorating primers like this one, full of humor and sage wisdom.

10. Inspire Them … to Spend Some Money

Title Idea: Quick and Simple Home Accent Ideas to Update Your Space

Suggested Call to Action: “A throw pillow, a painting, or a few pieces of hardware can make a room feel new again: Try these and be sure to send us your pics!”

We’re big fans of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., who skillfully mix product and promotion on their blog. They use their wide inventory of products to create actionable design tips for those looking to spruce up different rooms.

These interior design blog ideas could help start a renaissance for your company’s website, and reshape your business outlook in the years to come. Content can help you identify potential clients, while at the same time helping convince them to hire you.

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If that sounds like hyperbole, keep in mind that BuzzFarmers clients get 70% or more of their leads through their blogs, and that 97% of our clients have acquired a new client or customer through their blog in the first month of producing content! Our clients increase leads through their blog by 1,900% on average, as opposed to before they began blogging.

Put these ideas to the test, and let us know if you need a hand in the future!

There were many people expecting and believing that the north west derby will be exciting and at least involve a goal . however, it turned out to be disappointing and goalless for both sides .

This draw showed that the winner of it is manchester city as they have games in hand to top the title race , so what did we learn from this game ?

On to number 1

1- Luke Shaw was outstanding :

Luke Shaw was awful in the past as he was making too many mistakes, was losing the ball too easily, was getting ripped apart by the opponents,etc…. . he was involved in a 6-1 humiliation against Tottenham hotspur. This led to him getting trolled by the media and rivals. This also led to the man united fans booing him, getting bored of his performance, and wanting to see him sold by the management and shown the exit door.

However, it seems that he got a bit of trust back from the fans due to his impressive performance in this game as he was winning duels, was forcing the opponent attackers to foul him, was causing threat to the opponent’s defence, etc… . he highly contributed in making mo salah disappear. This led to him getting praised by the media and neutrals. This also led to the club fans admitting that they can’t believe they are applauding him.

Lastly, him being chosen as one of the best players in both sides, him having speculations of being capable to be the club main left back in the future by the media, and him performing above expected shows that he was outstanding in this game .

luke shaw stats in this game:

On to number 2

2- liverpool’s goal scoring rate has decreased in the premier league:

There were many people expecting and predicting that liverpool will fly alone and repeat last season’s run after beating and humiliating crystal palace 7-0 despite not having virgil van dijk who is still injured as it seemed that mentality and determination will make them overcome all of their injuries, and it seemed that their rivals and competitors will crumble and lose points.

However, what’s happening is the opposite of it as the reds are suffering and crumbling, the rivals and competitors are improving and getting nearer in the title race, etc…. . they are losing 3 points against teams like west bromwich albion, Newcastle united, etc… . they lost 1-0 against southampton. It seems that mentality and determination is not able to make them overcome all of their injuries .

Lastly, roberto firmino being selfish when he should have passed the ball to andrew robertson who was left unmarked in one of the scenes, mo salah not performing, and jurgen klopp start complaining shows that the team’s goal scoring rate has decreased in the previous games in the premier league.

On to number 3

3- Alisson has a bigger impact than van dijk:

Liverpool were uncomfortable and affected in a negative way when Alisson Becker was injured as they got humiliated 8-2 by Aston villa which has been the heaviest defeat they tasted in a while. They also got knocked out by atletico madrid in the uefa champions league knockout stage last season . This is all due to Adrian putting teammates in danger and making unforgivable errors.

However, they feel comfortable and in safe hands when the brazilian goalkeeper is playing in the pitch as he is amazing in distribution, footwork, and timing. He also can control the rhythm of the team’s style by either playing it quick or slowing it down. This is making him able to read the game and the movements of the opponent’s players. Him making impressive saves in the last minutes of this game and saving his team from defeat especially Paul pogba’s shot is a perfect example of this .

Lastly, him keeping a clean sheet in this game with Jordan Henderson and Fabinho who are not real centre backs,and keeping the team in the title race despite all the struggles of teammates shows that he has a bigger impact than virgil van dijk .

On to number 4

4- Solskjaer planned the game well:

Liverpool were looking more dangerous in the first half as they were creating too many chances and shooting too many times. It seemed that they would more likely score a goal as man united were looking scared and just wanting to keep hold of the first ranking spot. This led to the rivals stating that the opponent were unlucky not to concede a goal especially in the last minute of this half where the referee blew the whistle in the moment of a real chance for the home side.

However, it turned out that ole gunnar solskjaer setted up the team this way as the likes of harry maguire, victor lindelof, and luke shaw have taken it to their advantage and strength in order to produce one of their best performances. The england centre back international protected the backline, covered set pieces and stopped the threat of roberto firmino. The swedish centre back international stayed stable defensively and blocked shots. The left back made mo salah non threatening .

Lastly, him making Jurgen klopp claim that the red devils have been the most difficult side to break defensively, making his team almost nicking the win and 3 points in the last minutes of the second half shows that the norwegian manager planned this game well.

Inter 2021 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Sample

jurgen klopp quote in this game :

Inter 2021 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Example

“The worst thing you can face in football is to play against a side with world-class players and they all defend with all they have. It is really difficult, it is the biggest challenge”

On to number 5

5- Liverpool must buy a centre back in this transfer window :

Liverpool were flying, hard to beat, and unpredictable last season as they were having strong squad depth, many options the manager can choose on in terms of set ups, tactics, formations, style, etc…. . their fitness was phenomenal . The players were running non stop, interacting with each other, and forming strong bonds & chemistry as a collective unit. This led to them going on an unbelievable streak, achieving & breaking records, and doing comebacks.

Inter 2021 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Free

However, the injuries are hitting them too bad so far as they are crumbling, easy to handle, and predictable. They are having weak squad depth, no options the manager can rely on in terms of set ups, tactics, formation, style,etc…. but instead are forced to play midfielders as emergency centre backs . their fitness is worrying. The players are mentally tired, losing form,etc…. . This is leading them to lose points and find themselves in danger of losing the title race or even top 4 .

Lastly, the injury of three main centre backs called joe gomez, virgil van dijk , and joel matip, the urgency of playing fabinho and jordan henderson instead as emergency solutions shows that the reds must buy a player of this position in this transfer window .

liverpool’s centre backs injury :

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