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A few weeks ago I purchased a mini barn kit from Sinny's Mini Art. I first saw this site shared on Anne Field's blog, and knew I had to have it. The barn is a tiny knock off of Breyer's deluxe stable, in 1:144 scale. This is dollhouse scale in dollhouse scale. 😄 There were Continue reading A Tiny Barn. The cost of the stable slots is as follows: 5 for the first, 5 for the second, 50 for the third, and 150 for the fourth. Just click and drag your current pet's icon to any stable slot on the right to stable it. If another pet is in that stable slot, that will now become your active pet. Add photoThe Star Stable Guideconsists of six different pages containing facts about the game and can be found in My Stable on the web.The player can reach the Star Stable Guide by clicking on the yellow exclamation mark. 1 Pages 1.1 Page One: A World Of Horses 1.2 Page Two: Getting Help 1.3 Page Three: Controls 1.4 Page Four: Jorvik 1.5 Page Five: Factions 1.6 Page Six: Subscribe today. Install Opera Browser on Linux Mint 19. Opera is one of the oldest and stable web browser available today. Opera is built on WebKit Engine so you can also install Google Chrome extensions on this browser.

Electron 11.2.02021-01-13T00:36:38Z()


  • Made win.setAspectRatio() work on Windows. #27203(Also in 12)


  • Fixed a crash that could occur on app quit when using the remote module. #27069(Also in 12)
  • Fixed an issue where BrowserViews couldn't be effectively reparented. #27219(Also in 12)
  • Fixed an issue where non-draggable regions on BrowserViews could have incorrectly calculated bounds. #27183(Also in 10, 12)
  • Fixed an issue where some draggable regions were not clickable when loaded into BrowserViews on Windows. #27178(Also in 10, 12)
  • Fixed the pretty-print JavaScript feature in DevTools not functioning correctly. #27102

Other Changes

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  • Updated Chromium to 87.0.4280.141. #27213


  • Fixed chrome.webRequest extensions API not intercepting any requests. #27096(Also in 10, 12)

Electron 11.1.12020-12-21T21:07:16Z()


  • Fixed protocol methods not being accessible via remote.protocol. #27044(Also in 12)
  • Fixed readdir/readdirSync (w/ withFileTypes) failing on a deep directory within archive. #27010(Also in 12)
  • Fixed a memory leak in desktopCapturer.getSources. #27056(Also in 10, 12)
  • Fixed an issue where SIGINT was improperly handled in Node.js processes. #26972(Also in 10, 12)
  • Fixed an issue where renderer process stack traces were broken with contextIsolation enabled. #26997(Also in 12)
  • Fixed an issue where some async_hooks were not properly emitted after an error in the renderer process. #26991(Also in 12)
  • Fixed an issue whereby remote.screenEventEmitter methods are undefined in the renderer. #26989(Also in 12)

Electron 11.1.02020-12-12T01:31:55Z()


  • Added Electron DLLs like libGLESv2.dll to symbol server. #26965(Also in 9, 10, 12)
  • Fixed an issue that a message box in GTK contains no buttons. #26916(Also in 10, 12)
  • Fixed an issue where event.reply could sometimes not deliver a reply to an IPC message when cross-site iframes were present. #26926(Also in 9, 10, 12)
  • Fixed an occasional crash on Windows related to NativeViewHost::SetParentAccessible. #26951(Also in 9, 10, 12)

Electron 11.0.52020-12-11T18:57:59Z()


  • Fixed 'screen' methods to be reassignable again. #26873(Also in 12)
  • Fixed systemPreferences.effectiveAppearance returning systemPreferences.getAppLevelAppearance(). #26878(Also in 9, 10, 12)
  • Fixed callbacks passed via the remote module not being released after all references are dropped. #26836(Also in 12)
  • Fixed uncaught promise rejection when creating webContents with javascript disabled. #26870(Also in 10, 12)

Other Changes

  • Updated Chromium to 87.0.4280.88. #26817

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Electron 11.0.42020-12-07T22:07:22Z()


  • Added default Bluetooth permission strings to info.plist. #26768(Also in 12)
  • Fixed an issue where IsMaximized would incorrectly return false for some windows on Windows. #26780(Also in 12)
  • Fixed an issue where draggable regions did not work exclusively on BrowserViews on Windows. #26774(Also in 12)
  • Fixed an issue where draggable regions in BrowserWindow causes BrowserView to become draggable in non-correspondent places. #26754(Also in 10, 12)
  • Fixed import of unpacked node modules. #26751(Also in 12)

This example shows how to design a PID controller for the plant given by:

As a first pass, create a model of the plant and design a simple PI controller for it.

C_pi is a pid controller object that represents a PI controller. The fields of info show that the tuning algorithm chooses an open-loop crossover frequency of about 0.52 rad/s.

Examine the closed-loop step response (reference tracking) of the controlled system.

To improve the response time, you can set a higher target crossover frequency than the result that pidtune automatically selects, 0.52. Increase the crossover frequency to 1.0.

The new controller achieves the higher crossover frequency, but at the cost of a reduced phase margin.

Compare the closed-loop step response with the two controllers.

This reduction in performance results because the PI controller does not have enough degrees of freedom to achieve a good phase margin at a crossover frequency of 1.0 rad/s. Adding a derivative action improves the response.

Design a PIDF controller for Gc with the target crossover frequency of 1.0 rad/s.

The fields of info show that the derivative action in the controller allows the tuning algorithm to design a more aggressive controller that achieves the target crossover frequency with a good phase margin.

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Compare the closed-loop step response and disturbance rejection for the fast PI and PIDF controllers.

You can compare the input (load) disturbance rejection of the controlled system with the fast PI and PIDF controllers. The perfect storm movie. To do so, plot the response of the closed-loop transfer function from the plant input to the plant output.

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This plot shows that the PIDF controller also provides faster disturbance rejection.

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