Display Drivers (Windows 2000 Model); 2 minutes to read; l; D; n; In this article. Microsoft NT-based operating system display driver writers are concerned with two core software interfaces: Graphics DDI interface-The set of functions that the display driver implements. GDI can call the graphics DDI interface to process graphics. Try to install the driver, you can also install the driver in compatibility mode with previous version of Windows. Please refer to the steps given under the section “ Apply a compatibility mode ”. Software & USB Drivers Drivers SR-5000 USB Drivers SR-2000 USB Drivers SR-G100 USB Drivers SR-1000 USB Drivers SR-700 USB Drivers SR-600 USB Drivers N-UB Drivers DV-90 Drivers OP-84114 Drivers Software Catalogs & Manuals Sample Programs for Connecting to PLCs and PCs Applications.

  • Making Windows 2000 up-to-date MINI FAQ
    1. Recent software: QEMU, a multi-platform emulator (host support)
    2. Recent software: Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 32bit emulator (host support), source article
    3. Recent software: Sun/Innotek VirtualBox, a multi-platform emulator (host support), source article
    4. Recent drivers: Intel® AHCI/RAID ICH6,ICH7,ICH8,ICH9,PCH storage controllers
    5. Recent drivers: Intel® Graphics drivers and Intel® Embedded Graphics drivers (IEGD)
    6. Recent drivers: AMD/ATI Radeon Graphics drivers
    7. Recent hardware: Intel® Multi-Core, Hyperthreading processors, source article or this one
    8. Recent drivers: Matrox G200e, G200eW, G200eH, G200eR Integrated Graphics drivers
    9. Recent drivers: NVidia Graphics drivers
    10. Recent drivers: Universal Serial Bus (USB) Interface drivers
    11. Recent drivers: UDF format CD/DVD media laser discs
    12. Recent drivers: HPET (High Precision Event Timer)


  • According to info published by Microsoft, it requires:
    • 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU (minimum is a 486-compatible CPU).
    • 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM recommended minimum ( 256 MB for Windows 2000 Server ), 4 GB maximum (8 GB with PAE)
    • Windows 2000 Professional supports single and dual CPU systems.
    • Windows 2000 Server supports up to four CPUs on one machine.
    • Windows 2000 Advanced Server supports up to eight CPUs on one machine.
    • 2 GB hard disk with a minimum of 650 MB (1 GB for Server) of free space. (Additional free hard disk space is required if you are installing over a network.)
  • Systems supported [x86]:
  • Systems supported [Alpha]:
  • SMP systems are supported including ACPI-based, or any other, compatible with MPS 1.1, MPS 1.4 specifications
  • In SMP systems - maximum 8 (in theory 32) CPUs are supported.
  • It supports hardware accelerated 3D DirectX, OpenGL (OpenGL ICD, OpenGL MCD).
  • It supports a lot of SCSI controllers which are preferred instead of (E)IDE/(S)ATA.
  • It supports a lot of USB/PCMCIA/PCCARD devices and installs in notebooks, portable computers.
  • It supports a software RAID, mirroring, stripping on NTFS volumes.
  • It can boot from FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/HPFS partition.
  • It supports hardware accelerated 3D DirectX, OpenGL (OpenGL ICD, OpenGL MCD).
  • Screenshots from toastytech.com/guis
  • Download KB304297: System requirements for Microsoft Windows 2000 operating systems
  • Download Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (Express)
  • Download Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (Network)
  • Download KB891861: Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 (KB891861)
  • Windows 2000 PROFESSIONAL Patching Guide
      Updates List
    • Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 *
    • Windows 2000 URP1 v2 (891861) *
    • DirectX 9.28.1886 (February 2010)
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 *
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
    • Windows Media Player 9
    • MDAC 2.8 SP1
    • Windows Script 5.7
    • KB842773 BITS 2.0 and WinHTTP 5.1 update *
    • KB893803 Windows Installer 3.1 *
    • KB949104 How to obtain the latest version of the Windows Update Agent *
    • Microsoft XML Parser 4.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3)
    • Microsoft XML Parser 6.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
    • Remote Desktop Connection Client 5.2.3790.3959
    • Microsoft Visual C/C++ Redistributable 7.x/2005/2008
    • NET. Framework 2.0 SP1
    • Root Certificates update *
    • TweakUI 1.33
    • * These updates are required for Windows Update to work.
  • Third party blackwingcat's blog provides a lot of different updates and drivers patched for Windows 2000 support.
  • Certified WHQL Windows 2000 driver updates from Microsoft FTP

