Alesis Strike Multipad - Product Overview and Tutorial Videos Welcome to the Strike Multipad. A percussion pad like no other. In these videos, we'll go over how to navigate around the kit menus, browse through sounds, customize BPM, click, effects, and so much more. Model Railroader – Trains – Classic Trains – Classic Toy Trains – Garden Railways.All of your favorite brands, under one all-new website! As Executive Producer David Popp explains, that's what will be arriving soon to help you make the most of your online hobby experience. Tutorial Videos Welcome to the MTX/MRX series Tutorial Videos. We are going to show you the main points that are going to help you achieve results, without having to spend days reading a manual.English Subtitles (and more subtitles on some videos) are available. Welcome to Mobile Ed video training! Learn the basics. Learn the Basics Getting Started 4:26 min Course Walkthrough 5:40 min Using the Logos Desktop Software 4:31 min Using the Log. About our Tutorial Videos Welcome to the Laboratory for Youth Mental Health Video Tutorial site. These video tutorials guide clinicians through illustrations and examples of common therapeutic scenarios and assist in the implementation to the Modular Approach to Therapy for Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, or Conduct Problems (MATCH-ADTC) with children and families.

Welcome! This page has videos to help you quickly get started with BigBlueButton as teacher and student.

BigBlueButton runs within your web browser (no app to download and install). We recommend using the latest version of Chrome or FireFox on your desktop or laptop computers. If your using a chromebook, use the built-in Chrome browser.

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The BigBlueButton client also runs on mobile devices (again, you don’t need to install any app). When using an iPad or iPhone, BigBlueButton runs within the default Safari Mobile browser (iOS 12.2+). When using an Android device, BigBlueButton runs within the default Chrome browser (Android 6.0+).

The videos below will show you how to use BigBlueButton as a teacher (moderator) and student (viewer). If you want to test out your sharing of audio, video, and screen in a private session (you’ll be the only one in the session), visit

Watch this video if you are going to use BigBlueButton. If you are teaching with BigBlueButton, also watch the video to the right.

Watch this video if you are going to present or teach with BigBlueButton.

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Collaborating with your peers on a single set of notes for the session.

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Presenters can share YouTube video’s and synchronized playback to all users.

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A stenographer can now enter live captions. The product supports live captions in multiple languages.

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