Its been awhile since I've posted. Holy lord! I almost forgot about my blog until someone reminded me the other day. Oh well..I have a short attention span.

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Tower Of Hellme_are_coolLets see, whats been bugging the crap out of me lately? Besides work. Work is too easy of a topic to go off on a rant about. Texas Fans! Thats the ticket! Damn! OU/Texas was crazy nuts this year! The OU fan to UT Fan ratio was about 20:1. UT fans smelled blood in the water this year and took to it like a pack of rabid dogs. Fights left and right. Beer getting thrown on you with no provacation than wearing an OU shirt. We had a good crew go down this year. Trucking down to the annual OU/Texas weekend we had Mr. Beau Cephues, Lemons, Tommy, Bill, Jackie (my lovely girlfriend), and myself. Andrew and Diana hooked up with us for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, too.
The boiling point on Friday evening came when Tommy, Jackie, Lemons, and I were hanging out in the beer garden in Westend Dallas. Tommy and I standing near the outside bar when we spot a single OU fan surrounded by 35 or 40 UT fans. Of course their being general asses screaming 'OU Sucks!' (Very original I might add.) The OU fan, being smart not to provoke a fight, is simply standing there holding 5 fingers for 5 wins a row for OU. Not but 2 seconds after he does this a beer is thrown on him by a UT fan. This starts a domino effect that consumes all 40 of the UT to throw beer on the lone OU fan. Then..out of nowhere..a UT fan comes and just clocks the OU fan on the side of the face. Tommy being the honorable man is runs in to attempt to break up the fight. After getting doused in beer, the fight is quickly broken up by Dallas Police who haul off the OU fan in zip-cuffs. Figures! I can only hope they did it to get him out of there and protect him. If not..then I will be the first to stand up for that man at his court hearing.

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To mirrior the thoughts of Beau in his blog: Texas Fan..plan on me being a complete asshole next year! Our win next will be sweetened by the fact that we'll being kicking the crap out of the defending Big 12 Champs and possibly the defending National Champs!

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Oh well. I'm done. If you weren't there this year..don't worry. You didn't miss much. The only thing you missed was Texas letting out every convict in prision and dressing them in UT colors in order to flood the westend with fans.

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Later all!
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