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Sligh Furniture Company

The Sligh Furniture Company, founded in 1880, is today owned under the Lexington Home Brands umbrella. The company is best known for its diverse catalog which includes inexpensive practical home furniture as well as elegant bedroom sets. The modern Sligh Furniture Company catalog features both contemporary pieces as well as furniture made in traditional styles.

About Sligh Furniture Company

The Sligh Furniture Company was originally founded in Grand Rapids Michigan. Surprisingly, Grand Rapids Michigan was the home of several fabulous furniture companies, including Baker Furniture, Century Furniture, Widdicomb Furniture and Stickley Furniture.

Although the original company closed its doors in the 1930s, another company later purchased the rights to the brand and began selling furniture under the Sligh Furniture Company name–and with the same dedication to both practical and decorative furniture. The modern Sligh Furniture Company offers a wide range of bedroom, dining room, living room and other interior furniture. You may also be aware of the Sligh Clock Company, which also came from Michigan.

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On the other hand, vintage Sligh Furniture shows a wide range of styles and types. Many of Sligh’s creations were based on historic styles. So, for instance, you may find Chippendale style Sligh Furniture. And, you may find Rococo French style furniture by Sligh. Finally, you can also spot some beautiful Queen Anne style furniture by Sligh Furniture Company.

Of course, uniting all of these collections is the beautiful quality and craftsmanship of Sligh Furniture. Again, almost all of the vintage Sligh Furniture we have seen is made in gorgeous South American Mahogany wood!

Sligh Furniture Company History

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The original company was founded in 1880 by Charles R. Sligh. Charles established a company in Central America which purchased mahogany timber directly from Honduras, which was then shipped to New Orleans before finally being sent to Grand Rapids for production.

Regional products offered by the company were designed to be inexpensive and relatively simple. However, 2 years after the company was founded, Sligh advanced their designs to include more extensive bedroom suite furniture. These suites included dressers, wardrobes and accent pieces. The furniture was so well-received that two presidents–Benjamin Harrison and Rutherford B. Hayes–would own “Sligh Bedroom Suites.” One particular furniture line made from Circassian walnut, first produced in 1900, was a popular seller by 1908.


By the 1920s, the company had begun to heavily focused on bedroom furniture due to the popularity of the bedroom suites produced decades earlier. By the mid 1920s, the company was producing 80 different bedroom suites, along with 11 different dining room suites, which included suites in both contemporary and historical revival styles.
Despite the company’s popularity, it was unable to survive the financial hardship caused by the stock market crash of 1929. Although the owners attempted to diversify to earn more sales and cut production costs as low as possible, they were forced to close their doors in 1932.

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However, the popularity of that a different company would later purchase the rights to produce Furniture under the Sligh Furniture Company name. Although it is unknown if any of the modern catalog pieces are reproductions of earlier pieces, they still retain the original spirit of the high quality furniture produced by the company when it was founded.

Sligh Furniture Company Products

The modern Sligh Furniture Company offers a variety of collections in the event room, dining room, living room, home office and entertainment room. The collections in these categories reflect both contemporary and historical styles, depending on the set in question. The modern collections include both stationary and accent furniture.

Sligh Furniture Value

Sligh Furniture has seen a relatively good retail value on most of its vintage furniture. For instance, a Sligh Full size mahogany bed like the one pictured below sold for around $500-$600 in 2015. Likewise, the inlaid Sligh buffet (pictured above) cost the new owner around $600-$850 in 2017. So, all in all, as used furniture goes, Sligh tends to sell for a decent price on the market today.

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Sligh Furniture For Sale

Sligh Furniture started in 1880 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Find Beautiful high quality Sligh Furniture for sale, with hundreds of pieces to choose from. Sligh made great mahogany furniture until 1932, when the company closed and sold its assets. Enjoy the phenomenal quality of this vintage furniture for years to come.
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