Software Compatibilty List (EOL, current)

This list is 'up-to' so I post here last software versions after which Windows 2000 support is ceased. So here it is:
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2
  • Autodesk AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT 2008
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Terminal Services Client (latest version here)
  • TightVNC up to 2.x
  • Widcomm (now Broadcom) Bluetooth Communications Software 5.1.0.xxxx
  • Skype 4.2.x.xxx (VoIP, IM, videoconferencing software)
  • DataRescue (Hex-Rays) Interactive Disassembler IDA Pro 5.7
This list is 'up-to' so I post here software which has Windows 2000 support. Here it is:
  • 32-bit console archives: 7z, Arj32, CabArc, MsCab, PkZipC.
  • Adobe Flash Player (10.3?)
  • Advsoft ProxyInspector 2.x and below
  • CCleaner v3.28.1913 and below
  • FAR Manager 1.65-1.7x-2.xx (3.xx works w/o some plugins)
  • FileZilla
  • Apple Safari Browser 3.2.2 and below
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 Browser (also IE 4, 5)
  • Links 2.7 Browser and below
  • Opera 12 (up to 12.02) Browser and below
  • Mozilla FireFox 12.0 Browser and below
  • Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.9.1 Browser and below
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 12.0 and below
  • OpenVPN 2.2.2 Win32-MSVC++
  • Oracle (former Sun) Java 6 Runtime and below
  • pMetro by Muradov Boris
  • QTWeb 3.8.4 (build 107) Browser
  • Qupzilla 1.6.6 Browser and below
  • WinRAR 4.11, console rar up to 5.01 with patch
  • uTorrent 3.0 (Bittorent client) and below
  • NT4/Win2000/XP/2003 DDK/WinDbg/ResKit and related tools (depends, cdb, i386kd, dumpbin, rebase, etc.)
  • Utilities from sysinternals.com (pstools: winobj, loadord, etc.)
  • Performance tests (Drive! for NT, HDTach, NETIO, DrTCP, TCPOptimizer, iperf)
  • Hacker's View - HIEW 8.x and below, by SEN (Eugeny Suslikov)
  • FastCopy 2.x - fastcopy.html.en
  • Media Player Classic and below
  • Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.3.1249.0 and below
  • Mplayer SVN r34401 (Sherpya)/r37220/r36541
  • SMplayer 14.9.0 (+openssl 1.0.2c) and below
  • VLC Media Player 1.1.11 and below
  • Beepa Pty Ltd Fraps 3.4.2 build 13202
  • WinDjView 2.0.2
  • 'Generic' software compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (libs: msvcm90.dll msvcp90.dll msvcr90.dll), and below
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 doesn't produce Windows 2000 compatible programs, as it use some of XP/2003 and later only Windows API - KERNEL32:DecodePointer, KERNEL32:EncodePointer, here are some workarounds:

Microsoft post-EOL security updates

  • windows2000-kb981322-x86-custom-enu.exe
  • windows2000-kb2286198-x86-custom-enu.exe
  • windows2000-kb2476490-x86-custom-enu.exe
  • windows2000-kb2483185-x86-custom-enu.exe
  • windows2000-kb2524426-x86-custom-enu.exe
  • ie6.0sp1-kb2416400-windows2000-x86-enu.exe
  • ie6.0sp1-kb2482017-windows2000-x86-enu.exe
  • ie6.0sp1-kb2530548-windows2000-x86-enu.exe

