Whether you’re trying to organize seating or need to label the foods on your buffet, these free printable place cards will look great and keep you from answering the same questions over and over.

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This Fall, as we gear up for gathering our people together, let’s make life a little simpler and less chaotic. You may be thinking, “ummm…Sarah, I’m pretty sure some ‘free printable place cards’ aren’t going to do that for me”. But hear me out.

How may times have you gotten to the table, only to see that everyone is milling about and awkwardly talking about where each other is going to sit.

Or you’ve worked hard to prep All the Many Food Items, created a beautiful buffet which is loaded to the hilt with deliciousness…only to have your beloved people asking you repeatedly what each food item is. (This is especially true when you’re serving pot luck style and lots of food has been brought in.)

This, my friend, is where these handy dandy little place cards swoop in to save your sanity.

No one has to wonder where they’re sitting. No one asks “what is this?” while poking a dish with the serving spoon. C’mon. You know it’s happened. 😉

And so, in an effort to save some sanity and skip unnecessary stresses, I’ve created these free printable place cards for us. I hope you love and use them!

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I highly recommend that you print these place cards on card stock paper. It’s inexpensive and makes a huge difference.

The simple leaf ones (not pictured) are great for anything and are easy to fold and lay wherever you want them. Or even tied with twine around a napkin or a twig. Cuteness!

Placecards Scrapped

The vintage oak leaf and acorn ones are intended more for your people’s names. Fold them tent-style and set near or on plates. You could face them either way.

Sidebar: you may notice that I am using the same paper plates from my Girls’ Night In / Soup Night. I love how cute they are.

Here, the name is facing the plate.


And the decorative side with the vintage oak leaf and acorn print is facing the center of the table.

They could be used for food, too, but since they have “name” on them, I’ll use them more for my people. 🙂

Author’s note: I realize that our table is in desperate need of refinishing…but that’s another project for another day. 😉 Until then, we’ll keep gathering our people around it. This table seems to be happiest when it’s surrounded by laughter, with lots of stocking feet tucked underneath. Completed gba rom hackspokemon roms. Here’s to loving on people in the midst of real life and imperfection. *all the heart eyes*

This post is another installment of Fast Fix Fridays where we help you keep life simple and sane.

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