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We are constantly expanding our online services to give you freedom and control when conducting business with Social Security. Today, you can apply for retirement, disability, and Medicare benefits online, check the status of an application or appeal, request a replacement Social Security card (in most areas), print a benefit verification letter, and more – from anywhere and from any of your devices!

E-services contains many of the vital services students use such as class registration, online bill pay, address change and degree audit reports. Log in to e-services. Text Messages for University Deadlines, Events, and Reminders. Services Online lets annuitants (federal retirees or their spouses, ex-spouses, and children) manage their account online. Your account is securely protected by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). A division of Nelnet, we are an investment-grade rated servicer that delivers innovative and flexible technology outsourcing, origination, and loan servicing solutions to consumer and private loan clients who are looking for a responsive, low-risk environment.

mySocial Security

You can access many of our online services with a free my Social Security Account.

Quick. Secure. Easy.

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Social Security Cards

Online Services for Businesses, Governments, Organizational Payees and Third Parties

  • Use Business Services Online to report wages and use our other online services for businesses.
  • Verify Social Security numbers.
  • Use Government to Government Services Online.
  • Submit health or school records related to disability claims using Electronic Records Express.
  • Select or change the way you receive information from Social Security if you are a Representative Payee and you are blind or visually impaired.
  • File a Representative Payee Accounting Report as an organization.

Avoid Scams

We want to make sure our applicants know how to obtain legitimate and accurate legal advice and assistance when applying for immigration benefits.

Find a list of accredited representatives and free or low-cost legal providers and other resources.

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Avoid Scams

File Online

Filing a form online is easier and faster than paper filing. It gives you a simple and personalized way to track your case online. You can also access other USCIS services.

The first step is to create an account.

Manage Your Case

Use our online tools and resources to manage your case:

Most Accessed Forms

Learn About Green Cards

Get information on eligibility requirements, how to apply, and whether your family members can also apply with you.

Learn About Citizenship

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The Citizenship Resource Center has information about the important rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship, the naturalization process, and how to prepare for the test.

Working in the U.S.

Many people want to come to the United States to work. Get information on the different application requirements and work options.

Tools and Resources

We have many resources to help you achieve your goals. Use our self-service tools to learn about eligibility, our filing fees, and to study for and take the English and civics practice test.

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