Windows 2000 Updatesmirror by Tomasz Wilczynski (tomasz86)

  • MDAC281-KB983838-x86-ENU.exe
  • Windows2000-KB2347290-x86-custom-ENU.EXE
  • Windows2000-KB2483185-x86-custom-ENU.EXE
  • WINDOWS2000-KB2570947-X86-CUSTOM-xxx.EXE
  • IE6.0SP1-KB2817183-WINDOWS2000-X86-xxx.EXE

Microsoft post-EOL security CD updates

  • Windows-KB913086-201109.iso
    • WINDOWS2000-KB2570947-X86-CUSTOM-xxx.EXE (MS11-071)
  • Windows_KB913086_2013-02.iso
    • WINDOWS2000-DIRECTX9-KB2780091-X86-xxx.EXE (MS13-011)
    • IE5.01SP4-KB2799329-WINDOWS2000SP4-X86-xxx.EXE (MS13-008)
    • IE6.0SP1-KB2799329-WINDOWS2000-X86-xxx.EXE (MS13-008)
    • IE5.01SP4-KB2792100-WINDOWS2000SP4-X86-xxx.EXE (MS13-009)
    • IE6.0SP1-KB2792100-WINDOWS2000-X86-xxx.EXE
    • IE6.0SP1-KB2797052-WINDOWS2000-X86-xxx.EXE (MS13-010)
  • Windows-KB913086-201304.iso
    • IE6.0SP1-KB2817183-WINDOWS2000-X86-xxx.EXE (MS13-028)


  • KDW - BlackWingCats KDW (Known Dlls) Wrapper

BlackWingCat's Windows Legacy Update
Example: how to get latest actual 'classic' root certificates update -

  1. Goto 'Manual Update'
  2. Choose OS Type: Windows 2000
  3. Search Keyword: roots
  4. Choose link and download it

Making Windows 2000 up-to-date MINI FAQ

Problem 1: Installing QEMU in Windows 2000 host.

Starting with QEMU version 0.10.x and later is compatible with Windows XP or later due to IPv.6 API. Let's discover what is different. I recommend using Dependency Walker for Win32 utility by Steve P. Miller. It found only three different functions from WS2_32.DLL - Windows Sockets v.2 API:

  • freeaddrinfo
  • getaddrinfo
  • getnameinfo
All of them are suitable for IPv.6 only, and since Windows 2000 does NOT support it by default, we can remove them without any problems by simple patch:
Replace these text occurrences from qemu.exe PE import table: to (any WS2_32.DLL function that will fit in 12 letters, lowercased as is): Pad them with zero's if needed (freeaddrinfo).

Tested with following versions of QEMU for Win32:
Problem 2: Installing Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 32bit in Windows 2000 host.

The Virtual PC 2007 installer does not allow VPC 2007 to be installed on Windows 2000. Just like Windows Defender, the fix is simple. You simply have to remove the limitation from the installer. Read the following to fix this issue:
Download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 (32-bit)
You will also need Microsoft Orca v3.1 (search internet for orca.exe + orca.dat tool or inside of Microsoft's Installer SDK):

Once you have VPC 2007 and Orca downloaded start the VPC 2007 install. Do not click on any buttons or do anything. Just leave the install sitting there. Now go to your 'C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMELocal SettingsTemp' You should see a file there named 'Virtual_PC_2007_Install.msi'. This is the file you want. Copy this file to your 'My Documents' folder. Open 'Virtual_PC_2007_Install.msi' with Orca. On the left-hand side of the screen go to 'CustomAction' On the right-hand side of the screen choose 'CA_CheckIfWeCanInstall' and press the delete key. Go to File and then Save. Not Save As.
Problem 3: Installing Sun/Innotek VirtualBox in Windows 2000 host.
Solution: Patching Guide

Orca can be used to remove 'NOT VersionNT=500' from the 'LaunchCondition' entry in the VirtualBox's MSI installer. This will allow VirtualBox to install and work properly on a Windows 2000 host. Here is the testing protocol:

  • Sun/Innotek VirtualBox 1.6.0 - 1.6.6 - installs and works ok.
  • Sun/Innotek VirtualBox 2.0.0 - 2.0.10 - installs ok, but when I start a VM, is shows error in log:
  • Sun/Innotek VirtualBox 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 3.0.x - MSI install failed.

