Applied Mathematics. Mathematics has wide applications in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and most of the other sciences. The major discoveries and inventions have Mathematics at their heart. And it is widely used in both Information Technology and Communication. These owe their very existence to Mathematics. Welcome to Math 6! Welcome to a new school year at Colonial Hills Elementary! I am very excited to have each and everyone of you joining me this year. Blaschke: Math 8 and Science 6. Science 6 Math 8 Shady Creek Outdoor School About Mr. Click HERE for Mr. Applied Mathematics. Mathematics has wide applications in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and most of the other sciences. The major discoveries and inventions have Mathematics at their heart. And it is widely used in both Information Technology and Communication. These owe their very existence to Mathematics. Each week a 10 question Aleks assignment will be due by the following Monday. Students MUST show work in their math notebook or no credit will be given for the assignment. Students may use online resources, notes to help them if needed. They may RETAKE each assignment to correct any wrong problems for full credit.

Welcome to Math Class

A Collection of Marilyn’s Favorite Lessons, Grades K-6

Welcome to Math Class features 16 favorite lessons from Marilyn Burns, one of the most highly respected mathematics educators. In this specially compiled collection, Marilyn shares lessons that have weathered the test of time and become permanent parts of her teaching repertoire.

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The Lessons

Presented as stories, Marilyn’s signature vignettes describe classroom-tested lessons and reveal both the preparing and planning helpful for instruction, as well as:

  • address a broad range of math content, some focusing on number and operations while others engaging students with geometry, algebraic thinking, probability, and more;
  • provide a detailed look at how lessons unfolded in actual classrooms, including how students responded and examples of students’ written work;
  • are presented in sections to make it easier for you to translate them into your own teaching plans; and
  • describe how to organize instruction to maximize students’ opportunities to verbalize and clarify their ideas and also listen to and learn from each other.

The Audio Segments

Included with the lessons is online access to nine audio segments titled “Conversations with Marilyn.” In each segment, Marilyn, joined by longtime Math Solutions colleague Patty Clark, talks about teaching math. The conversations focus on topics that range from “What Makes a Good Problem?” to “The Meaning of Math Menus.” Consider them your personal conversations, meant to support you further as you plan to use the lessons with your students.

The Reproducibles

When appropriate, lessons include accompanying reproducibles, available in a down­loadable, printable format. For access to the audio segments and reproducibles, visit and use the key code WTMC to register.

Marilyn’s Blog

Also in the book are references to biogs Marilyn has written that are relevant to particular lessons. These biogs and others can be read at You can also connect with Marilyn on Twitter at @mburnsmath.

Marilyn’s Math Chats

Hear behind-the-scenes stories from Marilyn on the inspiration for Welcome to Math Class.

Audio Sneak Peeks:

Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

Welcome to Math Class Audio Sneak Peek Chapter 4: “Counting Pockets, Beans, and More”

Chapter 3 Sneak Peek

Welcome to Math Class Audio Sneak Peek Chapter 3: “The Consecutive Sums Problem” (Part 1)

Welcome to Math Class Audio Sneak Peek Chapter 3: “The Consecutive Sums Problem” (Part 2)


Welcome to Math Class Conversation 2: Marilyn’s Math Story

Welcome to Math Class Conversation 9: Why Play Games in Math Class?

Praise for Welcome to Math Class

“For decades, Marilyn Burns has been inspiring teachers and anyone who cares about mathematics teaching and learning. Every time we see or hear Marilyn’s words, we are encouraged to take one more step toward excellence and move ever closer to helping every student become empowered as a mathematical thinker. Marilyn is truly a national treasure, and this collection is yet another wonderful gift from Marilyn to all of us.”

Cathy Seeley

NCTM Past President and author of Faster Isn’t Smarter and Smarter Than We Think

“Having Marilyn’s voice in my ear brings new life and insights to lessons I’ve taught countless times—one of my favorites being Consecutive Sums. Congratulations Marilyn—you continue to be my guiding light through the wonderful world of learning, teaching, and mathematics.”

Brenda Mercado

Early childhood teacher in Tucson, Arizona, and coauthor of Teaching Preschool and Kindergarten Math

“I have loved Marilyn Burns’s work since the moment I started teaching. A favorite of mine has been The Border Problem. I have used it with many levels of students with such rich results. In the past few years, I have used the problem with teachers. It always ends with a rich discussion around the surprise that the lesson began with something simple like a grid and then turned into algebra!”

Amy Hurley

Kindergarten teacher, Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico

“I have used each and every one of the lessons in Welcome to Math Class in my own practice, either as a classroom teacher or as a teacher educator. My career as a math teacher—and math teacher educator—would not be the same without Marilyn Burns and Math Solutions.”

Julie McNamara

Author of Beyond Invert & Multiply and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, California State University, Hayward, California

“Marilyn Burns believes in the power of story, and she dug deeply into her collection of math lessons to choose her favorite for Welcome to Math Class. They are indeed the best of the best.”

Susan Ohanian


Author of Garbage Pizza, Patchwork Quilts, and Math Magic: Stories about Teachers Who Love to Teach and Children Who Love to Learn

“Marilyn Burns is the master of finding simple yet challenging situations for children to investigate. From Billy and the Pencils to Counting Pockets and Raisins, Marilyn’s lesson descriptions have shown tens of thousands of teachers how to launch and support children in their work with powerful mathematical ideas. This new collection is just what I want to share with my teacher candidates as they explore and celebrate mathematics with their students. Thank you, Marilyn.”

