PSpice Student v. Because the analog and digital simulation algorithms are built into the same program, PSpice A/D simulates mixed-signal circuits with no performance degradation because of tightly coupled feedback loops between the analog and digital sections. Category: Utilities; Developer: - Download - Free.

Design and simulate analog and digital circuits.W
  • They will also be selling the parts needed for the lab. Here is the link where you can download PSPICE 9.1 student version. Take care that when you install the software, you have to install Schematic as well as the Orcad. We also recommend you to download the free trial student verion of Multisim. This is a very important tools for you.
  • Pspice 9.1 Student Version Electronics Lab. PSPICE is an useful simulation program and analog circuit software which can be run from home or personal computers. The acronym PSPICE stands for Personal Simulation Program with an Integrated Circuit Emphasis. Download Pspice 91 Student Version Full.
  • Pspice 9.1 Student Version Electronics Lab Pspice 9.1 Student Version Windows 10 Free Download MS Windows 7/8/10 computers 1) Download ‘91pspstu.exe’, a self-unzipping file with the student version of OrCAD PSpice 9.1 and supporting files/programs, from the.
hat's included with the Student Version
Limited versions of the following products are included in the Student Version of PSpice:
  • PSpice A/D 9.1, Web Update 1, including PSpice Schematics 9.1
  • Your choice of schematic editors (specify during installation)
    • PSpice Schematics 9.1
    • Capture 9.1, Web Update 2
Digikey Database and libraries
Download Digikey Database 2.09 MB
Download Digikey Libraries 1.05 MB

Help Files
PSPICE.PDF - Pspice User's Guide
CAPUG.PDF- Capture User's Guide
ANALOG.PDF - Analog Parts
DIGITAL.PDF - Digital Parts
MIXED.PDF - Mixed- Signal Parts
PSPICEAD.PDF - A/D User’s Guide
PSPCREF.PDF - A/D Reference Manual
OPTUG.PDF - Optimizer User's Guide
PCB2LAY.PDF - Converting MicroSim PCBoards Designs to OrCAD Layout Designs
SCH2CAP.PDF - Converting MicroSim Schematics Designs to OrCAD Capture Designs
NETLICGD.PDF - Network Licensing Guide

PSPICE Links (Updated Sept. 14, 2010)

*The current supported version of PSPICE is sold by Cadence under their OrCAD product line. You can download a demo CD from their website here:

The “Capture and PSPice only” option is all that you would typically need for circuit simulation.

Pspice Free Download Windows 10

. The full version is installed in the Broun Hall computer labs. The supported schematic entry tool is Capture. This replaces the older schematic entry tool called Schematics. For those who would still like to use Schematics, see the information below. Another excellent simulator using the SPICE engine is LTSpice, which is freely available from Linear Technologies here:

Pspice Download For Windows 10 64 Bit

At this writing the current version is LTSpice IV.

Pspice Software Download

*How can I get a version of PSPICE using Schematics?

  • Legacy versions of PSPICE using Schematics for schematic capture are available as described below. They are reportedly unstable under Windows later than XP (e.g., Vista, 7).The two versions are: 9.1 (free student version) and 9.2 (“professional” version – no longer supported).

* Where can I get my own copy of PSPICE using Schematics? (the student version 9.1 is free).

*Download locally from Dr. Roppel's web site (file name = 91pspstu.exe). This is the student version 9.1. When you install the student version, be sure to choose SCHEMATICS as your interface, not CAPTURE. (Note: the file size is about 28 MB)

*Obtain a copy of the freshman computing initiative (FCI) CD, which includes PSPICE on Disk 1. This is the student version 9.1. When you install the student version, be sure to choose SCHEMATICS as your interface, not CAPTURE.

*Bill Dillard's PSPICE Tutorial, Version 9 / Schematics, Sept. 2000, 27 pagesPDF (301K)Word (2.74M)
Hydlide 3visitor from the dark.

*Dr. GuofuNiu’s Capture TutorialJNT file(you might need to download Microsoft’s free JNT viewer)PDF file(coming soon)
*One source for complete PSPICE manuals:

* Anatomy of a PSPICE output file - dc BJT example

* How to edit the parameters of a diode in PSPICE and find the Q-point

* Simulation of a PTAT (Proportional to Absolute Temperature) BJT circuit over temperature
-includes modifying BJT parameters, changing temperature, and handling library file errors

*Monte Carlo simulation of a BJT 4-resistor bias network.

*Half-Wave Rectifier simulation example dochtml

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