Problem 4: Intel® AHCI/RAID ICH6,ICH7,ICH8,ICH9,PCH storage controllers

Intel® Matrix Storage Manager 7.0 supports ICH6/7/8 in AHCI/RAID mode.

Intel® Matrix Storage Manager 7.6 supports ICH6/7/8/9 in AHCI/RAID mode.
Intel® ICH8,ICH9,PCH in AHCI mode not listed above are also supported if BIOS is AHCI-capable. You have to patch some driver inf's to achieve this.

How to check this support: if IMSM (any version) support any of ICH9-based chipsets, it MUST support ICH9 AHCI or any other ICH9-based chip. For example, latest IMSM 8.9 supports ICH7/8/9/10,PCH chipsets.

How to make ICH8,ICH9,PCH AHCI patch:

Change iaahci.inf:

  1. Add this line in section [ControlFlags]:
  2. Add these lines in sections [INTEL_HDC], [INTEL_HDC.ntamd64]:
  3. Add this line in section [Strings]:

Change TxtSetup.OEM:

  1. Change this line in section [Defaults] to:
  2. Add this line in section [scsi]:
  3. Add these lines after [scsi] section:
  4. Add these lines after [Config.iaStor] section:

Intel® Matrix Storage Manager downloads:

  1. Multilanguage package iata70_cd.exe
  2. English only package iata70_enu.exe
  3. Release notes release notes.htm
  4. ReadMe readme.txt
  5. 32-bit Floppy Configuration Utility f6flpy3270.zip
  6. Configuration Utility ReadMe f6readme.txt
  7. Patched IMSM V7.0.0.1020, driver only: AHCI_v7.0.0.1020_for_ICH8.zip

Intel® Matrix Storage Manager downloads (UNOFFICIAL from station-drivers.com):

  1. Driver only package imsm_7011001(www.station-drivers.com).exe
  2. Release notes relnotes 7.0.htm

Dunno why support for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Datacenter Server is not declared. However, I see no difference between these editions of W2K, only different sofware packaging (client/server) and pricing, licensing.

I have a *success* installing Windows 2000 Professional in AHCI Mode with Intel® Desktop Board DQ963FX ICH8-Based mobo.
Here is a Intel® Matrix Storage Manager log-file from Windows 2000 Professional:

Installation process:

  1. In normal AHCI/RAID-compatible BIOS there are maximum of four working modes of ICH SATA controller:
    1. SATA AHCI and/or SATA RAID - if your BIOS doesn't have such options, your motherboard is not AHCI/RAID compatible so no storage driver needed and you have no chance (and no need) to install IMSM.
    2. SATA Native and/or IDE Legacy - these modes are supported in Windows 2000 by default atapi.sys driver.
  2. Set HDD controller working mode in BIOS to SATA Native or IDE Legacy mode.
  3. Install Windows 2000 (XP, 2003). No nLite or driver integration is needed.
  4. Install Intel® INF Update.
  5. Extract IMSM exe-file and get access to individual files i.e. iaahci.inf.
  6. Patch iaahci.inf.
  7. In Device Manager manually change driver for SATA HDD controller from ICH8/IDE to ICH8/AHCI by picking iaahci.inf.
  8. Reboot and change HDD controller mode in BIOS to SATA AHCI.
  9. Now system boots and it is in AHCI Mode!
  10. If you have problems after rebooting, just set back HDD controller working mode in BIOS to SATA Native or IDE Legacy mode and after reboot press F8 and use Last known good hardware configuration - Windows 2000 (XP, 2003) will return to HDD compatibility mode.
  11. OPTIONAL STEP: Reinstall full (but with patched inf's) IMSM over existing driver for Matrix Storage Manager GUI Interface.

