SONIC VS MARIO Sonic vs Mario is one of the adventures of Mario Game. When you play this game, you have to help your Sonic to come back to his homeland. Sonic lost in Mario land then he has to collect the yellow coins to pass the level. Inspired by the 2020 Summer Olympics, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 is a sports video game crossover between Nintendo’s Super Mario and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchises. This is the sixth title in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series and each game is officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee.

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Mario vs sonic games wii

Mario Vs Sonic Games 2 Player

This is rather pointless, and is a tiny bit more gory than the usual Sonic the Hedgehog and Super
Mario experience, but it is fairly amusing to see the two former rivals fight it out never-the-less -
plus you actually get to choose who wins. There is one mild swear-word contained in the movie
for comic effect, but otherwise it is family-friendly.
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Mario Vs Sonic Games 2 Players

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