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The art of a pivot. Innovation Leadership Mindset. Pivoting is a jargonized word for resetting your business to be relevant. It’s used extensively in. All my clients said, ‘let’s just put a hold on all these jobs.’” Chu knew it was time to pivot strategically—and that’s when TeleDesign Pro, her virtual interior design platform, was conceived. “One day woke up and I said, ‘That’s it. I have to bring my business online in a way that I haven’t been doing before.

The Art of the Pivot

My Pivot Art   The Pivot Corner!

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  • I have my quiet time every day, which is what I had before and I have it even more now. I just take time to journal and think. Exercise is number two but for me, I saw this really early on as an opportunity to grow as a leader. I'm not on airplanes, I'm not in cars all the time. I read a lot, listen to podcasts and learn myself.
  • The Art Of The Pivot. Have you changed how you do business under the current circumstances? If so, please leave us a voicemail and tell us about it. For example, Brad's CrossFit gym is running their classes on Zoom. It's important to understand your baseline spending. What does your life actually cost?

Join me behind the curtain for this raw episode of my own experience of pivoting my business. Months ago, I made the decision to stop the weekly twitter chat and start this podcast. I was pivoting a huge part of my business. It was a scary time. I was unsure of everything. So, I picked up the microphone to share the reality with you. Because I know you’ll go through something similar in your business and I want you to know that it isn’t wrong or abnormal to feel out of control. It’s a struggle, but you’ll get through it. Trust your gut! You’ve got this!

Show Notes

  • What is a pivot in business?
  • My pivot from offering bookkeeping services to providing training to accountants and bookkeepers.
  • The history of running the twitter chat and the need for change
  • What signs to be aware of when considering a pivot in your business?
  • What is your WHY to push you in a new direction?
    • I’ve been creating and moderating conversation for years on the twitter chat
    • Now is the time for me to own my own voice and message
    • But, this is all coming from my passion to help other accountants and bookkeepers succeed in their business – helping them shine, so why shouldn’t show you that I can shine too?
  • The in-between of a pivot might be the hardest part
    • When you know that you are going to change, but you are still planning and what does this new venture look like?
    • How can you organize this pivot to feel like you have some control?
    • Are you ready to make this jump?
    • Are you going to let the fear take over and go backward or is it time to take that leap?
  • Are you really committed to this pivot and embracing that new reality?
    • You have to stick with the pivot for a while and live it
    • If you don’t give the pivot enough time, then you won’t see the true results
      • Are you letting the fear take over?
    • Pivots take time. It takes strategy, analyzing results, and learning new systems to grow in your business
  • Getting through this pivot
    • Trust your gut
    • Research. Research. Research.
    • Have a plan
    • Stay organized
    • Keep doing what you are doing while planning out this change
    • Ask for help – because this is freaking scary!!
    • And trust that you can get through this, but it could lead to the biggest growth in your business too.

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