Starting with Matrix Storage Manager there is NO support for Windows 2000. So it is impossible to use ICH9 and later with Windows 2000 in AHCI/RAID mode with recent Matrix Storage Manager. The problem is that iaStor.sys driver from Matrix Storage Manager and later uses some APIs that are absent in Windows 2000. Third party blackwingcat's blog provides patched Intel Matrix Storage Manager 7.6 iaStor.sys driver for Windows 2000.

iaStor.sys APIs list (IMSM Package :
Problem 5: Intel® Graphics drivers and Intel® Embedded Graphics drivers (IEGD)

Intel® Windows XP (32-bit) Graphics drivers (below version 14.41) are compatible with Windows 2000 but some of them are buggy: in OpenGL support libraries: has missing import KERNEL32.GetModuleHandleExA. I get these libraries from earlier Intel® driver ( win2k_xp14362.zip, for example). And it was ok for me.

Newer Intel® Windows XP (32-bit) Graphics drivers (version 14.41 and above) does not have such issue, but has another one in main driver library: has missing import NTOSKRNL._vsnwprintf. No other issues exist. It is possible to patch this file i.e. replace it in IMPORTS table with analog, which exists in Windows 2000 NTOSKRNL.EXE, f.e. _vsnprintf, and using jmps [EB xx] instruction make sure that it was skipped in code since _vsnwprintf not equals _vsnwprintf.

Custom resolutions support for Intel® Graphics:

Starting with productional version 14.34 (Windows 2000/XP/2003) and 15.9 (Windows Vista/7/8) it is possible to add custom screen resolutions in control panel applet, here: Graphics: Custom Resolutions & Modes.

But in some drivers this option is hidden, to restore it:

  • If driver is not installed - then before installing modify in igxp32.inf: to i.e. insert ';'. Note that since we modify igxp32.inf, this breaks WHQL compliance.
  • If driver is installed - then delete key 4571 from registry hive:

Intel® Windows XP (32-bit) Embedded Graphics drivers (IEGD) are compatible with Windows 2000:

but IEGD 8.0.x and newer are buggy:

In most cases IEGD Graphics driver does not provide OpenGL support through ICD driver DLL, only DirectX.

Recommended replacements:

Don't forget to recalculate checksum of modified files. You can use editbin tool from Microsoft's Visual Studio or Platform SDK:

I succesfully test these Intel® chipset families with Windows 2000:
Problem 6: AMD/ATI Radeon Graphics drivers

Latest OFFICIAL driver (as AMD/ATI shows here) for Windows 2000 is Catalyst™ 6.2 (February 2006).
Drivers line from Catalyst™ 6.2 to Catalyst™ 7.4 (April 2007) is Windows 2000 compatible without any patches. They has support for ATI Radeon™ X1??? series cards.
Both of them does NOT support ATI Radeon™ HD 2xxx/3xxx/4xxx series cards.

But if you have such card (HD 2xxx and later), how to make it work in Windows 2000?
You can make some simple changes in driver's inf file to make it Windows 2000 compatible.
Note that after such 'conversion' driver WHQL digital signature will be broken, it is NORMAL.
Copy XP's inf file to different file, for example: to Note that from this time we will change content of C2_55811.inf

  1. OPTIONAL: Change: to
  2. Change: to
  3. Change to
  4. Remove any occurrence of: and add these lines to [ati2mtag_RemoveDeviceSettings] section:
  5. OPTIONAL: To any [ati2mtag_?] section (where ? is chip family, for example, RV535) add line: and add corresponding section [ati2mtag.DelReg]:
  6. Remove [SourceDisksNames.ia64] section.

