Welcome to the brand new Power Clock website. We hope you enjoy it. Power Clock Server 2020.3 is now available on the download page. More cool things are on the way. Thanks for your continued support. Best regards, Rob. Robbie Fletcher - Tight Code LLC - Power Clock Software. Power Clock is a network-ready time clock. If you're having trouble keeping time records, charging the right account, and getting employees to remember to clock in and out, this easy-to-use system could be the solution. Employees clock in and out, using encrypted passwords for authentication. Free Digital Clock PowerPoint Templates. Global Communications PowerPoint Template. Global Communications PowerPoint Template is a free business PowerPoint template and PowerPoint background that you can download to make presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Free Global communications PPT template can be used for global businesses as well as.

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Below are few comments from some of our many happy customers. We welcome your comments at [email protected]

Keith Broshears, DDS

I have used Rob Fletcher's PowerClock for many years now.. Not sure when I first began using his product, but it is safe to say well over 5 years ago.
There are actually quite a few products on the market which do somewhat similar functions as Power Clock, but when you factor in the cost factor and the security and ease-of-use factors, I don't believe you can find a better product, anywhere, for the price.
I especially like the ability to assign security levels to each employee, or groups of employees, which determines how much of the data can be accessible to that particular employee or group. For example, I have a small business with only 6 full-time employees and 1-2 part-time people. I have assigned myself full administrator privileges and can manipulate the system however I
want, with no restrictions. My business administrator has the next highest level of security and is able to run reports and add notes, but is not allowed to change time records.
Power Clock has worked perfectly for me and I actually cannot praise it enough. Rob has always responded to any email question almost immediately, never having to wait for an answer to a question. Once I got the system tweaked to exactly how I wanted it, I have only had a couple of contacts with Rob during the past 3-4 years, mostly relating to upgrades.
Recently, we incorporated the finger scanner. Let me tell you, this is one really kewl piece of equipment. It totally eliminates that possibility of any employee trying to use the buddy system. I had that problem and the use of the finger scanner has stopped that problem in its tracks.
Actually, Power Clock is a much more robust program than I will ever need, but it handles my small business with tremendous ease. I don't have to do anything except place my finger on the scanner and I am logged into the administration mode.. There was one small issue concerning switching to the finger scanners.. Maybe I didn't read the manual, which is often the case for me when I install programs, but once the drivers are installed, there is
another step concerning the workstation preferences -- you MUST select the option to use the finger scanner (duh!!). I sat in front of the damn thing for half an hour getting frustrated because it wasn't working, but as soon as I changed the PowerClock workstation preference to 'USE FINGER SCANNER', the problems suddenly went away. I should have known that.
If you are considering PowerClock, you will also like the separate
PowerClock Server, which you can install on any machine you like. I installed mine on my main data server, but on a separate drive from my other data. The data server for PowerClock is built for heavy-duty transaction-like usage, and I will never ever come close to using its full potential. The advantage of the separate PowerClock Server is that the time is set to the one machine but is synchronized across your network on every installation of PowerClock workstation. This also eliminated a little problem where certain employees were changing the local machine time in
order to give them more work hours. It can't happen now, and you will like the assurance of knowing that the time is always correct on your employee records.
Because PowerClock works so well, I really never think about it much anymore. We are all used to it and we can get any report we want or need. It has never had any quirks and the installation is easy and well-documented, except for, perhaps, the finger scanner issue I already mentioned.
If you have any specific questions, give me a shout. I'll be happy to answer what I am able to answer.
Keith M. Broshears, DDS, DABFE, DABFD, FACFE
Linton Dental Clinic
290 A Street Southeast
Linton, IN 47441
(812)847-2273 (812)847-9657
Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Examiners
Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Dentistry
Life Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners
Charter Member, Indiana Society of Forensic Odontology

Steve, Foremost Plastic Products

Definitely use us a reference! The one ring rpg books. I am very happy with your program and the quick turnaround you did on customizing it. On the tweaking end, I'm going to have the engineer play around with it but it looks good so far.
Steve <[email protected]>
Foremost Plastic Products Company, Inc.
Phone (708) 452-5300 Fax (708) 452-0446

Linda Stillwater

Thank you so very much! By the way, I just wanted to let you know that this software you created really does make life a lot easier, and really gives us a lot of bang for the buck.

Hotfiles.com review of older version

Review Information
Rating : *****
Review Text :
Power Clock is a network-ready time clock. If you're having trouble keeping time records, charging the right account, and
getting employees to remember to clock in and out, this easy-to-use system could be the solution. Employees clock in and out,
using encrypted passwords for authentication. The system tracks time logged by individuals and can associate work with a specific
job and phase in order to track costs. Manual log editing is possible to update time charged on remote jobs. The program offers 20 pre-formatted reports by individual, job, phase, department, or other criteria as well as import/export between QuickBooks and dBase files. An integrated email system includes group messaging and mail notification. Sample data and detailed documentation are available, but the realistic clock interface and pushbutton menu choices will have your employees using the system in no time. You can set up automated communication between multiple Power Clock installations and apply network timestamp checks from the Time Server.
Reviewer Comments to Author :
Program Pros
* Job and phase logging
* Friendly interface
* Password authentication
* Manual edit of log for remote time
* Built-in email with message notification
* Auto lunch logging
Program Cons

Nate Roane

Thank you very much for all your support. I would highly recommend your product to others. If you need any testimonials for your web site I would be glad to write one about your support going above and beyond.
Nate Roane
Cornhusker International

Bob Speth <[email protected]>

PowerClock has been a real time saver for me as our staff use their fingers and toes to add and subtract with. While they have a full complement of each, their hours frequently were short or over a finger or toe.

Ken Guest

Thanks so much for your quick response. How rare in this world!! The fix seems to have corrected the problem.
By the way, I LOVE PowerClock and have recommended it to many people on an email group of 500 people I frequent. A bunch of dentists so watch out! Anyway, I have sung your praises.
Keep up the good work. I really appreciate your fine support! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you in the future.
Ken Guest

Corey Ackerman

Clock Software Free

I run a gift basket company (www.MuffinGifts.com) with about 50 employees. I've for years searched for a reasonably priced, feature-rich time clock with email, and your program has finallly come to the rescue.
For a computer-oriented, control-freak like myself who has learned over the years to not even trust my managers when punching in, I love the ability to set permission levels so finely.
I love also that you set up profiles rather than individual security
settings to that I can easily set up profiles for groups.
The configurability of the default log in is excellent.
I love that my computer-illiterate employees can't get in too much trouble because they can't exit the program nor can they start another instance of it.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you implemented email. My last program had it, but it was rudimentary and did not permit sending to groups.
Great job!!
Corey Ackerman
[email protected]

Power Clock Softwareblog

Kristi <[email protected]>

Online Time Clock Software

Hey Rob, If you ever want a quote about how great your product is let me know.. sometimes current users are a great tool for getting more people to buy!!

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