An action plan form enables you to create a comprehensive strategy for your work. Downloadaottg anticheat. Now, the strategy becomes your reference blueprint, so that when you want to implement your plans or complete activities, it will be the first thing to turn to. New Plan-making dashboard now online ShapingSEQ As one of Australia’s most desirable and fastest growing regions, the SEQ region can look forward to a bright future. The 2020 Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report is now available. Business Plan Forms in DOC format. If you don't see a template design or category that you want, please take a moment to let us know what you are looking for. The Department of Planning prepares development and local plans for the environmental, economic and social needs of Bermuda to ensure that development is accommodated in a sustainable way. It manages the development of land to ensure optimal use while conserving important flora, fauna and natural habitats.

Planning Forms Printable


Project Planning Form

  • Basic Application for Development Review - This application form is required for all planning & zoning permits except for pre-applications and Creek Protection Permits described below.
  • Supplemental Forms - Most applications also require supplemental forms including findings for conditional use permits, design review and variances.
  • Pre-application Form - Pre-applications are optional and allow you an opportunity to submit your preliminary plans for review by an assigned case planner.
  • Appeal Application Form - Appeal of a decision to the Planning Commission or City Council.
  • Creek Determination Application Form - A Creek Determination may be requested to identify whether or not a property within the City of Oakland is a creekside property, and therefore subject to regulation by the Creek Protection Ordinance.
  • Creek Protection Permit Application Form - Creek Protection Permit is required for any proposed construction activity occurring on a creekside property. The extent to which your development will be regulated by the Creek Protection Ordinance depends upon the location and type of proposed work.
  • Zoning Clearance Form (for Business License) - The first step to permitting a new business (including a home-based business) is the approval by the Planning Department of a Zoning Clearance.
  • Affordable Housing Density Bonus Supplemental Form - Project applicants may use this form to request a Density Bonus or financially equivalent incentive(s) for a housing development that includes plans to construct a specified percentage of housing for low income households, very low income households, senior citizens, or providing child care facilities.
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