Windows 2000 Catalyst™ testing protocol:

  • Catalyst™ 7.7 - SUCCESS
  • Catalyst™ 7.12 - SUCCESS
  • Catalyst™ 8.2 - SUCCESS
  • Catalyst™ 8.4 - SUCCESS
  • Catalyst™ 8.5 - FAILURE, BSOD *
  • Catalyst™ 8.6 - FAILURE, BSOD *
  • Catalyst™ 8.8 - FAILURE, BSOD *
  • Catalyst™ 8.10 - FAILURE, BSOD *
  • Catalyst™ 8.11 - FAILURE, BSOD *
  • Catalyst™ 8.12 - DRIVER DOES NOT START
  • Catalyst™ 9.3 - DRIVER DOES NOT START
*) *** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFFFFF, 0x00000000, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0x00000000)

If you wish to add nonstandard video modes to ANY of your AMD/ATI Card you can import this registry file:

For example, this line: adds 720x576 DVD PAL mode with 8, 16, 24 and 32-bit color depth.

Third party blackwingcat's blog provides recent patched Radeon Graphics driver for Windows 2000.

Lenovo provides updated driver (based on Catalyst 7.7, 8.593.100.7-090929a, 2009/11/26) for Windows 2000 (and XP 32-bit): Video driver (ATI Radeon 200M, X300, X600, FireGL V3200) for Windows 2000/XP (1yd175ww.exe). It also supports these chip families:
Problem 7: Intel® Multi-Core, Hyperthreading processors

Unlike Windows NT 3/4, Windows 2000 fully supports any SMP-based system with ACPIBIOS. This includes all recent Intel® processors starting from Pentium 4® family.

Windows version (32 bit)

Maximum Physical
Processor Limit

Maximum Logical
Processor Limit

Windows 2000 Professional

2 *


Windows 2000 Standard Server

4 *


Windows 2000 Advanced Server

8 *


Windows 2000 Datacenter Server

32 *


Windows XP Home Edition



Windows XP Professional



Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition



Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition



Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition



* When your CPU has Hyperthreding technology i.e. has logical (not physical) processors, Windows 2000 threats them differently: each logical core threated as physical. So if you have Dual-Core Processor with HT (most of Intel® Extreme Edition CPUs), only two of four logical cores are accessible in Windows 2000 Professional OS (without patching, of course, which leads to license violation).

Core 2 family note: When you are installing Windows 2000, system may hang during installation process. So I recommend for stability reasons:

  1. In textmode 'blue-phase' of setup process press F5 and select Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC from menu of Hardware Abstraction Layer's:
  2. Disable Core Multiplexing or similar options in BIOS.

After successful installation - enable BIOS options and upgrade HAL to ACPI Multiprocessor PC.

Another CPU issues:

Problem 8: Hidden control panel items (covers also Windows XP/2003)

Windows 2000 has two hidden control panel items:

  • Console (%SystemRoot%SYSTEM32console.dll)
  • Hot Pluggable Devices (%SystemRoot%SYSTEM32hotplug.dll)

Copy them to *.cpl and see two new control panel items. Also when you run Users and Passwords control panel applet starts.
Problem 9: I want to see HICOLOR icons in system tray

Solution: Patch explorer.exe
Patch code #1:
Patch code #2: Problem 10: I want to install Windows 2000 onto hard drive larger than 137 Gb

Solution: Modify installation CD media
According to this article KB305098: 48-Bit LBA Support for ATAPI Disk Drives in Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3 and later) supports 48-Bit LBA addressing.

However, when you are performing clean installation of Windows 2000 from CD (or from HDD, floppies) with unmodified distributive any data above 137 Gb will be unaccessible. Only after changing REG_DWORD registry parameter EnableBigLba 137 Gb+ support will be enabled.

Initial registry hive resides in I386setupreg.hiv file on installation CD. You can open it via regedt32.exe using Load hive.. option and enter REG_DWORD registry parameter EnableBigLba there:

After this modification, you can build new installation CD, which will be 48-Bit LBA aware. If you don't wish to burn CD, you can start installation from HDD or floppies.
Problem 11: Matrox G200e, G200eW, G200eH, G200eR Integrated Graphics drivers

Solution: Matrox G200e integrated graphics line started in 2005-2006 mostly for server motherboards and it is derived from original Matrox MGA G200 graphics adapter made in 1998-1999 but G200e is not 100%-compatible with it and uses separate-made drivers!!!

