I do plan on having a foal crop this month. But only if I feel that my horses are trained enough. Here are the pairs that I might breed. AMEC Snow White. AMEC Uncork the Magic. AMEC Weeping Willow. AMEC Flying Expectations. AMEC Champagne Rose. AMEC Uncork the Magic. The aims of the Mercer County Park Commission shall be to provide recreation for all persons of all ages and creeds. To meet the recreational need as it exists and as it changes with the times and to serve, promote, encourage, and stimulate interests in leisure time activities for the benefit of the common wealth. Results for EQUIVENTS SEPTEMBER Standings - Equivents 2015 Series: Combined Short Stirrup/Limit Rider (will be split for final Calculated at: 02/02/16 - 9:57 AM. Curlis Woods - Mercer County Equestrian Center to Pennington is a 3.5 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Pennington, New Jersey that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and bird watching and is best used from March until November.

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  • When I found Meadow Creek Farm, I knew right away it was a place I would make many memories at. I've been fortunate to ride the amazing and skilled horses at the farm and looking forward to many more years of happiness with this awesome group of people I have met.
  • Kristie Alexa with Berkshire Hathaway Hudson Valley & Wappingers Homes and Happenings, stops by to visit us and provide her review of Meadow Creek Farm. If you are looking for a place for horseback riding lessons or somewhere to board your horse, you should definitely check this place out! Meadow Creek Farm is THE place to ride! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGavpBrHZro
    Kristie Alexa with Berkshire HathawayBerkshire Hathaway Hudson Valley & Wappingers Homes and Happenings
  • The farm is truly my favorite place in the world and everyone is so friendly. There is always something to do at the farm so it is never boring! It is my home away from home. Thank you, Helaina, for creating such a great place for all of the horses, animals and your visitors.
  • The number one reason I love having my daughter at Meadow Creek Farm is confidence building. She has also gained responsibility, determination and physical strength while pursuing something she loves.

NOTE: As of July 2020, users have reported that the equestrian center at this trailhead no longer provides parking for hikers. You must park elsewhere and walk to this trailhead. You may also choose to park inside Harriman State Park, and hike to Pine Meadow Lake from the west.

Goals for 2012
1. Have fun and safe experiences.
Event Schedule
January 22 - Clinic with Jil Walton at Galway Downs Fundraiser in Temecula - CANCELLED =(
February 4 - Meadows of Moorpark cross country schooling
February 19 - Galway Downs Schooling - One photo here
March 17 - My wedding!
April 28 - ADOPT BOHEMIAN!!! - photos & a video here!

September 21st 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Camp

May 6 - Meadows of Moorpark Derby - CANCELLED =(
May 20 - Hemie's first XC outing at the Meadows.
July 28 - Stradivarius Farms Hunter/Jumper schooling show - Hemie's first show! - photos here, and a few more here.

September 21st 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Events

August 5 - Meadows of Moorpark Schooling - video and pics here
August 19 - Strad Farms Show - video and pics here
September 15-16 - Meadows of Moorpark USEA Combined Test Derby - report here and videos here. September 21st, 2012american Meadow
October 21 - El Sueno Hunter/Jumper show - recap with pics and video here
Goals for 2011
1. Compete in a horse trials
September 21st 2012american meadow2. Compete in a horse trials at the BN level
Goals technically reached @ June Shepherd HT
3. At my next HT(s), get through the competition with a score (ie, don't get eliminated & make it through all sections).
Competition Schedule
June 25-26 - Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials - Photos Here
July 10 - Camelot Show - Photos Here

September 21st 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Denver

September 21st 2012american Meadow's Equestrian Center Seating Chart

August 14 - ETI Show in Simi Valley - Photos Here
September 17-18 - Meadows of Moorpark Horse Trials - CANCELLED =[
October 22-23 - Ram Tap Horse Trials in Fresno. Likely my last show of the season. - Photos Here

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