If you own a Remington Model 600 (including the Mohawk 600) or Model 660 rifle:

Mar 20, 2007 thanks for all the help. I e-mailed remington today ill see what they say. Theres no letter before the serial. Biggest problem im having is that the remington website is sayin the highest production serial numbers went were 6 digit first 3 numbers being 126 and mine is 127. I know its not a model 14 1/2 because of tha caliber and not a 141 because it says model 14 and 141 serials dont match. LSB#: 160727DL01 Make: Remington Model: 600 Carbine Serial Number: 49001 Year of Manufacture: 1965 (M Date Code) Caliber:.350 Remington Magnum Action Type: Bolt Action, Internal Magazine Fed Rifle Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “REMINGTON ARMS CO. INC., ILION, N.Y. MAG / U O M” with an inspection mark, the right is marked “REP” in oval with.

All Remington Model 600 and Model 660 rifles were manufactured with a bolt-lock mechanism and are subject to this bolt-lock Safety Modification Program. These models were discontinued in 1979. Please see Important Safety Notice regarding the 1979 recall below. If you participate in the current Safety Modification Program, your firearm will be cleaned and inspected for proper functioning by a qualified gunsmith. Once the condition of your firearm has been assessed, you will be notified of one of the following:

  • Your rifle’s trigger assembly is otherwise in good operating condition and the gunsmith will proceed to physically remove the bolt-lock feature so that your firearm can be loaded and unloaded while the safety remains in the “S” or “On Safe” position; or
  • Your rifle’s trigger assembly is found to be in an unsatisfactory or potentially unsafe operating condition because of any number of factors, including wear, alteration or maintenance. The entire trigger assembly will be replaced with a new factory trigger assembly, which does not incorporate a bolt-lock mechanism.

The cost, if any, to you for participating in the bolt-lock Safety Modification Program will depend upon whether your Model 600 or 660 rifle was previously repaired under a 1979 recall program.

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In 1979, Remington instituted a recall for Model 600 and 660 rifles made before February, 1975, because, under certain circumstances, the safety and trigger could be manipulated in a way that could result in an accidental discharge. Under the 1979 recall program, owners of the affected rifles could return their guns for installation of a new trigger assembly at no charge. Since 1979, thousands of the affected firearms have been serviced under the 1979 recall and received new trigger assemblies.

How can you tell if your Model 600 or 660 rifle was subject to the 1979 recall, and whether it was repaired as part of that program?

  • Model 600 and 660 rifles - except those with a serial number beginning with an 'A' before the serial number - were subject to the 1979 recall.
  • Each Model 600 and 660 rifles repaired under the 1979 recall has a “V” (approximately 1/4 inch high) stamped on the left side of the trigger below the receiver line. These replacement trigger assemblies included the bolt-lock feature.

If you own a Model 600 or 660 rifle that was subject to the 1979 recall, does the current bolt-lock Safety Modification Program affect you?

  • If your Model 600 or 660 rifle wIas subject to the 1979 recall but was never repaired as part of that recall, then a new trigger assembly without a bolt-lock feature will be installed. This change will be made at no cost to you.
  • If your Model 600 or 660 rifle was repaired as part of the 1979 recall, or it was not subject to the 1979 recall, you may have the bolt-lock removed at a cost of $20, plus shipping and handling, plus tax. You will also receive a safety redemption certificate to complete and submit in order to receive a free blaze orange hat (one hat per certificate).

How to participate in the Safety Modification Program :

Complete the General Repair Form and send or deliver your firearm and the completed repair form to either:

Remington Arms Company, Inc.

Ilion Firearms Plant

Attention: BL Safety Program

14 Hoefler Avenue

Ilion, NY 13357

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Remington will bill or arrange for payment once your firearm is received and evaluated.

Remington Model 600 Replacement Stock

CAUTION: It is your responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations regarding transportation or shipping of your firearm. Absolutely no ammunition should be packaged with the firearm whether loaded in the firearm itself or included in the shipping container. The firearm should be transported only in a completely unloaded condition.

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