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Noble Stalls are available with either a Swing Door or a Sliding Door that offer a full 52' wide door opening. Mutation chartsindarin lessons book. The sliding door can be ordered with permanent grills or with Drop-Down Grills that will allow the horse to have it's head out into the alley. Legacy Horse Company. Performance - pleasure - prospects. I can replace a general in five minutes but it is hard to replace a good horse, Good horses take time.


Legacy Stables is a full-service facility offering horseback riding and driving lessons, jumping, training and sales for your Morgan Horses. Located in Carver, Massachusetts, Legacy Stables is one of the finest equine facilities in southern New England. Located close to the northern Rhode Island and Connecticut border, we are ideally located to serve customers coming from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Legacy Stable owners and trainers Michael Murphy and Elizabeth Vaughan Murphy bring a tremendous amount of talent and knowledge to the farm. Michael’s background is extensive; starting in his youth being raised with horses, then later being fortunate enough to work with accomplished horse trainer experts Mike Richardson and Rick Stevens.

We invite you to tour our website to learn more about us, and we look forward to your personal visit or inquiry.

Our modular horse stall kits are designed to provide you with a quality and durable horse stall, while at the same time being a very cost-effective solution for your horse stall kit needs. Each of our horse stall kits come with a variety of different stall flooring options.

Triton Horse Stall Kit

  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy to Install
  • One Piece Solid Welded Frames
  • Non Protruding Door Latch (SAFE)
  • Hot Dip Galvanized or Powder Coat Options

Sls Draft Horse Stall Columnsugars Legacy Stables &

Solid 1-piece Welded Stall Grille
  • Hidden Door Guide
  • One Piece Solid Welded Frames
  • Non Protruding Hardware (SAFE)
  • Heavy Duty 14 Guage
  • Easy to Install
  • Hot Dip Galvanized or Powder Coat Options
Sls draft horse stall columnsugars legacy stables raleigh nc

Triton Horse Stall Kit components allow you to build safe, durable, well engineered stalls with a minimum of carpentry work. They provide manufactured parts that eliminate most of the tedious work allowing you to build stalls that are strong, highly resistant to damage by your horses, and that will keep their great appearance for the life of your barn.

Sls Draft Horse Stall Columnsugars Legacy Stables Near Me

Our welded horse stall kit is a cost-effective way for you to provide adequate shelter for your horses. The Triton horse stall kit and horse stalls are hot dipped galvanized after fabrication to ensure maximum durability and dependability.

We offer our stalls in both kit form (lowest price, most labor required) and as Standard Stalls. Triton Horse Stalls are made of galvanized 14-guage (or heavier) steel tubing, and u-channel that is welded into a solid frame. Then, after fabrication, the assembly is dipped into hot galvanizing solution to give the best rust protection in the industry. Our galvanizing process meets or exceeds ASTM A-123 specifications, which require a minimum of 98% zinc coating.

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