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Palma’a highly popular Es Gremi Musical Centre has suspended all events and concerts indefinitely from Monday, because of the new coronavirus restrictions.

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It’s one of the biggest privately owned music centres in Europe and has more than 5,000 m2 of space dedicated to music and musicians with rehearsal rooms, classrooms for hire, two concert halls, and a restaurant.

Its 78 rehearsal rooms are used by hundreds of local, national and international musicians and brand new XLS venues offer bands space and privacy to nail down all the notes for their new album or tour.

Room 1 is where all the heavyweight bands play.

Room 2 is where you can eat dinner and watch a concert at the same time.

Mallorca 2021 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog -

Room 3 is new and was designed in such a way that it can be adapted for a concert, a crowded electronic party, a company dinner or a chess championship.

All of the rooms have a stage, equipment, lights, bar facilities for events and concerts and capacity for 3,000 people.

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Es Gremi has tried its very best to keep going, but in the end the severity of the coronavirus restrictions have forced the cancellation of all events and concerts for the foreseeable future.

“We have been scheduling concerts from Monday to Saturday since the lockdown was lifted and we’ve tried to fight and accept losses to keep our comrades out of ERTE and continue to offer culture to the public, but each time they take away a little more, it turns out to be a lot,” said Bauzá, who revealed that Es Gremi’s losses for 2020 amount to 350,000 euros.

“We have had to reinvent ourselves every two weeks, but we can’t do that any longer, we’ve been forced cut back Es Gremi to a Training Centre and Rehearsal Rooms,” said Administrator Pepe Bauzá.

Mallorca 2021 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog Archive

I am quite scared of this situation because it’s not improvingand the restrictions are getting worse,” he adds. “As a manager of a company, I am the father of the family and I have to stop this and take unpopular measures for the good of Es Gremi and the good of all. The continuous changes of restrictions, more and more severe each time, are brutal and cause emotional and mental wear and tear.”

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Es Gremi’s schedule will go ahead as planned this weekend with a concert by Bad Shades on Saturday at 18:00 and a presentation by artists from Mad Nation Agency featuring Laila Vilches and Ramiro, with contributions by Lionpol, Teaser, JLJG, Syka and C.Eme on Sunday at 18:00 and 20:00.

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