BY Johnny Brayson. May 13, 2020 After more than 30 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally getting back to the ‘choppa. One of Arnold’s best-known roles in his storied film career is that of Dutch, the former Special Forces soldier who was tasked with leading a team of commandos against a deadly alien hunter in Predator.

  • The Music City Center is Nashville's convention center located in the heart of downtown. The 2.1 million square foot facility opened in 2013 and was built so that Nashville could host large, city-wide conventions in the downtown area.
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On March 6, the Fretboard Journal‘s favorite banjo experimentalist/singer-songwriter, Danny Barnes, releases his latest album, Man on Fire (ATO).

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for several years i’ve been operating a small cassette label out of my kitchen. well technically it’s the dining room. i started this for many reasons, not the least of which is my love of the cassette format.
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so, i come up in the cassette time. Literature for composition 10th edition download pdf. like when my older brother came home with chuck berry, or skip james records when we was young, or they played a REALLY good country song on the radio, the music would be put on tape to be repeatedly enjoyed later.

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i’m working on this series of concerts and workshops in portland, oregon for the month of february. all on sundays at artichoke music. workshop during the day and concert in the early evening.

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Rocketship is a national network of high-performing elementary schools in underserved communities. We are proud to offer parents the choice of an excellent public education in the Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington D.C.

The Rocketship Approach

Our transformational public schools are built on three pillars.

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Personalized Learning

Tailoring instruction, content, learning experience, and pace to unleash the potential of every student.

Talent Development

Investing in the growth and development of every team member to unleash their full potential in the classroom and beyond.

Parent Power

Unleashing the power of parents to champion their children’s education, hold leaders accountable, and enable high-quality public schools to thrive.

Teach With Us

Teachers are at the heart of our students’ academic achievement, and our collective impact on the communities we serve. They are perpetual learners who embrace change, take ownership of their results, and continuously strive to master their craft. Rocketship is committed to supporting our teachers to grow their skills while driving student progress.


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Our Community Has Something to Say in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 15, 2021

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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Rocketship Washington DC community has a message for you. This past summer, DC school leaders, teachers, parents, and students came together in the wake of George Floyd’s murder to create space for the community to vocalize that Black Lives Matter. The speeches given at this virtual…

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