All Shortcuts Opening Windows Media Center?

Windows Media Player 10 Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL+F Play the next item CTRL+H Shuffle the playlist on the Play menu or the Skin shortcut menu CTRL+I Capture a still image from a DVD on the View menu CTRL+M Show the menu bar in full mode CTRL+N Create a playlist on the File menu. And besides making it the default music player and video player, you can create shortcuts for Windows Media Player on your start menu, taskbar, or desktop – YES! Just like the good old days, I tells ya. Making Windows Media Player your default music player is easy. Click the start button; Click Settings; Click System; Find Default Apps on the.

My niece asked me take a look at her Windows 7 laptop the other day to see if I could fix a problem she was having with her shortcuts.

It seemed that every shortcut on the desktop and in the Start Menu had the same Windows 7 Media Center blue-ish green-ish icon.

When double clicking any of the shortcuts they would just launch Windows Media Center. Very frustrating.

On further investigation however I could launch programs by using their .exe file so for example if I wanted to open Firefox I just had to click Start button and type firefox.exe and press enter and it would launch just fine.

When I asked her what she had done to cause this issue she said it started happening after she received some file for a friend on BearShare and opened it. She the ignored some warning and continued! Ah…a virus!

It seems this is more of a nuisance virus rather than something malicious.

10+ Useful Hotkeys (keyboard Shortcuts) For Windows Media ..

Nevertheless, to fix the problem requires you to firstly clear the virus and then update your registry to correct the actual shortcut problem. Steps on how to do this are below….

Two Step Solution


Clear the Virus

Windows Media Player Shortcut Desktop 10

This virus should clear relatively easily by installing and running the free version of MalwareBytes. You can download it for free directly from their website. Prehistoric park the game.

Windows Media Player Key Commands

Once downloaded, install the program and run a Full Scan. After it finds and clears the viruses you may need to reboot and run the scanner once more just to be sure.

Repair Your Shortcuts

Windows Media Player Desktop Shortcut

  1. Download the registry repair file from this page to your desktop.
  2. When downloaded either double click it or right click and select Merge
  3. You will be presented with a warning about merging with the registry. Click Yes.
  4. Click OK when the confirmation message is displayed.
  5. Restart your computer.
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