There's nothing to say about nothing. Still, some people make a fuss about it. Among spiritual seekers, there's a lot of talk about 'becoming nothing'. On this site about nothing, we're not going to talk about 'nothing', because 'nothing' can't be talked about.
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When people talk about 'nothing', they're not really talking about nothing, they're talking about something. It's not a real nothing, it's a 'nothing' they can hold in their mind, for instance, 'emptiness'. But emptiness comes and it goes, and if something comes and goes, it's got to be something.
This 'nothing' that people talk about feels like something: perhaps a black hole, or a lonely place. They have words for it: 'emptiness', 'void', 'nothingness'… But nothingness is not nothing. You can look at it. You can hold it. You can throw it out. And when you throw it out, what's left?…
…And that's all I'm going to say about that.

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Nothing This little introduction (I hope it made you laugh) has nothing to do with the articles on the site. It's just here to confuse the philosophers and perhaps intrigue a few people with a genuine interest in nothing.
This is a site about nothing. I hope you enjoy it. Perhaps you'd like to start with a 25-second playful video clip that talks about a show about nothing?

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