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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, January 5) — An independent survey has found that only 25% of respondents in Metro Manila are willing to get an anti-coronavirus vaccine shot when the vaccine becomes available in the country.

Of the 600 respondents aged 18 and up, only 25% percent are willing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the results of OCTA Research’s TUGON NG MASA survey. Most or 29% of those inclined to get a vaccine were from the upper-income class and middle-income class, OCTA Research noted.

Meanwhile, 28% of the respondents have said that they would not get the vaccine, and 47% have answered they have not decided whether they want to receive an anti-coronavirus shot.

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The poll was conducted in Metro Manila using face-to-face interviews from Dec. 9 to 13. It had a sampling error of ±4%.

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The survey results came on the heels of the announcement that a vaccine may be available in the country by March. The government aims to vaccinate at least 60 million Filipinos in the next three to five years.

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