Matrox Corp. itself does not provide any support for these graphics chips, but server motherboard makers (Dell, IBM, HP, SuperMicro, Tyan) provide it.

There are many types of G200e integrated graphics chips, here are the drivers:

1. Matrox G200e [Pilot] (ServerEngines) iBMC (SEP1)PCIVEN_102B&DEV_0522, search internet for:

2. Matrox G200eW (Nuvoton/Winbond)PCIVEN_102B&DEV_0523, search internet for:

3. Matrox G200eV (Maxim)PCIVEN_102B&DEV_0530, search internet for:

4. Matrox G200eHPCIVEN_102B&DEV_0533, search internet for:

5. Matrox G200eR (Renesas)PCIVEN_102B&DEV_0534, search internet for:

HP (i.e. Hewlett Packard) has released Windows 2000 compatible WHQL driver for this mostly server-oriented integrated videoadapter which doesn't have OpenGL and Direct3D accleration - only DirectDraw. It has 32 Mb VRAM only, G200eW (Nuvoton/Winbond) has 16 Mb VRAM. I use version marked as Matrox Video Driver for HP ProLiant 100-series Servers. In some cases it marked as Windows 2003 (32-bit) only driver. It is not true, this driver is Windows 2000 compatible. Link is here, its version is, released in 2008: Direct link (HP's FTP)

If you wish to add nonstandard video modes to ANY of your Matrox Card you can import this registry file: Problem 12: NVidia Graphics drivers

Solution: Latest OFFICIAL driver (as NVidia shows here) for Windows 2000 is ForceWare Release 90 WHQL 94.24 (May 17, 2007)English.

Supported videocards:

GeForce 6100 nForce 400 , GeForce 6100 nForce 405 , GeForce 6100 nForce 420 , GeForce 6100 , GeForce 6150 LE , GeForce 6150 , GeForce 6200 , GeForce 6200 LE , GeForce 6200 with TurboCache , GeForce 6200SE with TurboCache , GeForce 6500 , GeForce 6600 , GeForce 6600 LE , GeForce 6600 VE , GeForce 6600 GT , GeForce 6610 XL , GeForce 6700 XL , GeForce 6800 , GeForce 6800 LE , GeForce 6800 XE , GeForce 6800 XT , GeForce 6800 GS , GeForce 6800 GT , GeForce 6800 Ultra , GeForce 6800 Ultra , GeForce 7100 GS , GeForce 7200 GS , GeForce 7300 LE , GeForce 7300 SE , GeForce 7300 GS , GeForce 7300 GT , GeForce 7500 LE , GeForce 7600 GS , GeForce 7600 GT , GeForce 7800 GS , GeForce 7800 GT , GeForce 7800 GTX , GeForce 7800 GTX 512 , GeForce 7900 GS , GeForce 7900 GTO , GeForce 7900 GT , GeForce 7900 GTX , GeForce 7950 GX2

However, latest driver that has certification for Windows 2000 is ForceWare Release 197 WHQL 197.45 (April 13, 2010)English.

Supported videocards:

These drivers (and earlier ones) are Windows 2000 compatible:

Problem 13: I'm experiencing different compatibility problems with Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices and/or controllers

General USB support: 'Out-of-box' Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 support a lot of USB 1.x and 2.0 devices/controllers.

However in some cases (f.e. when you are installing Windows 2000 on more recent Core2Duo or Core i3/5/7-based systems) different compatibility problems appears. For example, this one:

Microsoft confirmed some of these problems, see articles:

To access them use this link: http://support.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=890202, where Drivers890202 is desired hotfix.

