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• OBJ files (from most popular 3D software)
• C4D Files (without animation)
• No polygon limit!
Element supports your UV texture coordinates so
it's easy to rebuild and import your textures!
Element uses a unique particle array system
that can distribute 3D objects into any shape!
• Sphere, Ring, Plane, Box
• 3D Grid shape (XYZ)
• Position on OBJ vertex points
• AE Layer Alpha Channel
Motion Design
Projectile Weapons
Sound & Music
Money & Casino
Fresh Food
Element automatically identifies multiple parts of a single
3D object so you can animate with precise control.
Test out materials without rendering!
Import textures, edit options and save
custom presets for future projects
Reflection & Refraction (non-raytraced)
Normal Bump
& More!
• Depth of Field
• 3D Motion Blur
• Use After Effects Lighting (without shadows)
• Environment Reflection (non-raytraced)
• Matte Shading Material
• RT Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
• Wireframe Rendering
• 3D Fog Falloff
See the final look of your scene with virtually no interruptions on just a mid-level GPU!
Isolate specific attributes like ILLUMINATION
so you can add a target glow.
Control the intensity of each attribute
while you work without slowing down.
Too much reflectivity? Just turn it down!
RENDER CHANNELS: Z-Pass, Wireframe, Illumination, Specular Normals, Reflection & more!
Composite a 3D truck into live action..
Everything you need to know to get started!
C4D tips, OBJ exporting and more!
• Extrude Text & Mask Shapes
• Real Textures
• Built-in Bevel Presets
• Animate Individual Pieces
• Multiple Bevels per Object
• 10 Reflection maps
• Create Seamless Spherical BG
• Use for Reflection/Refraction
• Use Animated Reflection Maps
Be sure your graphics card is up to date for best performance!
• After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6
• Mac (10.6.8+) & Windows
• JPG 8-bit
• PNG 8-bit and 16-bit
• AE Layers can also be used up to 32bpc
• Nvidia & ATI, minimum 512MBs of memory.
• Nvidia GeForce 8800, &9000 Series
• Nvidia GeForce 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 Series
• Nvidia Quadro FX Series 4000 and better.
• ATI 3870 and better on Windows
• ATI HD Series on Mac
Supported GPU list
For ideal performance we recommend at least
a Geforce 285 or ATI 3870 with 1GB of VRAM.
Requires Cinema 4D R12 and newer to import inside Element.
It is possible to use Element on a network render farm but we do not recommend it because of inconsistencies in GPU rendering. Since Element renders with impressive speed on a single GPU it is ideal to pre-render any 3D elements before pushing to the render farm.
You can view it here
Element requires a hardware license to be generated.
We have built this into the plug-in so it can be done faster!
A single license of Element can be installed on one workstation
computer and one personal laptop.
If you need to purchase more than 5 Licenses please contact
us for volume pricing or Site licensing. Visit Contact Page
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Element is designed to be used whenever it will save you time or make your job easier. By working natively inside After Effects, you can make serious changes to your scene like change materials, add lights and even animate the camera without the intense re-rendering of traditional 3D.
Element works at compositing speed, which means you can see the final look of your scene while you make changes with virtually no interruptions.

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What’s the differnce between ELement’s RENDERer & RAYTRACING?
Element uses fast Open GL rendering instead of the per-pixel Raytracing found in traditional 3D programs. The main difference with Open GL rendering is that objects do not reflect other objects in your scene. However, Element does use Reflection Mapping to generate the appearance of reflecivity without compromising speed.

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Not at all. Element provides artists with 3D solution right out of the box and with our various 3D Model Packs, it is easy to find great models to use right away.
Users with 3D experience will be able take advantage of Element’s streamlined workflow to create impressive renderings in less time!

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Nope. Element uses a custom built Open GL render engine that does not require AE CS6, in fact we even support After Effects CS3+.
Our render system is not related to the Open GL mode found inside the comp window. In fact we recommend you set this to Adaptive.

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- Added world position pass.
- Added scene relink.
- Added replace model option.
- Added a subsampling mode for post effects.
- Added planar and polygon mapping types.
- Added render order.
- Added group nulls.
- Added generate 3D position null.
- Added shape order animation mode.
- Improved automatic relinking.
- Fix: issue with baked animation in different groups.
- Fix: crash due to path aspect ratio fix.
- Fix: occlusion map was rendering below diffuse.
- Fix: masks with different aspect ratio than layer.
- Fix: baked animation wasn't working with 3D object replicator shape.
- Fix: rendering issues on OSX.
- Fix: crash when rendering empty scene with missing assets.
- Fix: licensing popup on Windows when opening old projects.
Operating System:
Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7 (32 bit and 64 bit supported.)
After Effects Version:
Element supports Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6
Supported Graphics Cards:
A 512 MB Graphics card, and 1GB or more is recommended for large scenes.
Geforce 8800 or better. Including Quadro 4000 or better and ATI Radeon 3870 or better.
* NOTE: Be sure to keep your graphics card drivers up to date for best performance.
Language : English
Homepage :

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