Ann Carlyle

Author of It Makes Sense! Using Number Paths and Number Lines to Build Number Sense and Continuing Lecturer, Teacher Education Program, University of California, Santa Barbara, California

“Marilyn Burns’s books and workshops set me on the path to being a math educator and researcher who cares for the success of every learner. She challenges me to think about how students can actually understand math—rather than just parroting what teachers tell them. Her insight into math learning and the clarity of her writing voice changed me as an educator, and for that I am grateful.”

John Tapper

Author of Solving for Why and Assistant Professor, Elementary Education, University of Hartford, Connecticut

“Marilyn Burns does it again! Welcome to Math Class is the perfect resource for everyone, whether you are purchasing your first Marilyn Burns book or adding to your collection. Marilyn’s continued work toward supporting teachers and students is remarkable.”

Welcome To Grade 6 Math

Jennifer Lempp

Author of Math Workshop and Coordinator, Office of School Support, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia

“Long before I had the pleasure of engaging in conversations with Marilyn, I was listening to her voice as she spoke through her writing. My classroom shelves were lined with Marilyn’s books, and as I read them, I learned how to teach math. Welcome to Math Class is a gift of inspiration and know-how to teachers, but ultimately it is a gift to students who will benefit from math lessons that spark their curiosity and create a lifelong love of learning.”

Patty Clark

Math Solutions Senior Director of Content Development, Manassas, Virginia

“This book is a must-have for every elementary teacher. These lessons are truly some of the best that we have ever used, resulting in student engagement and deep understanding.”

Amy Herman and Connie Horgan

Math Solutions professional learning consultants

“Marilyn Burns, the consummate mentor: wise, insightful, respectful, engaging, inspiring, joyful, passionate, clear, and concise. Marilyn shares her years of experience in this treasure trove of rich, problem-solving lessons.”

Maryann Wickett

Math consultant, author, and retired teacher, grades PreK–6, San Marcos Unified School District, San Diego, California

“It’s not often that an educator has a profound influence on thousands of teachers and students. I recall starting my career as a young teacher when Marilyn and colleagues visited my class each month and taught lessons. Over the years, we tinkered with ideas together; Marilyn sparked my passion for math education and was instrumental in shaping the work that I do today. She has the rare gift of pressing teachers to think critically about their mathematics instruction while being supportive and empowering.”

Cheryl Cameron Rectanus

Mathematics professional development specialist, Teachers Development Group, West Linn, Oregon

“Welcome to Math Class offers teachers of all levels of experience access to the wisdom of a true math education treasure, Marilyn Burns. From the hands-on tasks to Marilyn’s insightful views of student work, this volume complements any professional learning curriculum. I can’t wait to try out the ideas with my preservice teachers.”

Carrie Cutler

Author of Math-Positive Mindsets and Assistant Professor, Elementary Mathematics Education, University of Houston, Texas

“Welcome to Math Class is truly the best of the best from Marilyn Burns. Every one of these lessons provides rich and engaging contexts that encourage students to think, reason, and problem solve, while providing teachers with exceptional activities to address today’s standards. Marilyn shares her thinking behind her teaching, helping all of us improve our craft. Thank you, Marilyn!”

Rusty Bresser

Coauthor of Math Workshop Essentials and Supervisor of Teacher Education, University of California, San Diego, California

“Welcome to Math Class is a wonderful addition to all of Marilyn Burns’s books of mathematics that have helped me learn how to teach mathematics from the beginning of my teaching career. Thank you, Marilyn, for helping generations
of teachers learn to see themselves as math people so they can pass this gift on to students.”

Sue Chapman

Math Solutions professional learning consultant, League City, Texas

“Marilyn Burns has hit another “mathematical home run”! These terrific lessons can help both teachers who are new and those who are eager to improve their teaching of mathematics. In each lesson, students’ ideas and thinking strategies are elicited, discussed, and extended. Even if you are a superstar, Marilyn has written this book in such a way that anyone who reads it can become wiser. That’s what she has once again done for us all; thanks, Marilyn!”

Ann Lawrence

Coauthor of Lessons for Algebraic Thinking, Grades 6–8

“The lessons in Welcome to Math Class gave me the confidence to experiment and definitely made me a better teacher than I otherwise would have been. The lessons give the mental images and practical information needed to try something new with students. You’ll be excited—and your students will be too!”

Doris Hirschhorn

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Former mathematics teacher, District 25, New York City, New York

“For almost five decades, Marilyn Burns has set the standard for outstanding math instruction. From rigorous, compelling word problems to sense-making approaches to unraveling complex mathematical ideas, this collection of lessons shares Marilyn’s best thinking. Welcome to Math Class is a coffee-table book for devotees, and a must-read for every teacher who wants to positively impact their students in mathematics.”

Robyn Silbey

Math coach and consultant, Montgomery County, Maryland

Welcome to Math Class is one of many ways Marilyn inspires us to delight in our students’ thinking and to love teaching mathematics.”

Caren Holtzman

Coauthor of Math Workshop Essentials and Director of USCD’s Partners At Learning (PAL) Program, University of California, San Diego, California

“What a wonderful resource for all educators and an ideal gift for new teachers! Marilyn shares thoughtful lessons and insights into students’ thinking in ways that encourage and inspire teachers to incorporate meaningful activities into their classrooms. Kudos to an outstanding educator and friend!”

Jeane Joyner

Coauthor of the INFORMative Assessment series


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