Here is a version table (source is here MSFN: USB functional patches for Win2000 after SP4 and R1):

USB Ethernet (802.3) RNDIS network devices and Windows 2000

Remote NDIS (RNDIS) is a bus-independent class specification for Ethernet (802.3) network devices on dynamic Plug and Play (PnP) buses such as USB, 1394, Bluetooth, and InfiniBand. Remote NDIS defines a bus-independent message protocol between a host computer and a Remote NDIS device over abstract control and data channels. Remote NDIS is precise enough to allow vendor-independent class driver support for Remote NDIS devices on the host computer.

Overview: Starting from 2002, Microsoft company released unversal driver MICROSOFT REMOTE NDIS USB KIT for USB 802.3 devices (such as ZTE ZXDSL 831 AII, D-Link DSL2320B etc.), it also contains in Microsoft Activesync 4.x package. This kit included with XP SP2 (and later). For Windows 98*/ME*/2000 separately downloaded package is available.

* For Win9x find and use rndisusb1-1.exe.

  1. Insert our 'unsupported' USB RNDIS 802.3 network device in Windows 2000 computer USB-port.
  2. Get its VID/PID, for Yota 3G/4G it is one of these:
  3. Download MICROSOFT REMOTE NDIS USB KIT - version dated 2005 year, supports Win2000 - RNDIS-USB-Kit_05.exe, link is dead, Google helps.
  4. Needed driver - only 3! files - rndismpy.sys, usb8023y.sys and installation template RNDIS_Template.inf
  5. Using text editor modify in RNDIS_Template.inf from VID_vvvv&PID_pppp to (f.e.) VID_15A9&PID_003A.

USB Composite devices and Windows 2000


  1. Place file with text below (f.e. usbccgp.inf) in WINNTINF directory
  2. Place WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSusbccgp.sys file from Windows XP in WINNTSYSTEM32DRIVERS directory
Problem 14: I'm experiencing different compatibility problems with UDF-formatted CD/DVD discs

'Out-of-box' Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 supports these UDF versions: 1.02, 1.50.

Different compatibility problems appears. For example, this one:

Vmware Windows 2000 Usb Driver

Solution: Use addition third party UDF-enabled software -

  • Ahead (now Nero) InCD Reader
  • Drag-to-Disc (formerly DirectCD)
  • Roxio/Adaptec Easy CD / Direct CD
  • Sonic DLA (Drive Letter Access)
Problem 15: In some cases different stability, slowdown problems exists when you are enable HPET timer in BIOS while running Windows 2000

'Out-of-box' Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 does not support HPET timer properly. It is recommended to disable it.

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Hit enter again to continue setup after selecting additional drivers. Below are links to the usb driver windows 2000 archived windows driver download pages. Welcome to the installshield wizard for qualcomm win98 win2k xp chipset driver. External dual monitor graphics card usb to vga windows 2000 xp vista 7. Manual installation of usb driver samsung yp-c1 h user manual page 8 28.

Windows 2000 Usb Driver Adapter

Visioneer onetouch 7100 scanner usb driver. Windows 2000 video with modern apps. Oh yea also this only works usb driver windows 2000 on 32 bit pcs. Usb - zip mode 16gb high speed promotional usb flash drives 2. Usb serial adapter for windows 8.

Windows 2000 Usb Driver Download

Click on the button. Driver free windows vista data transfer file transfer cable usb 2. This is the upgrade device driver wizard.

Dell Windows 2000 Usb Driver

Windows usb usb driver windows 2000 drivers windows 2000 free driver download for. Usb driver installation - windows 2000. Windows 2000 usb device driver. Select install usb driver software for previous version of windows. Draytek minivigor usb driver for windows 2000 is capable of causing a bad annoyance. The following screen will then be displayed.

When the following screen appears, click Get ations · fosmon usb 6 led 12.

To access a full version of SoFA please fill in the following registration form: We will not disclose your personal data to any third party. You will be asked to submit details such as a personal email. Full versionsofashallow foundation analysis software. Mats and foundations can include nonlinear uplift from the soil springs, and a nonlinear cracked analysis is available for slabs. Generating pattern surface loads is easily done by SAFE with an automated option.

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